DFRobotDFPlayerMini Driver for DFPlayer Mini from DFRobot
DFRobotIRPosition Driver for Positioning ir camera from DFRobot
DFRobot SHT DFRobot Standard library.
DFRobot_ADS1115 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:DFR0553).
DFRobot_AHT20 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0527&SEN0528).
DFRobot_AirQualitySensor A air quality sensor library.(SKU:SEN0560)
DFRobot_Alcohol DFRobot Standard library.
DFRobot_AS3935 DFRobot Lightning Sensor library.(SKU:SEN0290)
DFRobot_AS7341 AS7341 is a 11 channel visible light sensor, which can measure 8 wavelengths of visible light, suitable for color detection, light color temperature detection and other scenes(SKU:SEN0365)
DFRobot_ASR The speech recognition module can identify the terms that have been pre-written into the sensor and return the corresponding numbers(SKU: DFR0715).
DFRobot_B_LUX_V30B DFRobot_B_LUX_V30B is the sensor library of DFRobot
DFRobot_BC20_Gravity DFRobot Standard library.(SKUTEL0130)
DFRobot_BloodOxygen_S DFRobot Standard library.(SKU:SEN0344)
DFRobot_BME680 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0248).
DFRobot_BMI160 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0250).
DFRobot_BMM150 DFRobot Standard library(SKUļ¼šSEN0419).
DFRobot_BMP280 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0372).
DFRobot_BMP3XX This is a Library for BMP3XX, the function is to read temperature and pressure(SKU: SEN0423/SEN0251).
DFRobot_BMX160 DFRobot_BMX160 is the Sensor library of DFRobot
DFRobot_BT401 This Bluetooth module features Bluetooth/U-disk/TF-card playback, and Bluetooth call function, supporting simple and clear serial port control function, BLE pass-through, and SPP pass-through functions(SKU:DFR0781)
DFRobot_CCS811 DFRobot_CCS811 is the Sensor library of DFRobot
DFRobot_DF1101S record audio and play audio(SKU:DFR0745).
DFRobot_DF1201S This module is a conversion board, which can drive DF1201S DFPlayer PRO MP3 through I2C.
DFRobot_DHT11 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:DFR0067).
DFRobot_DHT20 Provide an Arduino library to get Humidity and Temperature by reading data from dht20.
DFRobot_DS1307 Define infrastructure of DFRobot_DS1307 class(SKU: DFR0151).
DFRobot_DS323X DS323X driver library.
DFRobot_EOxygenSensor This is the library of Eoxygen, the new electrochemical Oxygen sensor (SKU: SEN0496).
DFRobot_ENS160 This is a Library for ENS160, ENS160 is a Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor(SKU: SEN0514/SEN0515).
DFRobot_EnvironmentalSensor A environmental sensor.(SKU:SEN0500\SEN0501)
DFRobot_Gesture_Touch A gesture detection and touch detection sensor(SKU:SEN0285).
DFRobot_GM60 GM60 is a highly integrated QR code scanner with excellent performance and a small size(SKU:SEN0486)
DFRobot_GP8302 I2C to 0-25mA DAC module(SKU:DFR0972).
DFRobot_GP8403 0-10V DAC module(SKU:DFR0971).
DFRobot_HX711 By a simple mechanical structure with the sensor, that can be read to the mass of the body(SKU:SEN0160)
DFRobot_HX711_I2C By a simple mechanical structure with the sensor, that can be read to the mass of the body(SKU:KIT0176)
DFRobot_I2C_Multiplexer I2C expansion module support library(SKU:DFR0576).
DFRobot_ICG20660L DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0443).
DFRobot_ICP10111 This is an atmospheric pressure sensor.(SKU:SEN0516)
DFRobot_ID809_I2C This is an library for capacitive fingerprint module(SKU:SEN0348).
DFRobot_IICSerial DFRobot Standard library(SKU:DFR0627).
DFRobot_IIS This library provides the codes for driving FireBeetle camera and the camera, microphones, etc. of audio expansion board.(SKU:DFR0498).
DFRobot_INA219 measure the current and voltage (SKU: SEN0291).
DFRobot_LedDisplayModule This is a 4bits / 8bits digital tube(SKU: DFR0646\DFR0645).
DFRobot_LIS a sensor library.(SKU:SEN0405/SKU:SEN0407/SKU:SEN0408/SKU:SEN0409/SKU:SEN0411/SKU:SEN0412/SKU:SEN0224)
DFRobot_LoRa DFRobot_LoRa is the Communication library of DFRobot
DFRobot_LWLP The differential pressure between two probes of the differential pressure sensor can be obtained by this drive(SKU: SEN0343).
DFRobot_MaqueenPlus educational robot library.
DFRobot_MAX17043 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:DFR0563).
DFRobot_MCP23017 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:DFR0626).
DFRobot_MCP9808 DFRobot Standard library.
DFRobot_MGC3130 DFRobot_MGC3130 is the Gesture library of DFRobot
DFRobot_MLX90614 This is a Library for MLX90614, the function is to read temperature.(SKU: SEN0206/SEN0263)
DFRobot_MPX5700 A pressure sensor library.(SKU:SEN0456)
DFRobot_OxygenSensor DFRobot Standard library.
DFRobot_PAJ7620U2 DFRobot_PAJ7620U2 is the Sensor library of DFRobot
DFRobot_PH DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0161-V2).
DFRobot_PN532 this is a module that reads data from NFC tags.
DFRobot_QMC5883 Electronic compass drive library(SKU:SEN0140).
DFRobot_RGBLCD1602 DFRobot_RGBLCD1602 is the display library of DFRobot
DFRobot_RS01 RS01 driver library(SKU: SEN0489).
DFRobot_RTU Modbus RTU library for Arduino.
DFRobot_SerialScreen771 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:DFR0626).
DFRobot_SGP40 DFRobot_SGP40 is the sensor library of DFRobot
DFRobot_SHT20 This is a Library for SHT20, SHT20, the new humidity and temperature sensor(SKU: SEN0227).
DFRobot_SIM base class library.
DFRobot_SIM7000 communication device library.(SKU:DFR0572/DFR0505-CN)
DFRobot_SIM808 This is a Library for SIM808 GPS/GPRS/GSM Arduino Shield V1.0(SKU: TEL0097).
DFRobot_SpeechSynthesis Synthesize the sound you need, support Chinese, English.
DFRobot_STS3X This is a Library for STS3X, the function is to read temperature(SKU: SEN0434).
DFRobot_TCS3430 DFRobot_TCS3430 is the sensor library of DFRobot
DFRobot_TCS34725 A color sensor library
DFRobot_TMF8x01 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0430/SEN0429).
DFRobot_URM07 A range sensor(SKU:SEN0153)
DFRobot_URM09 DFRobot Standard library.
DFRobot_URM13 URM13 driver library(SKU: SEN0352).
DFRobot_VEML6075 DFRobot_VEML6075 is the Ultraviolet library of DFRobot
DFRobot_VEML7700 This is a Library for VEML7700, the function is to read High Accuracy Ambient Light data(SKU: SEN0228).
DFRobot_VisualRotaryEncoder Visual rotary encoder driver library(SKU: SEN0502).
DFRobot_VL53L0X DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0245).
DFRobot_VL6180X DFRobot_VL6180X is a sensor library.
DFRobot_VoiceRecorder DFRobot Standard library.