his library enables you to use Hardware-based PWM channels on RP2040-based boards, such as Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, with either Arduino-mbed (mbed_nano or mbed_rp2040) or arduino-pico core to create and output PWM to any GPIO pin.

Khoi Hoang
Device Control
Library Type
mbed, mbed_nano, mbed_rp2040, rp2040

The most important feature is they're purely hardware-based PWM channels, supporting very high PWM frequencies. Therefore, their executions are not blocked by bad-behaving functions or tasks. This important feature is absolutely necessary for mission-critical tasks. These hardware-based PWMs, still work even if other software functions are blocking. Moreover, they are much more precise (certainly depending on clock frequency accuracy) than other software-based PWM using ISR, millis() or micros(). That's necessary if you need to control devices requiring high precision. New efficient setPWM_manual function to facilitate waveform creation using PWM


Filename Release Date File Size
RP2040_PWM-1.7.0.zip 2023-01-31 123.59 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.6.0.zip 2023-01-26 117.67 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.5.0.zip 2023-01-25 115.07 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.4.1.zip 2023-01-22 112.43 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.4.0.zip 2022-10-15 109.08 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.3.1.zip 2022-09-12 108.27 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.3.0.zip 2022-04-17 107.07 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.2.0.zip 2022-04-16 102.44 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.1.1.zip 2022-03-07 99.43 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.1.0.zip 2022-02-25 99.32 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.0.5.zip 2022-01-06 97.21 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.0.4.zip 2021-10-22 94.53 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.0.3.zip 2021-10-05 94.84 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.0.2.zip 2021-10-04 94.47 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.0.1.zip 2021-09-25 92.37 KiB
RP2040_PWM-1.0.0.zip 2021-09-23 92.85 KiB