Larry Bank

Larry Bank
Secret WFH Lab


AnimatedGIF Universal GIF player for MCUs with at least 32K of RAM.
bb_hx1230 BitBank HX1230 96x68 LCD display library.
bb_spi_lcd Color SPI LCD+OLED library with many unique features.
bb_uc1701 Optimized 128x64 monochrome LCD display library for ST7565/UC1701 conrollers.
BitBang_I2C Bit-bang the I2C protocol on any 2 GPIO pins on any system.
esp32_gamepad connect ESP32 to SteelSeries:Free bluetooth gamepad.
JPEGDEC Optimized JPEG decoder for MCUs with 32K+ RAM.
Multi_BitBang Bit-bang the I2C protocol on multiple GPIO pins on any system.
Multi_OLED Control multiple I2C OLED displays.
OneBitDisplay OLED and LCD library for 1-bit per pixel displays.
PNGdec Universal PNG decoder for MCUs with at least 48K of RAM.
PNGenc Universal PNG encoder for MCUs with at least 45K of free RAM.
ss_oled Small and simple OLED display library.
ssd1327 BitBank SSD1327+SSD1322 OLED display library.
Thermal Printer Library Bluetooth Low Energy Thermal Printer Library
TIFF_G4 Optimized TIFF G4 decoder for MCUs with 16K+ RAM.
unzipLIB A library to extract files from ZIP archives