Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington
Worcester MA


BNO055SimplePacketComs Serve the BNo055 sensor using a SimplePacketComs Server.
EspWii A library to send Wii extension controllers data over wifi.
ESP32Encoder Encoder library for the ESP32 using interrupts.
ESP32Servo Allows ESP32 boards to control servo motors using Arduino semantics.
Esp32SimplePacketComs This Arduino library supports Simple Packet Coms for Esp32.
Esp32WifiManager This Arduino library supports Wifi Management for Esp32.
PVision This Arduino library is for talking to the DFRobot IR camera.
SimplePacketComs A library to convert byte streams of packets into floats.
TeensySimplePacketComs A library to use SimplePacketCOms with the USB HID on the Teensy class device
WiiChuck A library to communicate with all Wii i2c devices, Classic Controllers, Nunchuks and other Wii extension devices.