Trent M. Wyatt

Trent M. Wyatt


Bang Use the command line interface of your host machine as a 'Service' for your Arduino!
ButtonGestures Use one button for up to 6 different functions using gestures!
CompileTime Automatically set the hours, minutes seconds, year, month, and day in your project when uploading!
CPUTemp Retrieve the internal temperature of the processor!
CPUVolt Calculate the processors Vcc voltage using only the internal registers
fANSI Control the PC screen using ANSI graphics
MyKeywords Define your own custom color-highlighted keywords for the Arduino IDE!
Profiler Easily profile your Arduino functions to see how much time they take. The output can be disabled and enabled at runtime. Very lightweight.
SmartPin Construct easy to follow semantic expressions using variables that represent the pins
Smooth Keep smooth running averages without using arrays! The sample size is adjustable at runtime.
TomServo Servo Library that allows multiple servos on one battery