Signal Input/Output

A list of the 258 libraries in the category Signal Input/Output.

AceButton An adjustable, compact, event-driven button library that handles debouncing and dispatches events to a user-defined event handler.
ACS712 ACS712 library for Arduino.
AD524X Arduino Library for AD524X
AD57X4R Provides an SPI based interface to the AD5724R, AD5734R, and the AD5754R Quad 12-/14-/16-Bit Unipolar/Bipolar Voltage Output DACs.
AD7390 DAC library Arduino library for the AD7390 digital to analog converter (DAC)
AD985X Arduino library for AD9850 and AD9851 function generators. Supports both hardware SPI as software SPI.
Adafruit ADS1X15 Arduino library for ADS1015/1115 ADCs.
Adafruit AM radio library Arduino library for AM radio on samd21 microcontroller
Adafruit BD3491FS Arduino library for the BD3491FS Sound Processor in the Adafruit shop
Adafruit BusIO This is a library for abstracting away UART, I2C and SPI interfacing
Adafruit composite video Library Arduino library for composite video on samd21 microcontroller
Adafruit Keypad Diode-multiplexed keypad support for Arduino
Adafruit MCP23008 library Arduino Library for the MCP23008 (and '9) I2C I/O expander
Adafruit MCP23017 Arduino Library Library for the MCP23017 I2C Port Expander
Adafruit MCP3008 MCP3008 8-Channel 10-Bit ADC
Adafruit MCP4725 MCP4725 12-bit I2C DAC
Adafruit Zero DMA Library DMA helper/wrapped for ATSAMD21 such as Arduino Zero & Feather M0
Adafruit Zero FFT Library FFT library for Arduino Zero / Adafruit Feather M0 (SAMD21 processor).
Adafruit Zero I2S Library I2S audio playback library for the Arduino Zero / Adafruit M0 (SAMD21 processor) and M4 (SAMD51) boards
Adafruit Zero PDM Library PDM Microphone Input library for Arduino Zero / Adafruit Feather M0 (SAMD21 processor).
AdagioPro Controls Adagio RGB Poollights over RS-485
Adaino An Analog Data Acquisition library for Arduino and IoT.
ADC_SAmpler Enable analog sequencer with timer on SAM3x DUE
ADC_SEQR Enable analog sequencer on SAM3x DUE
ADS1110 ADS1110 Driver (16-BIT ADC with Onboard Reference, PGA and I2C Interface)
ADS1115_WE A library for the ADS1115 ADC
ADS1118 library Arduino library for TI ADS1118 (16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Internal Reference and Temperature Sensor).
ADS1219 ADS1219 24 bit ADC
analogComp Set and manage the integrated analog comparator
Analog-Digital Multiplexers Arduino library for controlling analog/digital multiplexers (A/D mux).
AnalogIO-Arduino This library allows to read a value from an analog input like an potentiometer, or from a digital input like an encoder. Moreover, allows to write it on digital output, exactly on PWM pin.
AnalogMultiButton An Arduino library to capture button presses on multiple buttons through a single analog pin.
AnalogPin Arduino Library for AnalogPin
AnalogTouch AnalogTouch library for Arduino
Anyleaf Driver for the AnyLeaf pH and RTD sensors.
ArduMax AD5241 Driver Driver for Analog Devices AD5241/2 and AD5280/2 digital potentiometers.
ArduMax MCP41xxx Driver Driver for Microchip MCP41xxx/42xxx digital potentiometers and MCP43xxx/44xxx digital rheostats.
ArduinoLearningKitStarter Library for the ArduinoLearningKitStarter (ALKS) board by RoboticsBrno with definition of pins and initialization of peripheries.
ArduinoMotorCarrier Allows to use the Arduino Motor Carrier
AsyncAnalog Arduino Library for async reading of an analog pin
Audio Allows playing audio files from an SD card. For Arduino DUE only.
Audio - Adafruit Fork Adafruit SAMD51 port of Teensy Audio Library - Flexible, High Quality Audio Processing
AudioZero Allows playing audio files from an SD card. For Arduino Zero and MKR1000 only.
AutoAnalogAudio Automated analog reads and analog output (streaming) using Arduino DAC(or PWM), ADC, DMA and Timers
AutoPID Automatic PID controller
avdweb_AnalogReadFast Fast analogRead 10/12 bit ADC for the Arduino Zero and Uno
AxisJoystick The Library implements a set of methods for working with an axis joystick controller.
BlinkCode Library Asynchronous BlinkCode library for indicating flash fault codes.
Bounce2 Debouncing library for Arduino and Wiring.
Button Button is a tiny library to make reading buttons very simple.
Button-Arduino This library allows to manage a button.
ButtonKing Arduino libary for improving the usage of a singe input button.
ButtonSuite A set of classes for using a momentary buttons as momentary buttons, latching buttons, counters, and enumerators.
CaptureTimer Arduino Input Capture Library
Computherm RF Library Arduino library for Computherm Q8RF thermostat.
Controlino A library for using direct or multiplexed input controls easily.
CurrentTransformerWithCallbacks Coil, Current Transformer (CT) based AC current measurements using fast ADC sampling of waveform
CuteBuzzerSounds Simple and Cute Robot Sounds
DAC7611 A library that makes interfacing the DAC7611p a breeze.
DaisyDuino Arduino library for the Daisy audio platform.
DDS Generate sinusoids on AVR-based Arduinos at varying frequencies. Requires an analog low-pass filter.
DebounceEvent Simple push button and toggle switch debounce library that reports number of clicks and length
DFRobot_ESP_EC_BY_GREENPONIK Update from DFROBOT library for ESP32 compatibility
DFRobot_ESP_PH_WITH_ADC_BY_GREENPONIK Update from DFROBOT library for ESP32+ADC compatibility
Dimmer class for ATmega32U4 Easy use of 10/12 bit PWM outputs on ATmega32U4 for dimmer applications.
Dimmer class for SAMD21 Easy use of PWM outputs on SAMD21 for dimmer applications.
DmtrPots Potentiometer library for Arduino / Teensy.
DUE_schmitt Enable SAM3x DUE IO Schmitt trigguer
eBtn A library to handle Buttons based on events.
EButton A compact, simple-to-use, reliable and powerful event-driven button library, with proper debouncing and fine grained event structure.
EasyButton Arduino library for debouncing momentary contact switches, detect press, release, long press and sequences with event definitions and callbacks.
EasyButtonAtInt01 Small and easy to use Arduino library for using push buttons at INT0/pin2 and / or INT1/pin3 using interrupts.Functions for long and double press detection are included.Just connect buttons between ground and pin 2 or 3 of your Arduino - that's itNo call of begin() or polling function like update() required. No blocking debouncing delay.
EasyBuzzer EasyBuzzer Library
Embedded Type-C PID PID controller (Type-C) with a flexible API and errors handling.
EnableInterrupt Assign an interrupt to any supported pin on all Arduinos, plus ATtiny 84/85 and ATmega 644/1284.
Encoder Counts quadrature pulses from rotary & linear position encoders.
EnergyMeter Arduino library to get data from energy meters in order to monitor them.
ESPiLight pilight 433.92 MHz protocols library for Arduino
EspSoftwareSerial Implementation of the Arduino software serial for ESP8266/ESP32.
ESP32AnalogRead Load the ESP32 ADC calibration data and use it to read from the ADC.
ESP32 AnalogWrite ESP32 Polyfill for analogWrite functions
ESP8266Audio Audio file and I2S sound playing routines.
ezButton Button library for Arduino
ezOutput Output library for Arduino
FadeLed Makes fading LEDs easy
FastGPIO Faster general-purpose I/O
FastPID A PID controlled implemented using fixed-point arithmetic.
FastShiftIn Arduino library for (AVR) optimized shiftIn - e.g. for 74HC165
FastShiftOut Arduino library for (AVR) optimized shiftOut - e.g. 74HC595
FlightSimOutputs Library for easy handling of digital outputs on Multi Output card.
FlightSimSwitches Library for easy handling of Switches and Buttons in X-Plane with PJRC's Teensy
Formulinha Formulinha Robot Library
FreqCount FreqCount measures the frequency of a signal by counting the number of pulses during a fixed time.
FreqMeasure FreqMeasure measures the elapsed time during each cycle of an input frequency.
FrequencyDetector Measure frequency of analog captured signal connected to an Arduino and check for noise and mute.
FTDebouncer An efficient, low footprint, fast pin debouncing library for Arduino
GAMMA Arduino Library for the GAMMA function
Gemelon Pushbutton Arduino library to debounce a pushbutton.
GroveDriverPack GroveDriverPack
HalfStepper An Arduino library to enable half-stepping and single/dual phasing for step motors.
HT16K33 Arduino Library for HT16K33
HV518 Arduino library to control Microchip HV518
HX711 Arduino library for HX711 loadcell amplifier
iBit_Arduino A control library for iBit Board.
iKB1_Arduino A control library for IKB-1 Extension I/O Board.
IRsmallDecoder Allows the reception and decoding of infrared signals from remote controls.
I2CKeyPad Arduino libray for 4x4 KeyPad connected to a PCF8574
I2cDiscreteIoExpander Arduino library for the Texas Instruments PCF8575C 16-bit I2C I/O expander.
i2c_adc_ads7828 Arduino library for the Texas Instruments ADS7828 12-bit, 8-channel I2C A/D converter.
Indio Library for the Industruino IND.I/O product
Infrared An object oriented library for sending, receiving, generating, and decoding IR signals on the Arduino.
InputDebounce Simple polling input debounce Arduino library.
IRLremote Lightweight Infrared library for Arduino
IRRemoteControl A lightweight library for send/receive infra-red signal.
IRMP Receive and send infrared signals.
Itty Bitty With the fastest possible Arduino-compatible GPIO and register manipulation...It's the biggest of hits when you need to bang bits!
JC_Button Arduino library to debounce button switches, detect presses, releases, and long presses.
jm_CPPM A CPPM Library for Arduino.
K1200 Library for the Velleman K1200 watch.
KeyDetector A library for detecting state change on analog and digital pins.
LedBlinky Allows an Arduino/Genuino board to control the builtin led and external leds.
LED Dithering Adjustable LED brightness on every IO pin with software-controlled blinking
LitSwitch A special library for an LED/momentary switch hardware combination.
Lixie Allows for easy writing to Lixie Digit displays!
Lixie II Library for controlling Lixie II displays!
LogansGreatButton An all in one, easy to use, powerful, self contained button library so you can focus on your other code! Includes Debouncing, Avoids Delays, multiclicks and allows you to decide what happens at the beginning and end of Short, Long, Hold and Shifts so you can create a intuative and responsive experience.
LTC1392 library Arduino library for the LTC1392 Micropower Temperature, Power Supply and Differential Voltage Monitor
M10ADC ADC library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10CODEC CODEC library for the Si3000 CODEC on PulseRain M10 board.
M10DTMF DTMF library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10ESP8266 library for ESP8266 shield.
M10Examples Examples for PulseRain M10 board.
M10I2C I2C library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10JTAG JTAG UART library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10LCD Library for LCD Interface
M10PS2 Library for PS2 Interface
M10PWM PWM library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10SD microSD library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10SerialAUX Auxiliary Serial port library for PulseRain M10 board.
M10SevenSeg Library for Seven Segment Display
M10SRAM SRAM (Microchip 23LC1024) library for PulseRain M10 board.
MCP23017 MCP23017 I2C Port expander library.
MCP23017_RT Arduino library for I2C MCP23017 16 channel port expander 16 IO-lines
MCP23017_WE A library for the MCP23017 portexpander
MCP3202 Used to interface the 12 bit ADC MCP3202 by Microchip.
MCP3221 MCP3221 Driver (12-bit ADC with hardware I2C Interface)
MCP48xx DAC Library A library to control the MCP48xx family of SPI digital to analog converters (DACs).
MD_AButton Library for multiple switches on one analog input.
MD_KeySwitch Library for digital switches.
MD_SN76489 Library for SN76489 sound generator.
MD_UISwitch Library for Uinversal User Interface Switches.
MD_YM2413 Library for Yamaha YM2413 sound synthesizer.
MicroTone low-flash high-performance pulse train library with attiny13
miniDAC Library for Arduino miniDAC module by Tamojit Saha and Sandeepan Sengupta.
MjGrove MjGrove
MKRMotorCarrier Allows to use the MKR Motor Carrier
MobaLedLib Arduino library for driving up to 768 LEDs, signals, sound modules or other actuators via one signal line on a model railway.
ModernPIDControlSS Modern PID Control Architecture and CPLMFC Tuning
MOVI Voice Dialog Shield This is the Arduino library for the MOVI(tm) Voice Dialog Shield.
MSGEQ7 Library for Musicvisualization with MSGEQ7
MultiButton Reliable detection of single, double and long clicks.
MusicBuzzer A Collection of musics for buzzer
MusicWithoutDelay A library to play multiple musical notes at the same time without Delay.
Nintendo Connect all your favourite Nintendo Controllers to your Arduino.
Notched Shaft Encoder Monitor the postion and clickable button status from a Notched Shaft Encoder
ObjectButton An Arduino library for detecting button actions.
OneButton Arduino library for improving the usage of a singe input button.
OptoDebounce 100Hz opto debouncer.
P1AM P1AM-100 CPU library
PCA9505_06 Library Library for the 40bit PCA9505/06 I2C Port Expander
PCA9536 PCA9536 Driver (4-Channel GPIO I2C Expander)
PCA9634 library A library for the PCA9634 8-bit Fm+ I2C-bus LED driver.
PCA9635 Arduino library for PCA9635 I2C LED driver
PCA9685_RT Arduino library for I2C PCA9685 16 channel PWM
PCF8574 Arduino library for PCF8574 - I2C IO expander
PCF8575 Arduino library for PCF8575 - 16 channel I2C IO expander
PCF8591 PCF8591 library for Arduino.
PciManager This library helps you manage Pin Change Interrupts: subscribe and receive change events.
PCM Playback of short audio samples.
PID PID controller
Pin An easy to use Arduino library for fast and simultaneous operations on Arduino I/O pins.
PinChangeInterrupt A simple & compact PinChangeInterrupt library for Arduino.
PinExtender Library Library for Pin Extention
PIO8255 Arduino library for using intel 8255 CMOSes.
Plaquette An object-oriented library for creative physical computing.
Plex64 A library for the Plex64 analog input multiplexer shield.
Polymorphic Buttons A simple library to make multifunction buttons.
PPMEncoder A library to encode/generate a PPM signal for controlling RC Cars, etc...
PS2Keyboard Use a PS/2 Keyboard for input
PulsePattern Library to generate repeating pulse patterns. (AVR only)
PulsePosition Send and receive multiple high resolution PPM encoded signal streams.
PulseRainUARTConsole Arduino Library for UART Console
PushButton Event Modelling Library PushButton events modelling library
Pushbutton Pushbutton library for Arduino
QDEC High-efficiency, state-machine based quadrature decoder.
r89m Buttons A library that makes working with buttons simple.
r89m CapacitiveButton Handle CapacitiveButtons, powered by the CapacitiveSensor library
r89m MPR121Button Handle MPR121Buttons, powered by Adafruit's MPR121 library
r89m PushButton Handle PushButtons, debounced using the Bounce2 library.
RadioengeLoraWAN Implementation of RadioengeLoraWAN AT-COMMANDS..
RBD_Button Read and debounce buttons and switches.
RCLSwitch Compact version of RC Switch
ResponsiveAnalogRead Arduino library for eliminating noise in analogRead inputs without decreasing responsiveness
RGB This library for Arduino allows you to control RGB led.
RGB_LED A library that manage 4 legs rgb leds colour and light duration.
Romans Audio FastDigitalPin Library Arduino lib for fast digital reads and writes.
RotaryEncoder Use a rotary encoder with quadrature pulses as an input device.
SAMD21 Audio Player Simple audio player for SAMD21-based Arduinos
SAMD21 turbo PWM Fast-PWM library for SAMD21G-based Arduinos
Sensor A simple Arduino Sensor/map wrapper
SensorToButton An algorithm to convert analog Data into a Button.
SeqButton Sequential Button Arduino Library
ServoInput Read positional data from servo motors and drivers.
ShiftRegister-PWM-Library Makes shift register pins PWM capable.
SimpleExpressions Make you Robots cute and noisy
Simple Repository IO A simple IO controller
slight_ButtonInput Event based button input.
slight_RotaryEncoder Event based rotary ecnoder input.
SmartButton Library Asynchronous SmartButton library for handling various button events.
SmoothADC Get ADC to return averaged values.
SN76489 sn76489 arduino library.
Sodaq_PcInt An Arduino library to deal with PCINT (Pin Change Interrupts)
SoftPWM A software library to produce a 50 percent duty cycle PWM signal on arbitrary pins.
SoundPlayer Allows Arduino Boards to play 8-bit sounds recorded at 40kHz sampling frequency.
SparkFun AD5330 Libraries for the AD5330 8-bit DAC
SparkFun ADS1015 Arduino Library Library for the ADS1015 ADC to I2C converter used on the SparkFun Qwiic 12-bit ADC and Flex Glove Controller.
SparkFun MiniGen SparkFun MiniGen library allows the user to generate sine, square, or triangle waves at up to 3MHz, and approximately 1Vp-p.
SparkFun TLC5940 Library for the TLC5940 IC.
SparkFun VKey Arduino Library Arduino Library for interfacing the SparkFun VKey Voltage Keypad.
SPI-DAC7611 A library that interfaces with the DAC7611 using the standard SPI library.
Step_CYC10_I2C Library for the I2C Soft Controller on Step CYC10 FPGA board
Step_CYC10_Seven_Seg_Display Library for the 7-segment display on Step CYC10 FPGA board
Switch Arduino library for deglitching and debouncing switches and buttons.
SX1509 IO Expander Arduino library and hardware files for the SX1509 IO Expander Breakout board.
TVout A library for generating PAL or NTSC video output with an AVR.
Talkie Speech library for Arduino.
Teensy_3X_Multipurpose_Board Library to interface with Teensy 3.X breakout board (PCB gerber and Eagle project files included!)
Throttle Just like Debounce but faster
TinyWireM I2C library for Trinket and Gemma, adapted from BroHogan's code on Arduino Playground
Tlc5940 Use the Texas Instruments TLC5940 16-channel LED Driver
TN_SwitchState A library to manage switch state transitions.
Tone A software digital square wave tone generation library.
toneAC Replacement to the standard tone library with many advantages
ToneLibrary This is an Arduino Library to produce a tone on any Arduino pin.
Tsunami Library for interfacing with the Tsunami's hardware peripherals.
vbus-arduino Allows arduino to read data from some vbus compatible controllers.
Volume Gives tone functionality with 8 bit volume control with no extra parts
Volume 3 Gives tone functionality with 10-bit volume control with no extra parts!
Volume2 Gives tone() functionality with multiple waveforms and 8-bit volume control - with no extra parts!
weight Library of weight conversion functions
wm8978-esp32 An esp32 library for the wm8978 dac.
WTV020SD16P Arduino library for the WTV020-SD-16P sound module
XLR8ADC Arduino library to take advantage of XLR8 ADC performance.
XLR8SPI Library to use SPI interfaces through SPI XBs.
Yet Another Arduino PcInt Library A library to support Pin Change Interruptions (PCINT) on AVR Arduinos
YK04_Module Library for working with a remote control sensors based on the YK04 driver.
ZMotor2 Library Library for a board called Motor2
ZMotor3Library Library for a board called Motor3