Pololu Robotics and Electronics

Pololu Robotics and Electronics
Las Vegas, NV


AStar32U4 A-Star 32U4 Arduino library
A4990MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu A4990 Dual Motor Driver Shield
AMIS30543 AMIS-30543 SPI stepper motor driver library
APA102 APA102/SK9822 LED strip library
Balboa32U4 Balboa 32U4 Arduino library
DRV8835MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield
DualG2HighPowerMotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual G2 High Power Motor Driver Shields
DualMAX14870MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual MAX14870 Motor Driver Shield
DualMC33926MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield
DualTB9051FTGMotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver Shield
DualVNH5019MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield
FastGPIO Faster general-purpose I/O
HighPowerStepperDriver High-Power Stepper Motor Driver library for Arduino
JrkG2 Jrk G2 library for Arduino
L3G Arduino library for Pololu L3G4200D, L3GD20, and L3G4200D boards
LIS3MDL LIS3MDL magnetometer library
LPS Arduino library for Pololu LPS25H and LPS331AP boards
LSM303 Arduino library for Pololu LSM303 boards
LSM6 LSM6 accelerometer and gyro library
OPT3101 OPT3101 distance sensor library
PololuHD44780 C++ library for the Arduino IDE that allows you to control an LCD that uses the Hitachi HD44780 protocol.
PololuLedStrip Arduino library for addressable RGB LED strips from Pololu
PololuMaestro Pololu Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino
PololuQik Arduino library for the Pololu qik dual serial motor controllers
PololuRPiSlave Pololu Raspberry Pi I2C Slave Arduino library
Pushbutton Pushbutton library for Arduino
QTRSensors Arduino library for the Pololu QTR Reflectance Sensors
Romi32U4 Romi 32U4 Arduino library
Tic Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino
USBPause Pause and restore USB interrupts
VL53L0X VL53L0X distance sensor library
VL53L1X VL53L1X distance sensor library
VL6180X VL6180X distance and ambient light sensor library
XYZrobotServo Pololu's Arduino library for the XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16
ZumoShield Arduino library for the Pololu Zumo Shield and Zumo robot kit for Arduino
Zumo32U4 Zumo 32U4 Arduino library