AccelMotor Library for smooth control motor with encoder
AnalogKey Library for matrix analog keyboard
AsyncStream Async read from Stream objects (Serial, etc)
BitPack Library for packing bit flags into byte array
buildTime Library will help you to get compile time
Clap Library for clap recognition and counting
CRT Bunch of CRT functions for LEDs
directADC Library for advanced ADC control (AVR)
directTimers Library for advanced hardware timers control
EncButton Light and fast library for button and encoder control
FastBot Simple library for Telegram bot (messages and menus)
FFT_C FFT library in C
fixed Implementation of fixed poind calculations
Forecaster Weather forecasting with Zambretti algorithm
GParser Fast library for parsing cstring into substrings
GRGB Library for smooth RGB LED control
GyverBME280 Light library for BME280 sensor
GyverBus Communicating by GBUS interface
GyverButton Advanced button control library
GyverDimmer Phase and Bresenham algorithm for AC triac dimmer
GyverEncoder Advanced encoder control library
GyverFIFO Simple ring (circular, FIFO) buffer for Arduino
GyverFilters Library with few filters for data processing
GyverGFX Fast GFX library for displays and matrixes
GyverHX711 Library for HX711 ADC/weight module
GyverMAX7219 Fast and light MAX7219 matrix library
GyverMotor Library for motor driver control
GyverNTC Simple library for NTC thermistors
GyverOLED Fast and light library for SSD1306/SSH1106 OLED display
GyverOS Simple task manager for Arduino
GyverPID Fast library for PID regulating algorithm
GyverPower Library for power management of AVR
GyverPWM Library for advanced PWM settings of AVR
GyverRelay Library for relay regulation algorithm
GyverStepper Fast library for stepmotor control and multi-axis planning
GyverTimer Simple timer with period/timeout modes on millis
GyverTimers Library for control hardware timers on ATmega328p and ATmega2560
GyverTM1637 Library for advanced control of TM1637 7-segment display
GyverUART Light and fast Serial library
GyverWDT Advanced WDT control library for ATmega328p/32U4/2560 & ATtiny85/84/167
Gyver433 Simple library for 433 MHz radio
Hamming Library for pack and unpack data by Hamming algorithm
mString Static lightweight analog of String class
microDS18B20 Light library for DS18b20 sensor
microDS3231 Light library for DS3231 RTC module
microLED Light library for addressable LEDs
microWire Light library for I2C communication
NecDecoder Light library for IR receiver with NEC protocol
Psychrometer Library for psychrometer - read humidity from two thermometers
PWMrelay Low-frequency software PWM for relay
Random16 Fast 16 bit random number generator
ServoSmooth Library for smooth control of servo motor
SevenSegmentsDisp Library for Seven Segments Displays
SoftServo Library for software servo motor control (by system timer)
Tachometer Library for frequency and period measurement
TimeRandom Library for generating random numbers with time syncronization
TimerMs Advanced software timer (based on millis())
UnixTime Unix time stamp to date time conversion and vice versa
VolAnalyzer Library for sound amplitude analysis