Rop Gonggrijp

Rop Gonggrijp
Berlin, Germany


ESP32_RTC_EEPROM EEPROM emulation that stores in RTC RAM. Survives deep sleep, but not reset or power loss.
ezTime ezTime - pronounced "Easy Time" - is a very easy to use Arduino time and date library that provides NTP network time lookups, extensive timezone support, formatted time and date strings, user events, millisecond precision and more.
Heltec_ESP32_LoRa_v3 Proper working library for "Heltec ESP32 LoRa v3" and "Heltec Wireless Stick v3" boards.
HotButton Button library for Arduino. The usual, plus "if (button.event(LONG, SHORT, LONG))" and more.
LoRaWAN_ESP32 ESP32 'persist' object for using deep sleep in combination with RadioLib LoRaWAN.
M5ez Complete interface builder for the M5Stack, an ESP32 based mini tinker-computer
OOKwiz Receiving/analysing/sending on-off-keying signals for radio remote controls 📱, weather stations 🌦️ and more.