ArduPID PID library for Arduinos with greater accuracy than the legacy Arduino PID library
DataLogger Arduino library for fast logging of complex sensor data in CSV or binary format to an SD card or serial stream
DFPlayerMini_Fast Arduino library to interface with the DFPlayerMini MP3 module
ELMDuino Arduino library to easily interface with the common OBDII scanner: ELM327
FireTimer Simple and non-blocking library to time the execution of processes
MotorController Easy to use Arduino library to control virtually any DC motor controller
MultivariateNormal Arduino library for sampling from a multivariate normal distribution
NEO-6M_GPS Arduino library to interface with the NEO-6 GPS
SafeString A Safe, Static String library to replace Arduino String, plus non-blocking Serial I/O, I/O buffering, loopTimer and millisDelay
SdTerminal Basic terminal interface for Arduino SD card logging/file management
SerialTransfer Arduino library to transfer packetized data fast/reliably via UART/Serial
Teensy_3X_Multipurpose_Board Library to interface with Teensy 3.X breakout board (PCB gerber and Eagle project files included!)
UM7 Arduino driver library for UM7 and UM7-LT IMU/INS
UniversalTransmitter Customizable Teensy/Arduino handheld controller for RC projects