Rob Tillaart

Rob Tillaart
Gemert Netherlands


ACS712 ACS712 library for Arduino.
AD520X Arduino library for SPI AD5204 and AD5206 digital potentiometers
AD524X Arduino Library for AD524X
AD985X Arduino library for AD9850 and AD9851 function generators. Supports both hardware SPI as software SPI.
ADS1X15 Arduino library for ADS1015 - I2C 12 bit ADC and ADS1115 I2C 16 bit ADC
ADT7470 Arduino library for a heartbeat function.
AM232X Arduino library for AM2320 AM2321 and AM2323 I2C temperature and humidity sensor.
AnalogPin Arduino Library for AnalogPin
Angle Library to convert between floating point angle to minutes hours representation.
ANSI Arduino library to send ANSI escape sequences
AsyncAnalog Arduino Library for async reading of an analog pin
AverageAngle Library to average angles correctly around 0.
AvrHeap Library to runtime analyze the structure of the heap (AVR328).
BH1750FVI_RT Arduino library for BH1750FVI (GY-30) lux sensor
BitArray Arduino library for compact array of objects with a size expressed in bits.
bitHelpers Arduino library with functions on bit level
BoolArray Arduino library for compact array of booleans of max size 2000 (UNO).
Complex Arduino library for Complex math.
Correlation Arduino Library to determine correlation between X and Y dataset
CountDown Arduino library to implement a CountDown clock in SW.
Cozir Arduino library for COZIR range of CO2 sensors. Polling mode only.
DAC8551 Arduino library for DAC8551 SPI Digital Analog Convertor
DAC8552 Arduino library for DAC8552 SPI Digital Analog Convertor
DAC8554 Arduino library for DAC8554 SPI Digital Analog Convertor
DEVNULL Arduino library for a /dev/null stream
DEVRANDOM Arduino library to wrap a random generator in a stream
DHTlib AVR Optimized Library for DHT Temperature & Humidity Sensor on AVR only.
DHTStable Stable version of library for DHT Temperature & Humidity Sensor
DHT12 Arduino library for I2C DHT12 temperature and humidity sensor.
DHT2pin Experimental library of the DHT library that uses 2 pins.
DHTNEW Arduino library for DHT temperature and humidity sensor, with automatic sensortype recognition.
DistanceTable Library for a memory efficient DistanceTable for Arduino.
DS18B20_int Library for DS18B20 restricted to a single sensor per pin.
DS18B20_RT Arduino library for the DS18B20 temperature sensor.
DS1821 Arduino library for DS1821 temperature sensor
DS28CM00 Arduino library for I2C DS28CM00 unique identification chip.
FastMap Library with fast map function for Arduino.
FastShiftIn Arduino library for (AVR) optimized shiftIn - e.g. for 74HC165
FastShiftOut Arduino library for (AVR) optimized shiftOut - e.g. 74HC595
FastTrig Arduino library with interpolated lookup for sin() and cos()
FLE Arduino library for FLE = FLoat with Error datatype
Fraction Arduino library to implement a Fraction datatype
FRAM_I2C Arduino library for I2C FRAM.
FunctionGenerator Arduino library to generate wave forms (nummeric) for a DAC
GAMMA Arduino Library for the GAMMA function
GY521 Arduino library for GY521 angle measurement
HeartBeat Arduino library for a heartbeat function.
Histogram Arduino library for creating histograms math.
HT16K33 Arduino Library for HT16K33
HX711 Arduino library for HX711 loadcell amplifier
I2CKeyPad Arduino libray for 4x4 KeyPad connected to a PCF8574
I2C_ASDX Arduino library for I2C ASDX pressure sensor
IEEE754tools Fast helper functions for IEEE754 floats.
Interval Arduino library for Interval datatype
Kelvin2RGB Arduino library for converting temperature to RGB values
LineFormatter Wrapper class for Serial to enhance layout of tabular data.
M62429 Arduino library for M62429 volume control IC
MAX31855_RT Arduino library for MAX31855 chip for K type thermocouple.
Max44009 Library for MAX44009 I2C LUX sensor Arduino.
MCP23017_RT Arduino library for I2C MCP23017 16 channel port expander 16 IO-lines
MCP4725 Arduino library for 12 bit I2C DAC - MCP4725
MCP9808_RT Arduino Library for I2C mcp9808 temperature sensor
MCP_ADC Arduino library for MCP_ADC family MCP3008
ML8511 ML8511 - UV sensor - library for Arduino
MS5611 Arduino library for MS5611 temperature and pressure sensor
MT8870 Arduino library for MT8870 DTMF decoder
MultiMap Library for fast non-linear interpolation by means of two arrays.
NibbleArray Library to implement a compact array of nibbles (4 bit).
optoma Arduino library to control Optoma W305ST beamer over RS232.
PAR27979 Arduino library for Parallax 27979 serial LCD display.
ParallelPrinter Experimental (not complete) library to connect a parallel printer to Arduino.
PCA9635 Arduino library for PCA9635 I2C LED driver
PCA9685_RT Arduino library for I2C PCA9685 16 channel PWM
PCF8574 Arduino library for PCF8574 - I2C IO expander
PCF8575 Arduino library for PCF8575 - 16 channel I2C IO expander
PCF8591 PCF8591 library for Arduino.
PinInGroup A class that groups input pins so they can be read in one logical step.
PinOutGroup A class that groups output pins so they can be updated easier and slightly faster on average.
Prandom Arduino library for random number generation with Python random interface.
PrintCharArray Library to capture prints into a char array.
printHelpers Arduino library to help formatting data for printing. 64 bit integers (base 10 and 16). Engineering and scientific notation.
PrintSize Library to determine size of a printed variable.
PrintString Library to capture prints into a String.
PulsePattern Library to generate repeating pulse patterns. (AVR only)
RADAR Arduino library for a pan tilt radar.
randomHelpers Arduino library with helper function for faster random bits
RunningAverage The library stores the last N individual values in a circular buffer to calculate the running average.
RunningMedian The library stores the last N individual values in a buffer to select the median.
SET Arduino library to implement simple SET datastructure.
SHEX Arduino library to generate hex dump over Serial
SHT31 Arduino library for the SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor
statHelpers Arduino library with a number of statistic helper functions.
Statistic Library with basic statistical functions for Arduino.
StopWatch_RT Arduino Library implementing a stopwatch.
Temperature Library with weather related functions.
timing Arduino library with wrapper classes for seconds millis micros.
Troolean Arduino Library for a three state logic datatype
weight Library of weight conversion functions
XMLWriter Arduino library for creating XML