A list of the 115 libraries in the category Other.

Adafruit Circuit Playground All in one library to control Adafruit's Circuit Playground board.
Adafruit DAP library Arduino library for DAP programming on ARM cortex microcontroller
Adafruit seesaw Library This is a library for the Adafruit seesaw helper IC.
Adafruit SleepyDog Library Arduino library to use the watchdog timer for system reset and low power sleep.
Adafruit UNTZtrument Adafruit UNTZtrument
AFArray Simple Array ADT for Arduino Framework with template.
AJSP Another JSON Streaming Parser
Akafugu Four Letter Word Library Akafugu Four Letter Word Library
ALA Arduino Light Animation (ALA) library
ALLBOT The library for the ALLBOT modular robotic system.
ArdBitmap A library to compress and draw bitmaps on the Arduboy game system.
ArdVoice A library to play audio (voices) on the Arduboy game system.
ArduZ80 The first Z80 emulation library for Arduino.
Arduboy The Arduboy core library.
ArduboyPlaytune A library for playing musical scores and tones that is compatible with the Arduboy game system.
ArduboyTones A library for playing a sequence of tones, intended for use with the Arduboy game system.
Arduboy2 An alternative library for use with the Arduboy game system.
ArduinoFacil Librería (más bien conjunto de macros) para facilitar el uso de Arduino en castellano para principiantes.
arduino-fsm A library for implementing a finite state machine
ArduinoSound [EXPERIMENTAL] A simple way to play and analyze audio data using Arduino.
ArduinoSTL A port of uClibc++ packaged as an Arduino library.
ArduinoUnit Unit test framework for arduino projects.
ATMlib The Arduboy Tracker Music library.
Automaton A multi tasking table driven finite state machine framework
Automaton-Esp8266 Esp8266 State Machines for the Automaton Framework
AVRUtils AVRUtils
Awesome The library that supports the Awesome Shield PCB.
Babelduino A library that allows writing and highlighting code in local language.
Basecamp A basic IoT library for the ESP32
BasicLinearAlgebra A library for representing matrices and doing matrix math on arduino
Battery Sense Arduino battery sensing library
Bleeper A library to store generic configurations.
Board Identify An Arduino library which allows identification of the board/controller.
BobaBlox A library that makes it easy to code simple hardware interactions with the Arduino.
Brasilino Biblioteca de tradução e facilitação de funções para Arduino em PT-BR
Brief A scriptable firmware and protocol for interfacing hardware.
Callback A simple implementation of Signals and Slots for writing more flexible callbacks
CarreraDigitalControlUnit Carrera® DIGITAL 124/132 interface library for Arduino and mbed OS
Charge n Boost A library for the Charge 'n Boost lithium charger and usb booster
Chronos Easily manipulate date-times to perform scheduling, setup calendars and find points in time that are of interest.
CONTROLLINO Support library for CONTROLLINO PLC boards
CopyThreads A lightweight threading library
CPPTasks A simple hardware agnostic library written in C++11 implementing coroutines/state machines
dbg-trace Debug Trace component for Embedded Applications - Debug and Trace Log message system based on trace ports with adjustable levels.
debug-cli Debug CLI for Embedded Applications - Command Line Interface for debugging and testing based on an object oriented tree structure.
DecodeIR A library for decoding IR signals.
DeepSleepScheduler Lightweight, cooperative task scheduler with configurable sleep and task supervision.
Dump AVR dump RAM and Flash
Dusk2Dawn Get estimate time of sunrise and sunset given a set of coordinates.
EMoRo 2560 EMoRo 2560 library includes all specific libraries and examples for EMoRo 2560 controller.
EducationShield Library used for the completion of all the projects related to CTC
EEPROMWearLevel EEPROMWearLevel reduces EEPROM wear by writting a new value to an other EEPROM location.
Embedded Template Library A C++ template library tailored for embedded systems.
Embedis An Embedded Dictionary Server.
EnergyBoard Enables reading polyphase energy-monitor parameters of LVX EnergyBoard
EspSaveCrash Automatically saves exception details and stack trace to flash in case of ESP8266 crash.
ESP8266Scheduler ESP8266 Co-operative Multitasking
Eventually Event-based programming library for Arduino
FCWRobot_Model2 The library array that is needed for the FCW Robot Model2.
FlexiPlot Arduino Library Arduino library for FlexiPlot.
GadgetBox Enclosure and Universal Hardware for IoT Gadgets.
Gadgetron Libraries Collection of Libraries for the Gadgetron software.
Gamer A library for the DIY Gamer Kit by Technology Will Save Us.
GamerIR Infrared communication library for the DIY Gamer Kit by Tech Will Save Us
Geometry A library for working with points, rotations and coordinate transformations in 3D space
hueDino Philips Hue library for Arduino.
IBot Arduino library for I-Bot camp.
iBotX Arduino library for "i-Bot X" to be used in i-Bot Camp by Robot Club KMITL (Thailand)
Infrared An object oriented library for sending, receiving, and analyzing IR signals on the Arduino.
IniFile Library to read and parse .ini files.
InkyBoard Bibliotheek om gebruik te maken van het InkyBoard van InkyCode
JLed An Arduino library to control LEDs
keyboardButton Convinient way to map a push-button to a keyboard key. This library utilize the ability of 32u4-based Arduino-compatible boards to emulate USB-keyboard.
LEDMatrixDriver A replacement for Arduino's LedControl library for MAX7219
Log Simple but useful macroses for logging. Allow use printf() with Serial for logging.
log4Esp Extendable logging library for ESP8266
log4arduino Lightweight, no-frills logging for Arduino and friends
Low-Power Lightweight power management library
MagStripe Decode data from TTL (raw) magnetic card readers.
MakerVision Arduino library used by Scratch generated code on http://makervision.io
mbino Port of mbed OS APIs to the Arduino platform
MegunoLink Library for storing data in the eeprom, processing serial messages and plotting data with MegunoLink.
MicroDebug Arduino debugging support library
micro-ecc uECC
Mirobot This is the library that makes Mirobot (http://mirobot.io) work.
multiplePinOps An Arduino library to drive multiple pins with the same API.
Mutila Mouse's Utilities for Arduino
Ospom Ospom is FaceBook for your Arduino.
Pablo A library to run Pablo, an Arduino based drawing machine
Phant A simple interface to post data to a phant stream.
pinduino A library for the pinduino shield
PlotPlus Plotting library compatible with Sloeber IDE and SimPlot
Printoo_Library The library for the Printoo modules.
PS2KeyAdvanced PS2 keyboard FULL control and ALL keys processing, as well as LED control.
PS2KeyMap PS2 keyboard codes from PS2KeyAdvanced to UTF-8 for any Latin language keyboard.
PS2KeyRaw PS2 keyboard control and raw data receiving
PTW-Arduino-Assert The library Push The World uses for unit testing.
PulseSensor Playground Support at PulseSensor.com
QRCode A simple QR code generation library.
Rtttl A library that plays Rtttl melodies
sarmfsw sarmfsw
Scheduler Allows multiple tasks to run at the same time, without interrupting each other. For Arduino sam and samd architectures only (Due, Zero...).
Serial Controlled Motor Driver Use this to command the SCMD and connected chain.
SmallSetup Optimize the Arduino setup routines.
SparkFun ATSHA204 Library Library for the ATSHA204 IC.
StateSpaceControl A library for state space feedback control on on Arduino
Talk2 Library for the Talk2 Boards.
TimedBlink An object oriented library for asynchrnous programmable LED blinking
TOTP library Library to generate Time-based One-Time Passwords
uMT Micro Multi Tasker specifically designed for ARDUINO UNO, MEGA and DUE boards.
USB Host Shield Library 2.0 Revision 2.0 of MAX3421E-based USB Host Shield Library.
Voltage Reference Arduino voltage reference library
WiFiEsp Arduino WiFi library for ESP8266
WiFi101OTA Update sketches on your board over WiFi
Yaesu FT857D CAT Simulate a Yaesu FT-857D radio from the CAT point of view.