Data Processing

A list of the 102 libraries in the category Data Processing.

Adafruit nRFCrypto Arduino Cryptography library using hardware-accelerated ARM CryptoCell CC310 on nRF52-based Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules
Adafruit TensorFlow Lite This is a library to abstract away TensorFlow Lite for Adafruit/Arcada boards
Adafruit WavePlayer Library Helper library for wrangling Wave files
Adafruit_mp3 mp3 decoder
AESLib ESP8266 wrapper for AES library with 128-bit CBC encryption
arduinoFFT A library for implementing floating point Fast Fourier Transform calculations on Arduino.
ArduinoJson An efficient and elegant JSON library for Arduino.
Arduino POST HTTP Parser A library that allows for easy parsing of POST packages.
ArduinoQueue Queue Library
Arduino_CRC32 Arduino library providing a simple interface to perform checksum calculations utilizing the CRC-32 algorithm.
atlas OEM module Basic function to accessing atlas OEM module.
BitBool The ultimate bit manipulation tool.
BufferUtils An Arduino library for working with Buffers.
CalibratedSpeed Arduino Library for calibrating DC motors
Cardinal An Arduino library that takes input in degrees and output a string or integer for the 4, 8, 16, or 32 compass headings (like North, South, East, and West).
CmdParser A simple and most powerfull cmd parser with small memory footprint
Cojson Zero-effort JSON reading and writing on Arduino platforms,
Convert String from/to value conversion in Arduino (port a part of ofUtils (openFrameworks))
Coordinates Allow easy and reliable conversion between cartesian and polar coordinate system.
CppPotpourri A package of discrete solutions to common problems in Arduino.
CRC CRC calculation for Arduino
CRC32 An Arduino library for calculating a CRC32 checksum.
CurveFitting Fits polynomial curves to given datapoints
DataSeriesPod A simple Arduino data logging library
Ephemeris Arduino library for the calculation of ephemeris of the solar system with an Arduino Mega.
ESP32-targz A library to unpack/uncompress tar, gz, and tar.gz files on ESP32 and ESP8266
ESP32httpUpdate Http Update for ESP32
esp8266-google-home-notifier Send notifications to Google Home from esp8266/32.
esp8266-google-tts generate the link to speech mp3 on esp8266/32.
ESP8266IoTHelper Helper for ESP8266 that orchestrates WiFi connection and OTA updates
Etherkit JTEncode Generate JT65, JT9, JT4, FT8, WSPR, and FSQ symbols on your Arduino.
Etherkit Morse Generate Morse Code for transmission on an digital I/O pin.
EWMA Exponentially Weighted Moving Average filter used for smoothing data series readings.
ExponentMap Generates an exponentially growing array based on provided number of steps and maximum value.
EzDmaHelper Buffer management helper for use with EasyDMA-enabled hardware. MIT License.
Fabrik2D A library for solving inverse kinematics in 2 dimensions using the FABRIK algorithm.
Filters Filter utilities for Arduino
FIR filter FIR filter library for the Arduino.
fix_fft A library for implementing fixed-point in-place Fast Fourier Transform on Arduino. It sacrifices precision and instead it is way faster than floating-point implementations.
FixedPoint_LUT Use FixedPoint_LUT to replace highly runtime intensive calculation times
FixedPoints A template library for defining fixed point types of varying sizes.
fp64lib Handcrafted 64-bit floating point routines for AVR/arduino microprocessors.
Gaussian Gaussian math, Kalman Filters and Moving Averages made easy
Iobeam Client library for using the iobeam cloud.
JsmnStream Reformatting of the Serge Zaitsev jsmn library to parse a JSON string one char at a time.
Json Streaming Parser A very memory efficient library to parse (large) JSON objects on small devices
Kalman Include Kalman filter to your Arduino projects
Knock Detector A non-blocking knock detection library to use with piezo elements
LinkedList A fully implemented LinkedList made to work with Arduino projects
LinkedPointerList Light-weight implementation of LinkedList library, that is now stripped down to bare minimum, making it appropriate for use in memory-critical environments.
LiteOSCParser A lightweight OSC processing library.
LoRa Serialization Library for serialization of data on the Arduino side and deserialization in the TTN
Madgwick Helpers for MadgwickAHRS algorithm
Mahony Helpers for MahonyAHRS algorithm
MatrixMath Minimal linear algebra library
MD_Menu Library for displaying and managing menus on displays with with up to 2 lines.
MD_TTT Tic-Tac-Toe game logic library
MD_YX5300 Library for Serial MP3 Player (Catalex YX5300 module)
movingAvg A simple Arduino library for calculating moving averages.
munet Modules for WLAN-Client, NTP, OTA, MQTT on ESP32/ESP8266 compatible with muwerk scheduler
Muwerk scheduler library cooperative scheduler and mqtt-like communication queues
Muwerk ustd library A minimal and highly portable micro-standard-library for arrays, queues and maps
Neurona Artificial Neural Network architectures for Arduino
NoveltyDetection Detects Novelties/Outliers using Support Vector Machine
OPTIGA Trust M This library allows you to communicate with Optiga Trust M Security Controller
OPTIGATrustX This library allows you to communicate with OPTIGA™ Trust X Products.
Oversampling Improving ADC Resolution By Oversampling Averaging.
pRNG Pseudo-random number generator
Plotter An Arduino library for easy plotting on host computer via serial communication.
QList Library implements linked lists
Queuetue Digital Balance Library A library of functions to build a digital balance
Ramp A library that manage interpolation beetween values.
RBD_Threshold Set and check numeric quantile scales.
RGBProgress Calculate an RGB color according to a progression.
RTT QRCode RT-Thread QR Code App
SavLayFilter Savitzky-Golay Filtering Algorithm
SerialCommands An Arduino library to tokenize and parse commands received over a serial port.
Serie A library that makes easy to use time series
SimpleCLI A Command Line Interface Library for Arduino
SimpleHOTP A lightweight HOTP (HMAC - Based one Time Password) Generator for Arduino.
SimpleKalmanFilter A simple implementation of Kalman Filter.
smart-input-filter A stable, unit-tested filter library
Smoothed A simple library to store and calculate smoothed values from sensors.
SoftFilters Arduino framework and library of software data filters.
SpritzCipher Spritz library for Arduino, CSPRNG, cryptographic hash and MAC functions, symmetric-key data encryption, and some general-purpose functions.
StringSplitter Arduino String Splitter Library
TimedPID PID controller
timestamp32bits A library for calculating UNIX-like timestamps for dates AFTER January 1, 1970 or January 1 of whichever year is selected as EPOCH.
TinyXML Fork of Adam Rudd's (adamvr) TinyXML library.
TR-064 SOAP Library Arduino/ESP library for the TR-064 protocol
TrivialKalmanFilter Trivial Kalman Filter.
uCRC16BPBLib Tiny and cross-device compatible CCITT CRC16 Bit Per Bit or Byte Per Byte calculator library - uCRC16BPBLib
uCRC16Lib Tiny and cross-device compatible CCITT CRC16 calculator library - uCRC16Lib
uCRC16XModemLib Tiny and cross-device compatible CRC16 XModem calculator library compatible - uCRC16XModemLib
uMFMLib Tiny lib to enode and decode FM and MFM data streams
USBBlaster USB Blaster emulation for Arduino boards
VectorXf Vector class 2f, 3f, 4f (port of ofVecXf (openFrameworks))
VidorGraphics Provides graphical functionalities on MKR Vidor 4000
VidorPeripherals Provides extended IO functionalities and interfaces
XLR8DigitalIO Arduino library for access to the extra pins available on an XLR8 Snō.
XLR8Float Arduino library for hardware accelerated floating point math.
XLR8Quadrature Arduino library for hardware accelerated quadrature encoder control.