Patterns for NeoPixel strips and matrixes including the patterns of the NeoPattern Example by Adafruit.

Armin Joachimsmeyer
GPL 3.0
Library Type
avr, megaAVR, esp8266, esp32, STM32

Patterns from Adafruit are: <ul><li>SCANNER</li><li>STRIPES</li><li>DELAY</li><li>PROCESS_SELECTIVE</li><li>FADE_SELECTIVE</li></ul>The original SCANNER pattern is extended and includes the CYLON as well as the ROCKET or FALLING_STAR pattern. The more versatile STRIPES pattern replaces the old THEATER_CHASE one.<br/><br/>NeoPixel-Matrix pattern are:<ul><li>MOVING_PICTURE</li><li>MOVE</li><li>TICKER</li><li>FIRE</li><li>SNAKE</li></ul><br/>The SNAKE pattern is an implementation of the Snake game and can be played with 2 or 4 buttons attached to the Arduino.<br/>The SnakeAutorun example will start your own code provided in the function getNextSnakeDirection() to solve the Snake game.<br/>Includes an <b>OpenLedRace</b> example for 2 players.<br/><br/>The extras folder contains sample breadboard pictures as well as a Python script, which enables Snake to be played by PC keyboard or game controller.<br/>YouTube demos are available under <a href=""></a>.<br/><br/>To test your own pattern, just add your pattern code to the functions UserPattern\[1,2]() and UserPattern\[1,2]Update() in AllPatternOnOneStrip.cpp to see the patterns. Enable TEST_USER_PATTERNS on line 41 to activate them.<br/>


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