BSD 2 Clause

A list of the 19 libraries that are licensed with the BSD 2 Clause license.

A4963 Library for A4963 brushless motor controler
ardyno A library to control dynamixel motors
CoopThreads Lightweight, platform agnostic, stackful cooperative threads library
everytime A easy to use library for periodic code execution.
Hardware Buttons Custom button actions handler
ICP-101xx Pressure Sensor Library Arduino library for the TDK Invensense ICP-101xx family of high-resolution pressure sensors.
JTAG A library to perform JTAG operations and play XSVF.
LinxESP32 LINX - Digilent/LabVIEW MakerHub for ESP32
MaerklinMotorola Decoding the signals from the Märklin-Motorola-protocol.
micro-ecc uECC
OneWireNg Arduino 1-wire service library. OneWire alternative.
OpenMRNLite Network protocol stack for model railroading: OpenLCB and LCC implementation.
Potentiostat_Shield Arduino library for potentiostat shield.
SIKTEC Keys Library for Keypad shield
SIKTEC_Rotary Library to easily use Rotary Encoders
SIKTEC_SdExplore A light-weight companion library to easily scan / search for files
StripDisplay Display text and bitmaps on strip led panels.
U8g2 Monochrome LCD, OLED and eInk Library. Display controller: SSD1305, SSD1306, SSD1309, SSD1316, SSD1322, SSD1325, SSD1327, SSD1329, SSD1606, SSD1607, SH1106, SH1107, SH1108, SH1122, T6963, RA8835, LC7981, PCD8544, PCF8812, HX1230, UC1601, UC1604, UC1608, UC1610, UC1611, UC1617, UC1701, ST7511, ST7528, ST7565, ST7567, ST7571, ST7586, ST7588, ST75256, ST75320, NT7534, ST7920, IST3020, IST7920, LD7032, KS0108, KS0713, SED1520, SBN1661, IL3820, MAX7219. Interfaces: I2C, SPI, Parallel.
virtmem Virtual memory library to easily extend RAM.