Serge Skorodinsky

Serge Skorodinsky


SSVAnySensor Simple class to incorporate logic of practically any sensor.
SSVLongTime Singleton class to return uptime in seconds.
SSVQueueStackArray Queue/Stack storage based on array ring buffer.
SSVTimer One more non-blocking timer class based on millis() function.
SSVWaitForStringInStream Simple class to compare coming characters one by one, on the fly, from any stream, and compare it with predefined string constants.
SSVNTPCoreClass Singleton class to get real time over NTP. Based on esp8266 core function configTime(). Supports auto DST per time zone.
SSVRGBGradientCalc Simple class to implement RGB Gradient calulations, based on FastLED.
SSVXYMatrix FastLED-based class to handle XY Full Color LED Matrix.
SSVXYMatrixText Class to show text (English, Russian) on XY LED Matrix, based on FastLED.