A list of the 607 libraries in the category Other.

107-Arduino-BoostUnits Arduino library for providing boost::units for the Arduino platform.
107-Arduino-CriticalSection Arduino library for providing a consistent critical section interface over various Arduino platforms.
107-Arduino-Cyphal-Support Arduino library for providing a various support functions for building a full Cyphal compliant application.
107-Arduino-Debug Arduino library for providing convenient macros for printf-style debugging.
107-Arduino-Servo-RP2040 Hardware-PWM based servo signal generation for RP2040.
107-Arduino-UniqueId Arduino library for providing a unique 64-bit ID over various Arduino platforms.
3BC Language Virtual Machine 3BC Language Virtual Machine
ADebouncer Advanced Debouncer Library for Arduino.
AUnit A unit testing framework for Arduino platforms inspired by ArduinoUnit and Google Test.
AccelStepperWithDistances This library allows you work with the popular AccelStepper not with steps, but milimeter distances!
AceCommon Small low-level classes and functions for Arduino: incrementMod(), decToBcd(). strcmp_PP(), PrintStr, PrintStrN, printPad{N}To(), printIntAsFloat(), TimingStats, formUrlEncode(), FCString, KString, hashDjb2(), binarySearch(), linearSearch(), isSorted(), reverse(), and so on.
AceRoutine A low-memory, fast-switching, cooperative multitasking library using stackless coroutines on Arduino platforms.
AceUtils Useful Arduino utilities which are too small as separate libraries, but complex enough to be shared among multiple projects, and often have external dependencies to other libraries.
AD9850SPI Arduino SPI library for AD9850
Adafruit Circuit Playground All in one library to control Adafruit's Circuit Playground board.
Adafruit DAP library Arduino library for DAP programming on ARM cortex microcontroller
Adafruit Faux86 Adafruit Faux86
Adafruit PixelDust Arduino library for particle simulation
Adafruit seesaw Library This is a library for the Adafruit seesaw helper IC.
Adafruit SleepyDog Library Arduino library to use the watchdog timer for system reset and low power sleep.
Adafruit UNTZtrument Adafruit UNTZtrument
AFArray Simple Array ADT for Arduino Framework with template.
AgileStateMachine Arduino/C++ library to simply and efficiently model and run a finite state machine
AJSP Another JSON Streaming Parser
Akafugu Four Letter Word Library Akafugu Four Letter Word Library
ALA Arduino Light Animation (ALA) library
ALLBOT The library for the ALLBOT modular robotic system.
AnyRtttl A feature rich arduino library for playing rtttl melodies.
APSNode Apogeo Space Library for IoT networking
ArdBitmap A library to compress and draw bitmaps on the Arduboy game system.
ArdVoice A library to play audio (voices) on the Arduboy game system.
arduFPGA-app-common-arduino The common libraries and drivers for arduFPGA development boards.
ArduProf A thin layer framework for developer to code inter-task communication by an event driven method, running on different RTOS.
ArduZ80 The first Z80 emulation library for Arduino.
Arduboy The Arduboy core library.
ArduboyPlaytune A library for playing musical scores and tones that is compatible with the Arduboy game system.
ArduboyRaycast A library for making raycasting games on Arduboy
ArduboyTones A library for playing a sequence of tones, intended for use with the Arduboy game system.
Arduboy2 An alternative library for use with the Arduboy game system.
ArduinoComponents A library for writing modern OO Arduino.
ArduinoDMX Control DMX lights with your Arduino.
ArduinoFacil Librería (más bien conjunto de macros) para facilitar el uso de Arduino en castellano para principiantes.
arduino-fsm A library for implementing a finite state machine
ArduinoOTA Upload sketch over network to Arduino board with WiFi or Ethernet libraries
ArduinoSound [EXPERIMENTAL] A simple way to play and analyze audio data using Arduino.
ArduinoSTL A port of uClibc++ Arduino library.
ArduinoTrace A dead-simple tracing library to debug your programs
ArduinoUniqueID Arduino Library to gets the Manufacture Serial Number from the Atmel AVR, SAM, SAMD, STM32, and ESP Microcontroller.
ArduinoUnit Flexible test framework for arduino projects.
Arduino_AdvancedAnalog Advanced Analog library for STM32H7 boards
Arduino_AVRSTL A port of ArduinoSTL Arduino library.
Arduino_BuiltIn Shell Arduino library to provide the standard built-in libraries
Arduino_CMSIS-DSP CMSIS-DSP library ported to arduino mbed cores.
Arduino_JSON [BETA] Process JSON in your Arduino sketches.
Arduino_PortentaBreakout Arduino Library for Arduino Portenta Breakout Carrier
Arduino_Pro_Tutorials This library contains the complete Arduino sketches from the Pro Tutorials.
Arduino_Threads Easy multi-threading for your Mbed OS-based Arduino.
ardukit Foundation library toolkit for easier arduino programming
array-helpers Array helper classes and functions.
ArrayUtils Array utility functions for arduino.
ArticulatedLib Articulated Library
AstroCalcs Astronomy calculations library.
AsyncSerial Library that allow to recieve a serial port stream in a non blocking process
AsyncServoLib Library for non blocking controlling a servo
AsyncSonar Library for non blocking controlling a ultrasonic sensor like HC-SR04
AsyncStepperLib AsyncStepper is a library for non blocking stepper motor control
AsyncTaskLib Library that implements a non blockin task
Async TCP Async TCP Library for ESP32
AsyncTimerLib Simple non blocking timer with callback function
ATD1.47-S3 Lib Arduino library of ATD1.47-S3
AtrivaTECH PicUNO Arduino library for programming PicUNO with device specific functions.
attiny85FasterPin "Library which lets you to control pins in more efficient way"
Automaton A multi tasking table driven finite state machine framework
Automaton-Esp8266 Esp8266 State Machines for the Automaton Framework
AVR-context This library provides a low-level facility for context switching between multiple threads of execution and contains an implementation of asymmetric stackful coroutines on an AVR micro-controller.
AvrHeap Library to runtime analyse the structure of the heap (AVR 328).
AvrTracing The last hope for the desperate AVR programmer. A small (344 bytes) Arduino library to have real program traces and to find the place where your program hangs.
AVRUtils AVRUtils
avr_stl A port of ArduinoSTL Arduino library.
Awesome The library that supports the Awesome Shield PCB.
AwesomeClickButton Arduino awesome click button.
Babelduino A library that allows writing and highlighting code in local language.
Bas.CallbackCaller A class that encapsulates the registering and calling of a callback function.
base64_encode Convert between binary and base64 encoded string.
Basecamp A basic IoT library for the ESP32
basicCalculus Perform real-time 1D integration and differentiation
BasicLinearAlgebra A library for representing matrices and doing matrix math on arduino
BatteryMeter A library for reading a voltage from a battery and displaying the results.
Battery Sense Arduino battery sensing library
bcl A fork of Nayukis Bitcoin Cryptography Library.
BeeDataLogger Example libraries for the Bee Data Logger
BeeMotionS3 Example libraries for the Bee Motion S3
BeeS3 Helper library for Bee S3 Board
BirdhouseSDK An Arduino library to easy control lots of relays effects, buttons with debouncer, analog indicators and more
bitluni ESP32Lib Multimedia library for the ESP32
Bleeper A library to store generic configurations.
BlinkSuite A library for blinking pins on and off or in a sequence.
BlueFairy Task Scheduler, Keyboard Control, Machine State
Bluebird All in one library to control Teknikio's Bluebird board.
Board Identify An Arduino library which allows identification of over 100 different boards/controllers.
BobaBlox A library that makes it easy to code simple hardware interactions with the Arduino.
BOF-Bling_On_ofF Arduino library for playing with relay, LED, and other On/OFF.
Bonezegei_A4988 Stepper Motor Driver (A4988)
Bonezegei_Compute Bonezegei Compute (BZC)
Bonezegei_DHT11 DHT11
Bonezegei_DHT22 DHT22
Bonezegei_DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver (DRV8825)
Bonezegei_DS1307 DS1307 Driver
Bonezegei_DS3231 DS3231 Driver
Bonezegei_GSM GSM Library via Serial Port
Bonezegei_HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
Bonezegei_List Simple List Class
Bonezegei_PCA9685 I2C PWM Expander
Bonezegei_PCF8574 PCF8574 driver
Bonezegei_Printf Simple Printf
Bonezegei_Search Simple Array keyword Search
Bonezegei_ULN2003_Stepper Stepper Motor Driver Library
Bonezegei_Utility Simple Utility for Bonezegei Libraries
Bonezegei_WS2812 WS2812
Bonezegei_XPT2046 Simple Library XPT2046 Resistive Touch Controller
Bonezegei_XPT2046v2 XPT2046 Driver
Bootstrapper A client library for MQTT messaging.
BRAINZY A library that makes coding user-friendly for programming robots.
Brasilino Biblioteca de tradução e facilitação de funções para Arduino em PT-BR
Brief A scriptable firmware and protocol for interfacing hardware.
Brino A biblioteca possibilita o uso de termos em portugues (Brino) para a programacao do arduino.
Byteduino A light implementation of Obyte cryptocurrency platform (formerly Byteball) for ESP8266 and ESP32
CAGEduino Arduino library for CAGEduino board on CAGEBOT platform.
Callables General Callables API
Callback A simple implementation of Signals and Slots for writing more flexible callbacks
CanSat Kit Library Library for CanSat Kit.
car robot vip This Arduino library provides the car robot code.
CarreraDigitalControlUnit Carrera® DIGITAL 124/132 interface library for Arduino and mbed OS
cgnuino Arduino library for behavioral task controls in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.
CharDisplay Library for unicode progress pars, bitmap drawing graphics and plots (charts)
Charge n Boost A library for the Charge 'n Boost lithium charger and usb booster
Chronos Easily manipulate date-times to perform scheduling, setup calendars and find points in time that are of interest.
CircuitsFunBasic Essential basic components library by CircuitsFun.
CircuitsFunProjects Beginner friendly projects and project libraries by CircuitsFun
CircularBufferLib CircularBuffer Library
ColorConverter Color Converter Library
CONTROLLINO Support library for CONTROLLINO PLC boards
CopyThreads A lightweight threading library
CountdownLib Countdown Library
CppLinq ArduinoLinq Library
CPPTasks A simple hardware agnostic library written in C++11 implementing coroutines/state machines
Cpp_Standard_Library 将C++标准库移植到 Arduino。A port of C++ Standard Library to Arduino.
CraftConnect_ESP8266 Библиотека для приложения CraftConnect.
CreativeRobotix Creative Robotix library for Codee.
Crypto Rhys Weatherley's arduinolibs Crypto library.
CryptoAuthLib MicroChip CryptoAuthLib with Arduino support
CST816S Capacitive touch screen library
CST816_TouchLib A CST816 touch and gesture library, tested using the LilyGO T-Display ESP32-S3. Includes gestures.
cst816t cst816t capacitive touch screen
CTC GO CORE All in one library containing examples from lessons and projects for CTC GO! Core Module
CTC GO MOTIONS All in one library containing examples from lessons and projects for CTC GO! Motions Expansion
custom_PortentaBreakout Library for Arduino Portenta Breakout Carrier modified by alessandromrc (Alessandro Marcon)
dbg-trace Debug Trace component for Embedded Applications - Debug and Trace Log message system based on trace ports with adjustable levels.
DC-Core-Library Librería para Entrenador compatible con Arduino
DCCEXProtocol DCC-EX Native Protocol implementation
ddns-nightly Official nightly duinodns (ddns) builds
DDSM115 An Arduino library for control DDSM115 Wheels through RS485.
DeadReckoning-library Uses wheel encoder data on a differential drive robot to estimate position.
DebounceFilterLib DebounceFilter Library
debug-cli Debug CLI for Embedded Applications - Command Line Interface for debugging and testing based on an object oriented tree structure.
DecodeIR A library for decoding IR signals.
DeepSleepScheduler Lightweight, cooperative task scheduler with configurable sleep and task supervision.
Deneyap Renk Donusturme Arduino library to change colors between different systems
Derivs_Limiter This library can be used to limit the first and second derivative of a variable as it approaches a target value.
Devuino A device library for Arduino and other -inos
DFRobot_DF1101S record audio and play audio(SKU:DFR0745).
DFRobot_DF1201S This module is a conversion board, which can drive DF1201S DFPlayer PRO MP3 through I2C.
DFRobot_DF2301Q This is the library to drive the offline voice recognition module(SKU: SEN0539).
DFRobot_LPUPS A library designed for LPUPS.(SKU: DFR0682).
DFRobot_PN532 this is a module that reads data from NFC tags.
DFRobot_RGBButton This is a Library for RGBButton(SKU: DFR0991).
DFRobot_VoiceRecorder DFRobot Standard library.
digitalWriteFast Fast pin access for AVR microcontrollers
DiodeIoT_SI-1104 SI-1104 library for Espressif MCUs
DiodeIoT_SI-1108 SI-1108 library for Espressif MCUs
DiodeIoT_SI-1116 SI-1116 library for Espressif MCUs
directTimers Library for advanced hardware timers control
DoubleEMAFilterLib DoubleEMAFilter Library
DovesLapTimer A simple lap-timing library centered around GPS data
DU-INO DU-INO base Arduino library.
DualSenseController Library to use DualSense Controller based on USB Host Shield Library 2.0.
Dump AVR dump RAM and Flash
DunogeonENG Arduino library for a mini D&D Game (it's a part of a bigger project).
DunogeonFR Cette librairie est un simulateur de donjon (une partie isolée d un projet plus grand).
Dusk2Dawn Get estimate time of sunrise and sunset given a set of coordinates.
eBoard shackle the Arduino All in one library to run qfixSoccerBoard code on the Arduino
eFLL eFLL (Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library).
EMoRo 2560 EMoRo 2560 library includes all specific libraries and examples for EMoRo 2560 controller.
EasyCommaLib EasyComma is a light library that implements funtions for easily parse comma separed arrays
EasyStringStream A library for string creation without std:: overhead
EasyingLib Arduino library that implements easing functions for smooth property value change transitions
EduIntro Library used for super-fast introduction workshops
EduShield-2 Library Arduino Library for the Edu-Shield 2 by JustPlay Software (www.justplaysoftware.com).
EducationShield Library used for the completion of all the projects related to CTC
EEPROMWearLevel EEPROMWearLevel reduces EEPROM wear by writting a new value to an other EEPROM location.
EiMOS Versatile Mahjong Scorer
EiMOS_U8X8 Versatile Mahjong Scorer with U8G2 Displays
ElectronicsEducation Arduino libraries and educational materials for workshop
electuno Electuno library, simulates vintage organ sound type Electone or Hammond.
elk Tiny JavaScript Engine
Elog The ultimate logger for ESP32
EloquentArduino An eloquent interface to common Arduino patterns, data structures and algorithms
EloquentEsp32cam Use your Esp32-cam like an expert
EloquentRTLS RTLS (Real Time Location System) for Arduino and ESP32
EloquentSurveillance Esp32-cam surveillance system, batteries included
EloquentTensorFlowCortexM An eloquent interface to Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers for Cortex-M chipset
EloquentTensorFlow32 An eloquent interface to Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers for ESP32 chipset
EloquentTinyML An eloquent interface to Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers
EloquentVision Image processing datatypes and algorithms for Arduino and Esp32
Eloquent_EdgeImpulse Easy Edge Impulse integration
eloquent_remote Access your ESP32 camera stream from anywhere in the world
Embedded Template Library ETL ETL. A C++ template library tailored for embedded systems.
EmbeddedUtils collections of utility headers for embedded c++
Embedis An Embedded Dictionary Server.
EmotiBit EmojiLib Library to draw Emoji when using EmotiBit with appropriate Feather Wings
EmotiBit XPlat Utils A Utilities Library required for the successfull operation of EmotiBit FeatherWing and EmotiBit Oscilloscope Library
Emulation A comprehensive mocking framework for seamless unit testing in PlatformIO.
EnergyBoard Enables reading polyphase energy-monitor parameters of LVX EnergyBoard
ENGR100-950 UMich ENGR 100-950 Library
ENGR100-980 UMich ENGR 100-980 Library
ERO A library make learning basic robotic easier.
ESPxRGB RGB manipulation functions in Xtensa assembler for ESP SoCs
EscapeAutomate EscapeAutomate Library
Escornabot-lib Escornabot library for Arduino.
Escornabot-Library Librería para Escornabot
ESPAsyncHTTPUpdateServer Simple/Stylized HTTP Update Server for ESPAsyncWebServer(by me-no-dev)
ESPAutoWifi Auto Connect WiFi for ESP32 Board.
EspBootstrap Library helps bring new esp devices online and connected into ecosystem
ESPDateTime Date Time Functions and Classes for ESP8266 and ESP32
ESPFlash Lightweight library that makes SPIFFs usage simple and easy to understand on the ESP8266 and ESP32.
esp-iot-core A framework to implement IoT devices/gateways based on the ESP8266/ESP32 hardware.
ESP Rotary ESP8266/Arduino Library for reading rotary encoder values.
EspSaveCrash Automatically saves exception details and stack trace to flash in case of ESP8266 crash.
ESPSerialFlasher [EXPERIMENTAL] Flash the WiFiNiNa module on your arduino nano 33 iot
ESPStringTemplate Lightweight string templating library for building static web pages on the ESP8266
ESP Telnet ESP8266/ESP32 library that allows you to setup a telnet server.
esp32-flashz ESP32-FlashZ arduino library
ESP32Logger Logger for ESP32 for debugging C++-code
ESP32Logger2 Logger for ESP32 for debugging C++-code
ESP32MotorControl Motor control using ESP32 MCPWM
ESP32_Button ESP32_Button is a specialized library created to facilitate the implementation of ADC/GPIO button functionality on ESP SoCs.
ESP32_Display_Panel ESP32_Display_Panel is an Arduino library designed for ESP SoCs to drive display panels and facilitate rapid GUI development.
ESP32_IO_Expander ESP32_IO_Expander is a library designed for driving IO expander chips using ESP32 SoCs
ESP32_Knob ESP32_Knob is a library designed for driving encoders using ESP SoCs
ESP32_RTC_EEPROM EEPROM emulation that stores in RTC RAM. Survives deep sleep, but not reset or power loss.
ESP32_USB_STREAM ESP32_USB_STREAM is a specialized library created to facilitate the implementation of USB stream functionality on ESP SoCs.
ESP32_VS1053_Stream This is a Arduino IDE library for playing mp3, aac and flac/ogg local files and online streams with a vs1053 decoder.
ESP32softPWM Easily implement software PWM
ESP8266AutoWifi Auto Connect WiFi for ESP8266 Board.
ESP8266RTTTLPlus An RTTTL parsing and playing library.
ESP8266Scheduler ESP8266 Co-operative Multitasking
Eventfun Basic building blocks for event-driven Arduino sketches.
Eventually Event-based programming library for Arduino
EventuallyCommand Trigger Eventually event from a serial command
EventuallyStateMachine Extends Eventually with a state machine
Eventually2 Event-based programming library for Arduino
evo_bsp Evo BSP components
evo_build_template Evo Build Template
ExtFlashLoader Downloads application binary to external flash memory connected to ATSAMD51 MCU and run it.
extendFor Add and subtract from 0 to 10 in 2 steps each.
EzArduino A library that makes coding wtih Arduino easier by providing simple OOP based components
FabGL ESP32 VGA, PAL/NTSC Color Composite, SSD1306 ILI9341 ST7789 Controller, PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Controller, Graphics Library, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Sound Engine, Game Engine and ANSI/VT Terminal
FancyTerminal FancyTerminal - A serial console beautifier
FCWRobot_Model2 The library array that is needed for the FCW Robot Model2.
Finite-State Finite-State Machine (FSM) for Arduino.
FixedString A stack based fixed string class
FlexiPlot Arduino Library Arduino library for FlexiPlot.
fmt Port of the {fmt} library to Arduino
FPGAArcade Replay MKR Vidor 4000 Enables access to FPGAArcade Replay cores on the MKR Vidor 4000.
FTTech Aqualabo Sensors Aqualabo Sensor Library for Arduino, using ArduinoModbus through RS485
FTTech LoRaWAN Arduino IDE Library to make our SAMD51 interface with RAK811 20 pin click easier to use.
FTTech SAMD51 Clicks Arduino IDE Library to make our SAMD51 easier to use.
FTTech Swarm Arduino IDE Library to make our SmartNode Swarm easier to use.
FunctionFsm A library that simplifies the creation of finite state machines and streamlines the process of turning state diagrams into code..
Functional-Vlpp Provides function templates to better support C++ functional programming across platforms.
Functor Callbacks in C++ using template functors.
GadgetBox Enclosure and Universal Hardware for IoT Gadgets.
Gadgetron Libraries Collection of Libraries for the Gadgetron software.
Gamer A library for the DIY Gamer Kit by Technology Will Save Us.
GamerIR Infrared communication library for the DIY Gamer Kit by Tech Will Save Us
GammaCorrectionLib GammaCorrection Library
Geekble_Note2Freq Library for easy convertion of musical note to frequency.
generic-Arduino Generic Arduino Headers, to increase compatibility of code.
GenericMotorDriver Generic library for controlling PWM, brushed DC motor drivers.
Generic-Queue Generic Queue Library for Arduino.
geomath Arduino library with geographic math functions.
Geometry A library for representing where things are in relation to other things in 3D space
GigaAudio An Arduino library to play WAV files on an Arduino Giga R1.
GigaScope A library allowing you to use your Arduino as a basic osciloscope.
GLEE2023 This library is for the Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone mission, which will provide accessible opportunities for students to directly participate in Lunar exploration.
GMSN Pure Digit This library is used to control the GMSN! Pure Digit.
GoWired-lib Common libraries used by GoWired software.
gob_unifiedButton Add touch buttons for CoreS3 / Tough and commonality with conventional buttons (M5.BtnX)
GoogleCalendarClient Google Calendar API for Arduino
GPIOViewer Web Application to view GPIO pins live!
Gravitone Drivers for the Gravitone: a spatial synthesizer.
GyverGFX Fast GFX library for displays and matrixes
GyverPower Library for power management of AVR
GyverWDT Advanced WDT control library for ATmega328p/32U4/2560 & ATtiny85/84/167
HaLake-M5Stack-Library A library to create web server on M5Stack
HeartBeat Arduino library for HeartBeat with frequency and duty cycle.
Heltec_LoRa_OLED_Examples Examples for Heltec boards using main ESP32 libraries
HoldButton Reads the buttons connected to Arduino pins.
HPDL1414-74HC595 An Arduino library for driving HPDL-1414 displays using shift registers
hsmcpp C++ library for Hierarchical State Machines (HSM, FSM)
hueDino Philips Hue library for Arduino.
HuemonelabKit Library for educational arduino kit made by HuemoneLab
HUSB238Driver HUSB238Driver for ESP32
hw262 A library that enables the use of the HW262 shield.
IBot Arduino library for I-Bot camp.
iBotX Arduino library for "i-Bot X" to be used in i-Bot Camp by Robot Club KMITL (Thailand)
iMakeBeta Library for beginner.
I2CScanner I2C Scanner
ICOM 746 CAT Control Simulate an ICOM 746 radio from the CAT point of view.
IniFile Library to read and parse .ini files.
InkyBoard Bibliotheek om gebruik te maken van het InkyBoard van InkyCode
Int64String Convert 64bit integers to strings
InterpolationLib Arduino library that provides interpolation methods step, linear, smooth, catmull spline and constrained spline.
IoAbstraction Treat PCF8574, MCP23017 and Shift registers like pins, matrix keypad, touch screen handler, button press and rotary encoder management (switches) on any supported IO (including DfRobot & Joysticks) with event handling, interchangable AVR/I2C(AT24) EEPROMs.
IoTivity-Lite OCF(Open Connectivity Founcation) core framework
IoTivity-Lite_Arduino-porting OCF(Open Connectivity Founcation) core framework porting to Arduino
IP5306_I2C Library for IP5306 I2C based battery-management SOC for Arduino platform supported boards
JLed An Arduino library to control LEDs
JLedPCA9685-HAL A HAL to drive PCA9685 LEDs with JLed
JBLogger A simple to use logger library for Arduino.
JMAFoundation A library that provide event response for Arduino.
JWT_RS256 A library to check if a JWT RS256 token is valid
Kaa IoT Platform All in one library to communicate with Kaa IoT Platform
KermiteCore_Arduino Kermite firmware library for Arduino and PlatformIO.
keyboardButton Convinient way to map a push-button to a keyboard key. This library utilize the ability of 32u4-based Arduino-compatible boards to emulate USB-keyboard.
keyboard_peripheral_modules A set of general modules for keyboard firmware.
Kinematrix [BETA] Arduino library for beginner.
KnockPatternDetector Can record, save and detect knock patterns in an asynchronous way with many settings.
Koyn A trustless and decentralized Bitcoin library for Arduino compatible boards
laboratorioFW-DIY Biblioteca para uso com a placa Laboratório DIY - Franzininho Wifi.
LEDMatrixDriver A replacement for Arduino's LedControl library for MAX7219
libCBOR A CBOR (RFC 7049) processing library.
libasm Cross assembler and disassembler for retro CPUs
libcli Command Line Interface library
libnapc libnapc implementation.
LinkedListLib LinkedList Library
ListLib List Library
LMI Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) solver for Arduino.
Log Simple but useful macroses for logging. Allow use printf() with Serial for logging.
log4Esp Extendable logging library for ESP8266
log4arduino Lightweight, no-frills logging for Arduino and friends
Low-Power Lightweight power management library
LowPower_LowPowerLab AVR & SAMD power management library
lvglCpp LVGL C++ wrapper.
madflight Flight Controller for ESP32 / RP2040 / STM32
MagStripe Decode data from TTL (raw) magnetic card readers.
MagStripe_ESP32 Decode data from TTL (raw) magnetic card readers on ESP32.
MakerVision Arduino library used by Scratch generated code on http://makervision.io
maqui Library for the maqui sequencer
MaquinitasParams Library of parameters for art devices.
MaquinitasRitmos Library of rhythmic data for art devices.
Marceau This is a library that allows devices to be easily controlled over serial and websockets.
MAX77650-Arduino-Library An Arduino library for the Maxim Power Management Controller MAX77650
mbino Port of mbed OS 2 APIs to the Arduino platform
mc74hc595a A library to use 8-Bit Serial-Input/Serial or Parallel-Output Shift mc74hc595a
MCCI Arduino Development Kit ADK The MCCI XDK ported to Arduino ("Arduino Development Kit").
MCCI Catena Arduino Platform Arduino library for MCCI Catena 44xx, 45xx, 46xx and 48xx systems.
MCP23017_Attiny85 "Library which lets you to control mcp23017 I/O expander simply"
mcu-max An MCU-optimized C-language chess game engine based on micro-Max.
MCUOS An OS simulator for Arduino boards.
MeArm-Robot-Arm Provides inverse kinematics control for all MeArm versions.
MeanFilterLib Mean Filter Library
MedianFilterLib Median Filter Library
MegunoLink Library for storing data in the eeprom, processing serial messages and plotting data with MegunoLink.
Meiro Arduino Meiro library.
MemoryHexDump Arduino Dump memory
MemoryLib Library to manage the storage of INT and LONG variables in EEPROM
MiDispositivoMIDI_V3 Provides functions to control de MiDispositivoMIDI V3 hardware
MicroDebug Arduino debugging support library
micro-ecc uECC
MicroGamer A library for content creation on the Micro:Gamer gaming platform
MicroPOP32 Fast, efficient and minimal POP32 library for Line Follower robot
MicroQt A library that enables event-driven applications on the Arduino platform.
Microcontroller-id Retrieve manufacturer serial number stored inside the microcontroller
MicromationDevboardV3 Library for Micromation Dev Board V3 with ESP32
minbasecli A minimal Command Line Interface C++ library implementation with HAL emphasis to be used in different kind of devices and frameworks.
MiniMP3 Minimal MP3 DFURobotics library for Arduino.
Mirobot This is the library that makes Mirobot (http://mirobot.io) work.
Mock Replace Arduino methods with mocked versions and let you develop code without the hardware. Run parallel hardware and system development for greater efficiency.
MockEEPROM The Arduino library replaces EEPROM library methods with mock methods.
MODI A driver for control MODI on Arduino
MoonPhase Get lunar phase information on a esp32.
MoonRise Calculate moon rise/set times.
MpesaSTK Mpesa Daraja for microcontrollers.
MPG C++ library for processing and converting gamepad inputs, with support for XInput, DirectInput and Nintendo Switch.
MultiTaskLib Storyboard are a series of non blockings tasks that runs in parallel
multiplePinOps An Arduino library to drive multiple pins with the same API.
MusiciansMate An Arduino library that helps you develop your musical IoT devices.
Mutila Mouse's Utilities for Arduino
MyMacros The Arduino library identifies your unique collection of development boards.
my92xx MY9291 and MY9231 LED driver library for Arduino AVR and ESP8266
my_STL A port of uClibc++ Arduino library with (multiple definition of std::nothrow) error fix
MycilaConfig A simple and efficient config library
MycilaEasyDisplay Easy to use Arduino / ESP32 library for SH1106, SH1107, SSD1306 OLED I2C displays, virtual displays and carousels
MycilaHADiscovery Simple and efficient Home Assistant Discovery library for Arduino / ESP32
MycilaJSY Arduino / ESP32 library for the JSY-MK-194T single-phase two-way electric energy metering module
MycilaLogger A simple and efficient logging library
MycilaMQTT A simple and efficient MQTT helper for Arduino / ESP32 based on Espressif MQTT Client
MycilaNTP A simple and efficient NTP library for ESP32 / Arduino
MycilaPZEM004Tv3 Arduino / ESP32 library for the PZEM-004T v3 Power and Energy monitor
MycilaRelay Arduino / ESP32 library to control Electromagnetic and Solid State Relays
MycilaTaskManager Arduino / ESP32 Task Manager Library
MycilaTaskMonitor Arduino / ESP32 library to monitor task priority and stack high watermark
MycilaTrial Arduino / ESP32 library to add a trial duration in your app
NDefs NDefs library, dependency.
NEvents NEvents library for adding event handling.
NanitLib A library for Nanit
nanoFORTH A simple and useful Forth for Nano.
NanoProtoShield Arduino library to interact with the NanoProtoShield hardware.
NoBlockEEPROM Non Blocking EEPROM Library for Arduino
NonBlockingRTTTL Non-blocking Arduino library for playing RTTTL melodies.
Norman Mathematically simulate natural cycles of daylight, temperature, and humidity for remote locations using minimal data sets.
NotasMIDI Library of MIDI notes
NST1001Driver NST1001Driver for ESP32
OneSystemLibrary Arduino library for Delta-Robot One
OpenBehavior OpenBehavior Course on Microcontrollers
Ospom Ospom is FaceBook for your Arduino.
OTAdrive_ESP Official library to use OTAdrive services in ESP8266/ESP32 arduino platform
OtD Library Support library for OtomaDUINO boards
pImpl pImpl Idiom in C++
Pablo A library to run Pablo, an Arduino based drawing machine
Pantalla12x8 Library for graphics on a 12x8 screen on an Arduino R4 WiFi
Parser Arduino Library that helps to parse a char array
Password Handle passwords easily
percent_encode Convert between URL-unsafe string and percent encoded string.
PetriNetLib PetriNet Library
PGMTools PGMTools
PHPoC Expansion PHPoC Expansion library for Arduino
Phant A simple interface to post data to a phant stream.
phyphox BLE Use the app phyphox to visualize your sensor data on your phone or tablet!
PixelGrid Pixelgrid is an arduino based handheld game console.
PlayRtttl Plays RTTTL / RTX melodies/ringtones from FLASH or RAM.
PlotPlus Plotting library compatible with Sloeber IDE and SimPlot
portenta-pro-community-solutions PortentaH7, LoRa and Ethernet Vision Shields and Breakout Board Organized: Robotics, Machine Learning and General Examples
PowerMonitor A Power monitor library
PreMo - Virtual Path Following Adds virtual path following feature to differential drive robots.
printHelpers Arduino library to help formatting data for printing. 64 bit integers (base 10 and 16). Engineering and scientific notation.
Printoo_Library The library for the Printoo modules.
PROGMEMAssert Assert for Arduino that saves RAM by storing assert strings in PROGMEM and prints to Serial.
PROMPLUS A fork of the EEPROM.h library
PropertyChangeLib Property Change Library
PS2KeyAdvanced PS2 keyboard FULL control and ALL keys processing, as well as LED control.
PS2KeyMap PS2 keyboard codes from PS2KeyAdvanced to UTF-8 for any Latin language keyboard.
PS2KeyRaw PS2 keyboard control and raw data receiving
PT2314 Arduino library for PT2314 i2C 4 channel audio processor,
PTW-Arduino-Assert The library Push The World uses for unit testing.
pulseInput Non-blocking alternative to pulseIn
PulseSensor Playground Support at PulseSensor.com
PWFusion_VL53L3C VL53L3C Time of Flight Sensor Library
PwmSin This is an LED lighting library for Arduino.
PyArduinoDebug A library enabling USB-based debugging.
QDispatch Synchronous task library.
qlibs A collection of useful libraries for embedded systems.
QRCode A simple QR code generation library.
QuickMedianLib QuickMedian Library
QuickSortLib QuickSort Library
QZQSM QZSS DC Report Service Decode Library
RADAR Arduino library for a pan tilt radar.
Rdebug The Arduino library provides a unique form of debugging.
ReactESP Asynchronous programming library for the ESP32 and other microcontrollers compatible with the Arduino framework.
React_Generic Asynchronous programming library for the generic microcontrollers compatible with the Arduino framework.
ReactiveArduino ReactiveArduino implements observable-observer pattern on a processor like Arduino
relativity library with relativity functions.
RGB LED Lighting Shield XMC1202 This library provides an interface to communicate with the RGB LED Lighting Shield XMC1202 via I2C interface.
RGBWConverter Hue preserving RGB to RGBW conversion library for Arduino!
rhio-pinmap Macro definitions for compatibility among rhomb.io Master modules
RobbusKidsy Rocket Launcher library of the Robbus Kidsy robot vehicle
Robotec Biblioteca para robotica educativa
roo_collections Memory-conscious collections, supporting flat small hashtables, hash maps, and hash sets.
roo_flags Minimalistic library for run-time configuration flags.
roo_logging Logging library, targeted at ESP32 and related boards.
Rotary ESP8266/Arduino Library for reading rotary encoder values.
RPM RPM sensor library for Arduino.
Rtttl A library that plays Rtttl melodies
runner A kind of shell for Arduino.
sarmfsw sarmfsw
Scheduler Allows multiple tasks to run at the same time, without interrupting each other. For Arduino sam and samd architectures only (Due, Zero...).
Seeed Arduino Sketchbook Wio Terminal and Other Seeed Demos
Seeed Arduino SSCMA Arduino library for SSCMA-Mirco Device
Sensirion UPT Core Library for definitions and configurations used by other Sensirion Unified Prototyping Toolkit (UPT) libraries.
Serial Controlled Motor Driver Use this to command the SCMD and connected chain.
SerialToWifi Drop-in replacement for the Serial Arduino library that manages i/o to a remote console over wifi on ESP32.
Series It's like a task list.
Si4703 Basic functionality of the Si4703 FM tuner chip.
SiderealObjects A library for providing basic astronomy related object tables.
SiderealPlanets A library for providing basic astronomy related functions.
Signature Processing AVR microcontrollers signature
SiguesAhi [ALPHA] Library for building instruments that check if institutions still exist.
SIMON Arduino library to build the "Simon says" game or a digital lock.
SimpleCollections An associative container used either as a list or btree without needing std lib, and a concurrent circular buffer. Works from AVR/Uno upwards to ESP32, mbed etc
Simple-Hydroponics-Arduino Hydruino: Simple automation controller for hydroponic grow systems.
Simple-SolarTracker-Arduino Helioduino: Simple automation controller for solar tracking systems.
SimpleStepper Simple library for controlling unipolar and bipolar steppers
SimpleTaskManager SimpleTaskManager - simple task dispatcher for Arduino based devices with limited memory.
SingleEMAFilterLib SingleEMAFilter Library
Sleepy Pi 2 Arduino Library for Sleepy Pi 2 Raspberry Pi HAT
slight_mapping simple range mapping helper
slight_PlainTime basic time formating
SmallSetup Optimize the Arduino setup routines.
SolarCalculator A library inspired by the NOAA Solar Calculator.
Soldered MCP4018 Digipot Library Arduino library for MCP4018 Digital potentiometer breakout board.
SparkFun APDS-9301 Lux Sensor Broadcom APDS-9301 Lux Sensor.
SparkFun ATSHA204 Library Library for the ATSHA204 IC.
SparkFun AVR ISP Programming Library A low level library to allow you to program AVR ISP devices from another device
SparkFun Qwiic Digital Capacitor Arduino Library A library to get and set the capacitance of the NCD2400M digital capacitor in both volatile and non-volatile memory.
SparkFun Toolkit A utility library that other SparkFun libraries can take advantage of.
SparkFun TPA2016D2 Arduino Library Library for the TPA2016D2 Stereo Class D Amp
SparkFun WM8960 Arduino Library Library for the WM8960 Codec Breakout Board
SPIFFSIniFile Library to read and parse .ini files on ESP8266 and ESP32 platforms
SPIFFS_FilePrint Lightweight library for rolling file print. It logs to SPIFFS.
StateMachineLib StateMachine Library
StateSpaceControl A library for state space feedback control on on Arduino
Stator For managing states of your variables
STMSpeeduino A library with faster commands for STM32H747
STM32ad9833 Arduino STM32 library for Analog Devices ad9833 DDS module
STM32duino Examples Provides several examples for the Arduino core for STM32 MCUs.
STM32duino FP_Examples Provides several Function Packs that combine the usage of several X-NUCLEO boards
STM32encoder Arduino library for the management of rotary encoders with STM32
STM32mcp4151 Arduino STM32 library for microchip mcp 4151 digital potentiometer
StopwatchLib Stopwatch Library
StoryBoardLib Storyboard are a series of non blockings tasks that runs sequencially
StreamLib BufferedPrint stream for efficient networking. ChunkedPrint for HTTP chunked encoding. ChunkedStreamReader for HTTP chunked decoding. CStringBuilder builds a c-string with Print class methods. StringReadStream to wrap string as Stream. And printf() function with formatting string from F macro.
StreamUtils 💪 Power-ups for Arduino streams
SunRise Calculate sun rise/set times.
SwitchLib An Arduino Library for handling tactile switches...or anything else.
SyncWaveformsLib Arduino SyncWaveforms implements timed functions that runs synchronously
Tago ESP32 Tago ESP32 library
Talk2 Library for the Talk2 Boards.
Talking_Display A library to output date, time and sensor values as speech.
TapCode An Arduino library to interpret 'tap code' sent with a single button.
TaskManagerIO Task manager for Arduino and mbed with marshalled interrupts, first class support for events and timed execution. Thread safe for RTOS use.
Taskfun Preemptive multitasking for Arduino AVR and SAMD21
Tasks A library that handles ongoing tasks.
tcMenu Menu library for Arduino with IoT capabilities that supports many input and display devices with a designer UI, code generator, CLI, and strong remote control capability.
tcUnicodeHelper Adds tcUnicode UTF-8 support to Adafruit_GFX, U8G2, tcMenu, and TFT_eSPI graphics libraries with a graphical font creation utility available. Works with existing libraries
tflm_cortexm TensorFlow for ARM Cortex-M
tflm_esp32 TensorFlow for ESP32
Thread Simplest kernel for multythreading.
ThresholdLib Threshold Library
TimedBlink An object oriented library for asynchrnous programmable LED blinking
TimeoutTaskLib TimeoutTask Library
TinkerController TinkerController allows you to use Gaming Controllers with your Arduino/ESP IOT devices.
TinyCBOR Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) Library
TinyGuixhe An eloquent interface to guixhe-main Lite for Microcontrollers
TinyMenu A Tiny Menu for SuperPico-Compactible Boards (RP2040), based on TFT_eSPI
TinyTrainable Library to build media arts instruments with tiny machine learning.
tinyhal Tiny platform hardware abstraction layer
tinyml4all Companion library for the book
TonePitch Real accurate list of music notes with tone variants for Arduino.
TonePlayer A library for playing melody in background process using the builtin tone() function.
toolbox Collection of common utilities and functions.
Tools.Easy This library contains some useful macro definitions that can help you program
TOTP library Library to generate Time-based One-Time Passwords
TriangleSolverLib Library that implements functions to solve triangles. Usefull for articulated machines
TridentTD_EasyFreeRTOS32 A library for ESP32's FreeRTOS in the easy way
TrimWright UML State Machines for Arduino
TunePlayer A library to decode and play simple tunes.
uCOS-III_Due MicroC/OS-III 3.08.01 for ARM Cortex M3.
uMT Micro Multi Tasker specifically designed for ARDUINO UNO, MEGA and DUE boards.
uMulti Cooperative multitasking for the AVR line of microcontrollers.
Ubidots Arduino YUN Ubidots library for the Arduino YUN
Ubidots MQTT for ESP8266 Library for sending data to the Ubidots cloud using ESP8266 based systems
UKESF Sixth-Formers Examples and libraries for the UKESF sixth-formers guide to the Grove Beginner kit for Arduino.
ULWOS2 ULWOS2 - An Ultra LightWeight Operating System
UMS3 Helper Helper library for UnexpectedMaker S3 boards
unit-system Si unit types for C++
UniversalTransmitter Customizable Teensy/Arduino handheld controller for RC projects
USBControllerLib Arduino library for communication between USB controller and Arduino.
USB Host Shield Library 2.0 Revision 2.0 of MAX3421E-based USB Host Shield Library.
Utilities A library that makes using Arduino a breeze.
Utils Utility functions and macros to print with arguments
vdp-gl Fork of FabGL 1.0.8 customized for agon-vdp.
Vector datatype Library for 3d vectors and quaternions
Voltage Reference Arduino voltage reference library
Wasm3 The fastest WebAssembly interpreter (and the most universal runtime)
Watchy Watchy - An Open Source E-Paper Watch by SQFMI
WeatherFlowAPI Easy access to network WeatherFlow data.
WebTerminal View Serial output in web browser
Web3JBC Web3/Smart Contract for JBC Chain
WiFiEsp Arduino WiFi library for ESP8266
WiFi101OTA Update sketches on your board over WiFi
WiThrottle JMRI WiThrottle Protocol implementation
WiThrottleProtocol JMRI WiThrottle Protocol implementation for ESP32
WifiLocation Library to get geographic position (lat, lon, accuracy), without GPS, by listening surrounding WiFi networks (Works with ESP8266 and ESP32 boards)
Witty Witty Support Library
WMM_Tinier An adaptation of the miniwinwm/WMM_Tiny code for calculating magnetic variation.
WolkConnect Arduino library which provides easy connectivity to WolkAbout IoT Platform.
wordwrap An Arduino word wrap library.
WrapperFreeRTOS C++ FreeRTOS Wrapper.
XLR8AddrPack Arduino header file defining addresses common to the XLR8 family.
YAAWS Yet Another Arduino Web Server
YACL Yet Another CBOR Library.
Yaesu FT857D CAT Simulate a Yaesu FT-857D radio from the CAT point of view.
YASM Easy finite state machine creation and management library
yatest Yet another unit testing framework for Arduino libraries and projects.
Z80 A Z80 CPU implementation for the Arduino Mega.