MCCI Catena

MCCI Catena
Ithaca, NY and New York, NY


MCCI Arduino Development Kit ADK The MCCI XDK ported to Arduino ("Arduino Development Kit").
MCCI Arduino LoRaWAN Library High-level library for LoRaWAN-based Arduino end-devices.
MCCI Catena Arduino Platform Arduino library for MCCI Catena 44xx, 45xx, 46xx and 48xx systems.
MCCI-Catena-PMS7003 Arduino library for Plantower PMS7003 particulate matter sensors.
MCCI Catena SCD30 Arduino library for Sensirion SCD30 carbon dioxide sensors.
MCCI Catena SDP Arduino library for Sensirion SDP (SDP31, SDP32, SDP800-series) Differential Pressure sensors.
MCCI-Catena-SHT3x Arduino library for Sensirion SHT3x (SHT31, SHT32, SHT35) Temperature/Humidity sensors.
MCCI FRAM I2C Driver for MCCI Catena's I2C-Based FRAM.
MCCI LoRaWAN LMIC library Arduino port of the LMIC (LoraWAN-MAC-in-C) framework provided by IBM.
MCCI LTR-329ALS Arduino library for Lite-On LTR-329ALS ambient light sensor.
MCCI SofwareSerial Software UART for Arduino