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uCRC16BPBLib Tiny and cross-device compatible CCITT CRC16 Bit Per Bit or Byte Per Byte calculator library - uCRC16BPBLib
uCRC16Lib Tiny and cross-device compatible CCITT CRC16 calculator library - uCRC16Lib
uCRC16XModemLib Tiny and cross-device compatible CRC16 XModem calculator library compatible - uCRC16XModemLib
uDebugLib Simple convenient header file to centralize simple serial debug with simple activation/deactivation and some custmization
uEEPROMLib I2C EEPROM library. Split from uRTCLib - This library controls any I2C EEPROM, independent ones or incorporated on DS1307 or DS3231 RTCs.
uMFMLib Tiny lib to enode and decode FM and MFM data streams
uMuxOutputLib Arduino, ESP8266 and STM32 7-segment multiplexed outputs library
uRTCLib Really tiny library to basic RTC functionality on Arduino. DS1307, DS3231 and DS3232 RTCs are supported. See for EEPROM support. Temperature, Alarms, SQWG, Power lost and RAM support.
uSevenSegmentLib Really tiny library to basic 7 segments displays
uTimerBrokerLib Broker for multiple timed functions for uTimerLib
uTimerLib Tiny and cross-device compatible timer library
uUnixDate Tiny and simplified library to convert to and from UNIX timestamps