Paul Stoffregen

Paul Stoffregen
Portland, Oregon, USA


AltSoftSerial Software emulated serial using hardware timers for improved compatibility
CapacitiveSensor Create capacitive sensors that can detect touch or proximity.
DmxSimple Drive DMX controlled lights and visual effects available from DJ or theatrical suppliers.
DS1307RTC Use a DS1307 Real Time Clock chip with the Time library
Encoder Counts quadrature pulses from rotary & linear position encoders.
FreqCount FreqCount measures the frequency of a signal by counting the number of pulses during a fixed time.
FreqMeasure FreqMeasure measures the elapsed time during each cycle of an input frequency.
FrequencyTimer2 Generate a frequency using Timer2
ILI9341_t3 Optimized ILI9341 (320x240 Color TFT) Display
LedDisplay Print text to an Avago HCMS-29xx LED display.
Mahony Helpers for MahonyAHRS algorithm
MsTimer2 Run an interrupt function using Timer2
NXPMotionSense Motion sensing with NXP FXOS8700 Accelerometer & Magnetometer and NXP FXAS21002 Gyroscope.
OctoWS2811 Control thousands of WS2812B / NeoPixel LEDs at video refresh speeds
OneWire Access 1-wire temperature sensors, memory and other chips.
PS2Keyboard Use a PS/2 Keyboard for input
PulsePosition Send and receive multiple high resolution PPM encoded signal streams.
PWMServo Control RC Servo motors.
SerialFlash Access SPI Serial Flash memory with filesystem-like functions
Time Timekeeping functionality for Arduino
TimeAlarms Perform tasks at specific times or after specific intervals.
TimerOne Use hardware Timer1 for finer PWM control and/or running an periodic interrupt function
TimerThree Use hardware Timer3 for finer PWM control and/or running an periodic interrupt function
Tlc5940 Use the Texas Instruments TLC5940 16-channel LED Driver
XPT2046_Touchscreen Touchscreens using the XPT2046 controller chip.