Apache 2.0

A list of the 226 libraries that are licensed with the Apache 2.0 license.

Adafruit MLX90640 Arduino library for the MLX90640 sensors in the Adafruit shop
Adafruit Sensor Calibration Calibration helper for various Arduino compatibles
Adafruit TensorFlow Lite This is a library to abstract away TensorFlow Lite for Adafruit/Arcada boards
Adafruit Unified Sensor Required for all Adafruit Unified Sensor based libraries.
Adeon Adeon is a software solution for controlling GSM devices (GSM gates, relays, modules etc.) via SMS commands.
AllThingsTalk LoRaWAN SDK LoRaWAN SDK for AllThingsTalk Maker
AllThingsTalk WiFi SDK Connect and control your device with AllThingsTalk
AmazonDRS AmazonDRS library for Arduino.
AndreyRybalko WT2003M02 MP3 Decoder Library for the WT2003M02 MP3 decoder board v3.0.
AnimatedGIF Universal GIF player for MCUs with at least 32K of RAM.
Arancino Enables communication between microcontroller and Arancino Module running mainly in Arancino boards.
ArdBitmap A library to compress and draw bitmaps on the Arduboy game system.
ArdVoice A library to play audio (voices) on the Arduboy game system.
ArticulatedLib Articulated Library
AsyncSerial Library that allow to recieve a serial port stream in a non blocking process
AsyncServoLib Library for non blocking controlling a servo
AsyncSonar Library for non blocking controlling a ultrasonic sensor like HC-SR04
AsyncStepperLib AsyncStepper is a library for non blocking stepper motor control
AsyncTaskLib Library that implements a non blockin task
AsyncTimerLib Simple non blocking timer with callback function
AT24CM01 AT24CM01 EEPROM Library for Arduino Devices.
attiny85FasterPin "Library which lets you to control pins in more efficient way"
AwesomeClickButton Arduino awesome click button.
AWS-SDK-ESP8266 SDK for AWS using ESP8266
BasicEncoder BasicEncoder counts pulses from one or more simple rotary encoder control knobs.
BlueFairy Task Scheduler, Keyboard Control, Machine State
BraccioRobot Braccio Robot controller API.
BTS7960 Library for BTS7960 Dual H-Bridge 43A DC Motor controller
BTS7960_Motordriver A library that helps control a brushed DC motor using BTS7960 motor driver easy.
CafeIOT CafeIOT library for Eep8266.
CafeIot_Arduino CafeIot library for Arduino.
Cardinal An Arduino library that takes input in degrees and output a string or integer for the 4, 8, 16, or 32 compass headings (like North, South, East, and West).
CarreraDigitalControlUnit Carrera® DIGITAL 124/132 interface library for Arduino and mbed OS
CheckDS18B20 Check manufacturer of DS18B20 temperature sensors
CircularBufferLib CircularBuffer Library
ClusterDuck Protocol Mesh communication protocol.
ColorConverter Color Converter Library
Corsair Lighting Protocol Control LED strips via USB from a PC.
CountdownLib Countdown Library
CRMui3 CRMui3 WebFramework build a web app (Web UI) for ESP8266 and ESP32 in your project in minutes! / CRMui3 WebFramework для esp8266 и esp32. Позволяет быстро и просто создать веб интерфейс для настройки и управления устройством.
CurrentTransformerWithCallbacks Coil, Current Transformer (CT) based AC current measurements using fast ADC sampling of waveform
DebounceFilterLib DebounceFilter Library
deepC Allows you to run machine learning models locally on arduino boards.
DeepSleepScheduler Lightweight, cooperative task scheduler with configurable sleep and task supervision.
DFL168A_Async Arduino board accesses OBD2/J1939/J1708 Data by DFL168A Integrated Circuit Chip. Most methods are unblocked.
DFL168A_Sync Arduino board accesses OBD2/J1939/J1708 Data by DFL168A Integrated Circuit Chip. All methods are blocked.
DigitalSignalsArduino Arduino Digital Signal library
DMXUSB DMXUSB emulates an ENTTEC-compatible DMXKing USB to DMX serial device with one or two universes
DoubleEMAFilterLib DoubleEMAFilter Library
DW1000 A library that offers functionality to use Decawave's DW1000 chips/modules.
DynamixelShield DynamixelShield Library for Arduino
Dynamixel2Arduino DYNAMIXEL protocol Library for Arduino
EasyCommaLib EasyComma is a light library that implements funtions for easily parse comma separed arrays
EasyLogger A library to do serial logging the easy and lightweight way
EasyingLib Arduino library that implements easing functions for smooth property value change transitions
EEPROMWearLevel EEPROMWearLevel reduces EEPROM wear by writting a new value to an other EEPROM location.
Energesis LM35 Driver for LM35 series temperature sensor.
Energesis_GenericSensor Generic interface for standardized implementation of sensor drivers.
ESPectro32 ESPectro32 development board library for Arduino IDE
ESPping Let the ESP32/ESP8266 ping a remote machine.
EscapeAutomate EscapeAutomate Library
ESPDateTime Date Time Functions and Classes for ESP8266 and ESP32
ESPSerialFlasher [EXPERIMENTAL] Flash the WiFiNiNa module on your arduino nano 33 iot
ESP8266MQTTClient MQTT Client for ESP8266
ESP_LM35 A library for the ESP boards to make easier using the LM35 temperature sensor.
ExodeCore Communication between Arduino microcontroller boards and a connected computers.
FaBo 201 3Axis ADXL345 A library for FaBo 3AXIS I2C Brick
FaBo 202 9Axis MPU9250 A library for FaBo 9Axis I2C Brick
FaBo 203 Color S11059 A library for FaBo Color I2C Brick
FaBo 204 Baromter MPL115A2 A library for FaBo Barometer I2C Brick
FaBo 205 Proximity VCNL4010 A library for FaBo Proximity I2C Brick
FaBo 207 Temperature ADT7410 A library for FaBo Temperature I2C Brick
FaBo 208 Humidity HTS221 A library for FaBo Humidity I2C Brick
FaBo 209 KTemp MCP3421 A library for FaBo KTemp I2C Brick
FaBo 210 GPIO PCAL6408A A library for FaBo GPIO I2C Brick
FaBo 211 7Segment LED TLC59208F A library for FaBo 7Segment LED I2C Brick
FaBo 212 LCD PCF8574 A library for FaBo LCD I2C Brick
FaBo 213 LCD mini AQM0802A A library for FaBo LCD mini I2C Brick
FaBo 214 OLED EROLED096 A library for FaBo OLED I2C Brick
FaBo 215 RTC PCF2129 A library for FaBo RTC I2C Brick
FaBo 217 Ambient Light ISL29034 A library for FaBo Ambient Light I2C Brick
FaBo 230 Color BH1749NUC A library for FaBo Color I2C Brick
FaBo 301 BLE SiliconLabs A library for SiliconLabs BLE113.
FaBo 307 BLE Nordic A library for nRF5x.
FixedPoints A template library for defining fixed point types of varying sizes.
Forced-BME280 A library that makes using a BME280 easy and lightweight.
GGreg20_V3 IoT-devices GGreg20_V3 ionizing radiation detector pulse output driver library.
G4Enc Optimized CCITT G4 (ITU T.6) encoder.
GammaCorrectionLib GammaCorrection Library
Google Cloud IoT Core JWT Demonstrates JWT generation for connecting Arduino clients to Google Cloud IoT Core.
GrafanaLoki Send logs/events to Grafana Loki
Grafici-GFX Data visualization library for Arduino driven displays
GSL1680 Driver for GSL1680
HS_CAN_485_ESP32 A library for HS_CAN_485_ESP32
HS_JOY_ESP32 A library for HS_JOY_ESP32
hueDino Philips Hue library for Arduino.
I2CScanner I2C Scanner
I2cDiscreteIoExpander Arduino library for the Texas Instruments PCF8575C 16-bit I2C I/O expander.
i2c_adc_ads7828 Arduino library for the Texas Instruments ADS7828 12-bit, 8-channel I2C A/D converter.
InputDebounce Simple polling input debounce Arduino library.
InterpolationLib Arduino library that provides interpolation methods step, linear, smooth, catmull spline and constrained spline.
IoAbstraction Treat PCF8574, MCP23017 and Shift registers like pins, matrix keypad, touch screen handler, button press and rotary encoder management (switches) on any supported IO (including DfRobot & Joysticks) with event handling, interchangable AVR/I2C(AT24) EEPROMs.
IoTeX-blockchain-client A simple API client implementation in C++ for the IoTeX blockchain.
IoTivity-Lite OCF(Open Connectivity Founcation) core framework
IoTivity-Lite_Arduino-porting OCF(Open Connectivity Founcation) core framework porting to Arduino
Iobeam Client library for using the iobeam cloud.
JPEGDEC Optimized JPEG decoder for MCUs with 32K+ RAM.
JPEGENC Universal JPEG encoder for MCUs with at least 4K of free RAM.
jsonlib A simple JSON parsing library.
LcdEffects A library that lets you apply special effects to LCD text.
libasm Cross assembler and disassembler for retro CPUs
libcli Command Line Interface library
LIDAR-Lite Arduino library for Garmin LIDAR-Lite.
LinkedListLib LinkedList Library
ListLib List Library
LongFi Enables LongFi Communication with Semtech Compatible Radios.
MCreator Link Adds support for the MCreator Link system.
Marisa ESP32 Wrapper Fast lookups in large static dictionaries
MaxEssentialToolkit Library for MAXIM RTC, temperature and current-sense amplifier sensors.
Max31328RTC Library for Max31328 Real Time Clock.
mbino Port of mbed OS 2 APIs to the Arduino platform
MCP23017_Attiny85 "Library which lets you to control mcp23017 I/O expander simply"
MCP2515-nb Arduino library for MCP2515 with non-blocking support.
MCP45HVX1 Library for MCP45HVX1 digital potentiomters,
MeanFilterLib Mean Filter Library
MedianFilterLib Median Filter Library
MedianFilterLib2 Median Filter Library 2
Microcontroller-id Retrieve manufacturer serial number stored inside the microcontroller
MINDSi Code to assist with running MINDSi robots
MINDS-i-Drone Code to assist with running MINDS-i Drones
ModbusMaster Enlighten your Arduino to be a Modbus master.
MteCore MteCore - Library For MTE Controller
MultiTaskLib Storyboard are a series of non blockings tasks that runs in parallel
NimBLE-Arduino Bluetooth low energy (BLE) library for arduino-esp32 based on NimBLE.
oatmeal-protocol A protocol to control and communicate with Arduino devices from Python.
ObjectButton An Arduino library for detecting button actions.
OneBitDisplay OLED, LCD and e-paper library for 1-bit per pixel displays.
OneIoT Connectivity This library can be used for serial communication with the OneIoT Connectivity Module.
OneTime-BH1750 A library that makes using a BH1750 easy and lightweight.
OptoDebounce 100Hz opto debouncer.
OROCA-EduBot A library for OROCA-EduBot
Parser Arduino Library that helps to parse a char array
PetriNetLib PetriNet Library
Picovoice_EN Picovoice for English language. Picovoice is an end-to-end platform for building voice products on your terms.
Picovoice_ES Picovoice for Spanish language. Picovoice is an end-to-end platform for building voice products on your terms.
Picovoice_FR Picovoice for French language. Picovoice is an end-to-end platform for building voice products on your terms.
PNGdec Universal PNG decoder for MCUs with at least 48K of RAM.
PNGenc Universal PNG encoder for MCUs with at least 45K of free RAM.
Porcupine_DE Porcupine for German language. Porcupine is a highly-accurate and lightweight wake word engine.
Porcupine_EN Porcupine for English language. Porcupine is a highly-accurate and lightweight wake word engine.
Porcupine_ES Porcupine for Spanish language. Porcupine is a highly-accurate and lightweight wake word engine.
Porcupine_FR Porcupine for French language. Porcupine is a highly-accurate and lightweight wake word engine.
PromLokiTransport Abstracts a bunch of hardware and connectivity away from the GrafanaLoki and PrometheusArduino libraries
PrometheusArduino Send data to Prometheus via the remote write protocol.
PropertyChangeLib Property Change Library
PushDisConnector A client library to send data and alerts to a smartphone over the internet.
PyDuinoBridge A transparent library for communication between Python and Arduino.
QuickMedianLib QuickMedian Library
QuickSortLib QuickSort Library
RAK12027-D7S Arduino library for the RAK12027 seismic sensor.
RAK12052-MLX90640 RAKWireless library for the matrix
ReactiveArduino ReactiveArduino implements observable-observer pattern on a processor like Arduino
RoboWunduino Arduino Library for Robo Wunderkind Products
RobotDuLAB Arduino Library Bibliothèque de pilotage simplifié de RobotDuLAB.
RootCertificates Library used to associate certificates to top level domains
ros2arduino ROS2 Library for Arduino
RX8025 Control RX8025 chip or the solar calendar to the lunar calendar.
Sanke This library allows to run snake on 7-segments display (we use it in idle).
Seeed Arduino Mic An extensible library for interfacing with Microphone devices
Segment The most powerful and popular available library for using 7/14/16 segment display, supporting daisy chaining so you can control mass amounts from your Arduino!
sevenSegment Control infinite seven segment displays with your arduino!
Shox96 Progmem Compression Compress short strings and messages using Shox96 technique and save space on Flash (PROGMEM)
SimpleCollections An associative container used either as a list or btree without needing std lib, and a concurrent circular buffer. Works from AVR/Uno upwards to ESP32, mbed etc
SimpleIOT Connecting Arduino ESP32 to AWS IOT via SimpleIOT framework
SimpleMotionV2-Arduino An Arduino library for controlling SimpleMotion IONI/ARGON drives from Granite Devices.
SimpleRelay A library for controlling a relay.
SimpleStepper Simple library for controlling unipolar and bipolar steppers
SimpleTicker A library for creating Tickers, which will notify user that a given period has elapsed. Replaces delay() and allows users to write non-blocking code.
simple-web-dashboard Displays variable values on a simple web page
SingleEMAFilterLib SingleEMAFilter Library
SLIC Simple lossless image codec.
smart-input-filter A stable, unit-tested filter library
Snake This library allows to run snake on 7-segments display (we use it in idle).
SnappyProto A library which includes a snappy compressor and nanopb for creating snappy compressed protobufs.
Somfy_Remote_Lib Control Somfy RTS devices
SPIFFS_FilePrint Lightweight library for rolling file print. It logs to SPIFFS.
Sqlite Micro Logger Log data into Sqlite database from any MCU having >2kb RAM
Sqlite3Esp32 Sqlite3 database library for ESP32 core
Sqlite3 for ESP8266 Sqlite3 library for ESP8266 Arduino core (includes Shox96 compression)
StateMachineLib StateMachine Library
StopwatchLib Stopwatch Library
StoryBoardLib Storyboard are a series of non blockings tasks that runs sequencially
SyncWaveformsLib Arduino SyncWaveforms implements timed functions that runs synchronously
TLog Arduino TLog library; to also send (Serial) logs via telnet, mqtt, syslog, a web browser, etc.
TAMC_GT911 Arduino library for GT911
TaskManagerIO Task manager for Arduino and mbed with marshalled interrupts, first class support for events and timed execution. Thread safe for RTOS use.
tcMenu Menu library for Arduino with IoT capabilities that supports many input and display devices with a designer UI, code generator, CLI, and strong remote control capability.
tcUnicodeHelper Adds tcUnicode UTF-8 support to Adafruit_GFX, U8G2, tcMenu, and TFT_eSPI graphics libraries with a graphical font creation utility available. Works with existing libraries
TCA9548A Arduino library for the TCA9548A
TensorFlowLite_ESP32 Allows you to run machine learning models locally on your ESP32 device.
Tgui Tgui is a lightweight GUI for Arduino Uno type of MCU with small TFT screen, primarily for showing sensor data.
Thermal Printer Library Bluetooth Low Energy Thermal Printer Library
Thingplus Helps connecting your Arduino board to Thing+ cloud easly and fast
ThresholdLib Threshold Library
TIFF_G4 Optimized TIFF G4 decoder for MCUs with 16K+ RAM.
TimeoutTaskLib TimeoutTask Library
Tinyfox This library provides a simple way to make use of Wisol radios (sigfox and point to point).
TM1638lite Interface library from Arduino to TM1638 display chip/card
TMP36 Makes using a TMP36 temperature sensor even easier!
TriacDimmer A library for controlling a triac dimmer.
TriangleSolverLib Library that implements functions to solve triangles. Usefull for articulated machines
UCloudIoTSDK An Arduino library for connecting ucloud iot platform made by UCloud IoT team.
uCOS-III_Due MicroC/OS-III 3.08.01 for ARM Cortex M3.
Unishox Progmem Decompressor Decompress short Unicode strings and messages compressed using Unishox technique and save space on Flash (PROGMEM)
Universal Inputs Arduino library for reading multiple input devices of different types.
UniversalTimer Easy to use, multifunctional and non-blocking timer.
unzipLIB A library to extract files from ZIP archives
URLCode Decode and Encode URL.
VEML6075 An Arduino Library Specifically for the ESP32.
ViraLink-MQTT-Client ViraLink IoT Cloud Platform MQTT Client for ESP82266/ESP32.
WearLeveling EEPROMWearLevel reduces EEPROM wear by writting a new value to an other EEPROM location.
WizFi250 Helps using your Arduino board to Wi-Fi easily and fast
WolkConnect Arduino library which provides easy connectivity to WolkAbout IoT Platform.
xsens_mti Portable, unit-tested, from-scratch implementation for serial comms with xsens MTi AHRS modules.
YA_FSM Yet Another Finite State Machine