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Artron DS1338 Arduino library of RTC DS1338.
ArtronShop_BH1750 Arduino library of BH1750 Ambient Light (Lux) Sensor
ArtronShop_LineNotify LINE Notify library for ESP32, ESP8266 and Arduino Uno R4 WiFi
ArtronShop_PCF85363 Arduino library of PCF85363A Real-Time Clock/calendar with 64 byte RAM
ArtronShop_SHT3x Arduino library of SHT3x Digital humidity and temperature sensor
ArtronShop_SHT45 Arduino library of SHT45 Digital humidity and temperature sensor
ArtronShop_SPL06-001 Arduino library of SPL06-001 Digital pressure sensor
ATD1.47-S3 Lib Arduino library of ATD1.47-S3
ATD3.5-S3 Library for ATD3.5-S3
easyConfig WebPortal and WiFi management for ESP32/ESP8266
IOXESP32Audio With this library You can easily build a WebRadio with a ESP32 board with IOXESP32 Audio shield.
IOXESP32Motor With this library You can control motor with IOXESP32 Motor shield
KidMotorV4-Arduino Drive DC motor / Servo motor, I/O expander with KidMotor V4