Franklyn Vasquez

Franklyn Vasquez
Bronx, NY


Callables General Callables API
NBitArray Array of bits to save memory instead of using 8-bit boolean values.
NColor NColor Library.
NDefs NDefs library, dependency.
NEvents NEvents library for adding event handling.
NFuncs NFuncs library, dependency of other libs, useful functions.
NPush NPush library for Push buttons.
NRotary NRotary library for using rotary encoders and gradationals.
NStreamCom NStreamCom library for communicating between software through any medium.
NTimer Timing for events, asynchronus delays
NHCSR04 NHCSR04 for the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor.
PinMatrix Pin grid-matrix reader
SketchBinder Sketch Binder.
stdcol Collections/Data Structures library
StreamUtilities Stream utilities for writing/reading