Arduino library for driving up to 768 LEDs, signals, sound modules or other actuators via one signal line on a model railway.

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LGPL 2.1
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<b>New: New: Faster uploading to Arduino / Fast Bootloader prog. / Day & Night Timer / Mainboard HW Tests / 64 Time entries in Pattern_Config / several new (LED) functions / Support for MB Ver. 1.7 / Bug fixes <b /><li><b>Excel user interface to configure the LEDs without programming at all improved by the engagement of Pattern_Configurator and Program_Generator!<br /></b><li>On the basis of WS2811 / WS2812 devices (<b>RGB LEDs</b>), many different effects can easily be controlled via <b>one wire</b>:<ul><li><b>Animated lighting effects:</b> animated house, soft blending light signals and crossing lights, traffic lights, flashing vehicle lights, construction site security lights, street lamps, funfair effects, disco, photo flash, ...</li><li><b>Sounds:</b> 1 Eu sound modules could generate: station announcements, railroad noises, animal sounds, ...</li><li><b>Movements</b> With additional hardware servo or stepper motors could be controlled in the same way.</li></ul><b>Easy cabling:</b> For a model railway the simple wiring is very important. A single 4-pin ribbon cable can supply all consumers on the layout. With multiple plug strips, the LEDs can be flexibly arranged.<br /><br />Thanks to <b>many examples</b>, no programming knowledge is necessary. Anyone who can operate a text editor is able to adapt these examples to the individual circumstances.<br /><br /><b>Other features:</b> very low cost, configurable animation sequences, high update rate, reading of 80 and more switches, logical operations, automatic and manual operation (light dependent, timed, CAN bus, random)...<br /><br /><b>Hardware:</b> The "extras" directory contains schematics and printed circuit boards for this library.<br /><br />This project would not have been possible without the <b>fantastic FastLED</b> library. => Thank you Daniel & Mark<br />


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