Enables smooth servo movement. Linear as well as other (Cubic, Circular, Bounce, etc.) ease movements for servos are provided. The Arduino Servo library or PCA9685 servo expanders are supported.

Armin Joachimsmeyer
Device Control
GPL 3.0
Library Type
avr, megaAVR, esp8266, esp32, STM32, stm32, stm32duino, sam, samd, apollo3

Just use <b>myServo.easeTo()</b> instead of <b>myServo.write()</b> and you have smooth servo movement.<br/><b>Non blocking</b> movement for all servos attached to the Arduino Servo library is implemented by reusing the interrupts of the Arduino servo timer.<br/><b>All servos can move synchronized.</b><br/><br/>Includes the following <b>easing functions</b>:<ul><li><b>Linear</b>, <b>Quadratic</b>, <b>Cubic</b> and <b>Quartic</b></li><li><b>Sine</b>, <b>Circular</b>, <b>Back</b>, <b>Elastic</b> and <b>Bounce</b></li><li><b>User defined</b></li></ul>Each function supports the <b>easing types</b> <b>In</b>, <b>Out</b>, <b>InOut</b> and <b>BouncingOutIn</b><br/>Trim and reverse operations are supported as well as continuous rotating servos.<br/><br/><b>Requests for enhancements are welcome!</b><br/><br/><b>New:<b>Support of Uno WiFi Rev 2 and Nano Every<br/>


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