AGPL 3.0

A list of the 34 libraries that are licensed with the AGPL 3.0 license.

AIfES for Arduino The stand alone TinyML solution for self learning smart sensors, systems and almost any Arduino board.
Alfredo-NoU2 Library for the Alfredo NoU2 robot control board.
AM1008W-K I2C Arduino library to control Cubic AM1008W-K I2C
Arduino_BHY2 Library for BHY2 chip on Nicla Sense ME
Arduino_BHY2Host Library for Host boards that interact with BHY2 chip on Nicla Sense ME
Bits and Droids flight sim library Use serial communication to control flight sim.
Ds1302 A C/C++ library to use DS1302 RTC chip.
EdgeML-Arduino Library to use the Nicla Sense ME and BLE Nano 33 with edge-ml.
EmonLib Energy Monitoring Library
ESP32-USB-Soft-Host "An Arduino wrapper to @sdima1357's usb_soft_host esp-idf example"
FirmataExpress An enhanced version of StandardFirmata version 2.5.8
Firmetix The server for the Firmetix Project.
home-assistant-integration Home Assistant MQTT integration for Arduino
KiddeeExpress An enhanced version of the already enhanced FirmataExpress version 1.2
L298N L298N library for Arduino
Led 7 Segment A powerful but easy to use versatile 7 Segment Library
LineTracker5 Library The library for the LineTracker5 board
NanoConnectHcSr04 HC-SR04 support for the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect.
NeoPixelConnect An experimental NeoPixel Library for the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect.
Nusabot Simple Timer Simple library to launch timed actions.
PCA9505_06 Library Library for the 40bit PCA9505/06 I2C Port Expander
Robust-EEPROM Allows the use of unallocated bytes on an EEPROM memory as redundant memory for failed allocated bytes.
StreamLib BufferedPrint stream for efficient networking. ChunkedPrint for HTTP chunked encoding. ChunkedStreamReader for HTTP chunked decoding. CStringBulder builds a c-string with Print class methods. StringReadStream to wrap string as Stream. And printf() function with formatting string from F macro.
SXAccessoire Arduino library for accessing the Selectrix SX-bus
TAMC_FT62X6 Arduino library for FT62X6
Telemetrix4Arduino The server for the Telemetrix Project.
Telemetrix4Connect2040 The Arduino Nano Connect RP2040 server for the Telemetrix Project.
Telemetrix4Esp32 The ESP-32 servers for the Telemetrix Project.
Telemetrix4Esp8266 The ESP-8266 server for the Telemetrix Project.
Telemetrix4RPiPicoW The server for the Telemetrix Project.
Telemetrix4UnoR4 The Arduino Uno R4 Telemetrix4UnoR4 servers.
TelnetStream Stream implementation over telnet for OTA debuging
TelnetStream2 Stream implementation over telnet for OTA debuging
Uno WiFi Developer Edition Serial1 Implements Serial1 of Arduino Uno WiFi Developer Edition board to access the on-board ESP8266