Luis Llamas

Luis Llamas


ArticulatedLib Articulated Library
AsyncSerial Library that allow to recieve a serial port stream in a non blocking process
AsyncServoLib Library for non blocking controlling a servo
AsyncSonar Library for non blocking controlling a ultrasonic sensor like HC-SR04
AsyncStepperLib AsyncStepper is a library for non blocking stepper motor control
AsyncTaskLib Library that implements a non blockin task
AsyncTimerLib Simple non blocking timer with callback function
BTS7960 Library for BTS7960 Dual H-Bridge 43A DC Motor controller
CircularBufferLib CircularBuffer Library
ColorConverter Color Converter Library
CountdownLib Countdown Library
CppLinq ArduinoLinq Library
DebounceFilterLib DebounceFilter Library
DoubleEMAFilterLib DoubleEMAFilter Library
EasyCommaLib EasyComma is a light library that implements funtions for easily parse comma separed arrays
EasyingLib Arduino library that implements easing functions for smooth property value change transitions
GammaCorrectionLib GammaCorrection Library
I2CScanner I2C Scanner
InterpolationLib Arduino library that provides interpolation methods step, linear, smooth, catmull spline and constrained spline.
LinkedListLib LinkedList Library
ListLib List Library
MeanFilterLib Mean Filter Library
MedianFilterLib Median Filter Library
MultiTaskLib Storyboard are a series of non blockings tasks that runs in parallel
Parser Arduino Library that helps to parse a char array
PetriNetLib PetriNet Library
PropertyChangeLib Property Change Library
QuickMedianLib QuickMedian Library
QuickSortLib QuickSort Library
ReactiveArduino ReactiveArduino implements observable-observer pattern on a processor like Arduino
SimpleStepper Simple library for controlling unipolar and bipolar steppers
SingleEMAFilterLib SingleEMAFilter Library
StateMachineLib StateMachine Library
StopwatchLib Stopwatch Library
StoryBoardLib Storyboard are a series of non blockings tasks that runs sequencially
SyncWaveformsLib Arduino SyncWaveforms implements timed functions that runs synchronously
ThresholdLib Threshold Library
TimeoutTaskLib TimeoutTask Library
TriangleSolverLib Library that implements functions to solve triangles. Usefull for articulated machines