Asuki Kono

Asuki Kono
Saitama, Japan


AD5254_asukiaaa It manages potentiometer AD5254 or AD5253
AM2320_asukiaaa It controls AM2320 or CM2320
BLVD20KM_asukiaaa It controls BLVD20KM
button_asukiaaa Supply classes for Button.
CanBusData_asukiaaa It defines data frame of CAN bus.
CanBusMCP2515_asukiaaa It communicate with MCP2515 or MCP25625 on SPI to use CAN Bus.
EPD It controls waveshare 1.54 inch e-paper(e-ink) display.
HX711_asukiaaa It read values from HX711
I2cControlPanel_asukiaaa It communicate with a control panel via i2c.
I2cMotors_asukiaaa It controls i2c motor driver.
I2cMultipleMotors_asukiaaa Multiple motors driver
INA226_asukiaaa It manages INA226
MotorCVD_asukiaaa It communicate with a motor driver CVD.
MPU9250_asukiaaa It manages MPU9250
rs485_asukiaaa Functions and classes about rs485 modbus.
SomeSerial A library to wrap HardwareSerial, SoftwareSerial or USBAPI Serial_.
ST7032_asukiaaa This library controls ST7032 on LCD.
string_asukiaaa Functions about string for Arduino.
ThingSpeak_asukiaaa An API manager for ThingSpeak
utils_asukiaaa Utility functions for Arduino.
wire_asukiaaa Functions about wire for Arduino.
WiredController_asukiaaa It communicate with WiredController
XboxControllerNotificationParser It parses value of notification from xbox controller.