This library allows you to read MQ sensors very easily and there is separate support in Radioactive kits such as Geiger Counter.

Library Type
avr, esp8266, esp32-s2, esp32

This library reads MQ sensors datasheet [MQ-2 , MQ-3 , MQ-4, MQ-5, MQ-6, MQ7, MQ-8 MQ-9, MQ-131, MQ-135, MQ-136, MQ- 303A, MQ-309A] can do analog reading of datasheet reading, offers you ready calibration values ​​besides the environment where you can calibrate your gas sensors, unlike other libraries. Also, without installing any sensor, how many k resistors would you want to use if you had only sensor and what value would it be if your sensor had an analog reading of 0-100? You can calibrate by answering the question. Also There is separate support for External Gas sensors. It calculates a and b (x, x0, y, y0) values ​​for you. (and Also Allows calculating a and b values ​​without using a sensor, calculating percent caliber (different method) with python language) It also shows you the percentage of the environment while calibrating your external sensor to the environment. You can also use this feature to see the sensor percentage. It also supports (Radioactivity) Geiger Counter models, apart from Gas Sensors, and calculates usv/hr, Avg , sdCPM and CPM count values ​​at (your custom defined like 30) second intervals.


Filename Release Date File Size 2023-08-29 68.15 KiB 2023-08-15 58.21 KiB 2023-08-14 58.24 KiB 50.35 KiB