ArduPID PID library for Arduinos with greater accuracy than the legacy Arduino PID library
DFPlayerMini_Fast Arduino library to interface with the DFPlayerMini MP3 module
ELMDuino Arduino library to easily interface with the common OBDII scanner: ELM327
FireTimer Simple and non-blocking library to time the execution of processes
MotorController Easy to use Arduino library to control virtually any DC motor controller
MultivariateNormal Arduino library for sampling from a multivariate normal distribution
NEO-6M_GPS Arduino library to interface with the NEO-6 GPS
SafeString A Safe, Static String library to replace Arduino String, plus non-blocking Serial I/O, I/O buffering, loopTimer and millisDelay
SdTerminal Basic terminal interface for Arduino SD card logging/file management
SerialTransfer Arduino library to transfer packetized data fast/reliably via UART/Serial
Teensy_3X_Multipurpose_Board Library to interface with Teensy 3.X breakout board (PCB gerber and Eagle project files included!)
UM7 Arduino driver library for UM7 and UM7-LT IMU/INS
UniversalTransmitter Customizable Teensy/Arduino handheld controller for RC projects