SparkFun External EEPROM Arduino Library

Library for I2C Communication with external EEPROMs

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A library for the advanced control of any I2C based EEPROM. This library writes extremely fast and automatically handles the writing of pages to make the entire EEPROM act as one large writable block. Automatically reads and writes ints, floats, arrays, and structs. Automatically detected EEPROM specs including memory size, page size, address bytes, and write times. Works with all EEPROMs including very large >512kbit EEPROMs and any Wire port (Wire1, etc). Use with <a href="">Qwiic EEPROM</a> to make it easy to read and write cal data and other user settings. Configurable I2C buffer size increases throughput up to 30kB/s. Includes an example that reads binary file from SD and auto writes/verifies to EEPROM. Tested with 24LC00, 24LC01B, 24AA02, 24LC04B, 24LC16BH, 24LC32A, 24LC256, CAT24C512, 24LC1025, and 24LC1026.


Filename Release Date File Size 2023-07-29 35.23 KiB 2023-07-05 33.76 KiB 2023-07-04 33.33 KiB 2023-06-24 27.42 KiB 2023-05-13 25.36 KiB 2022-11-21 25.05 KiB 2022-11-20 24.96 KiB 2022-11-09 24.95 KiB 2022-11-04 24.90 KiB 2022-09-10 24.80 KiB 2022-01-14 24.74 KiB 2022-01-07 24.71 KiB 2021-02-12 24.54 KiB 2021-02-08 24.49 KiB 2021-01-05 24.46 KiB 2020-12-29 24.41 KiB 2020-03-26 20.28 KiB 2019-12-12 19.99 KiB