CC0 1.0

A list of the 28 libraries that are licensed with the CC0 1.0 license.

AVision_ESP8266 Libraries for easy and quick programming on the A-Vision ESP8266 learning board
AHT20 library to drive AHT20 temperature and humidity IC. Forked from
BMP280 DFRobot Standard library modified by dvarrel
CRSF Бібліотека для радіо керованих моделей протоколом CRSF
DHT22 humidity and temperature, 1-wire only
DoublyLinkedList An advanced library for managing lists.
E220Lib A Library used to interface the EBYTE E220 module with an Arduino
EasyBNO055 ESP Library for the Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor made easier with ESP32 threads
EspEasyUtils ESP32 Easy Utils
ESP32 Lite Pack Library ESP32LitePack, M5Lite, A lightweight compatibility library. Support Devices:M5StickC, M5StickC Plus, M5Stack BASIC, M5Stack GRAY, M5Stack FIRE, M5Stack Core2, M5Stack ATOM Lite, M5Stack ATOM Matrix, M5Stack ATOM ECHO
ESP32PsramLock Library to control ESP32 PSRAM
ESP32 ULP Debugger Arduino ESP32 ULP Debugger libraries.
I2C AXP192 Power management This is a library of AXP192, the Power Management for I2C connectivity.
I2C BM8563 RTC Library to control I2C RTC
I2C MPU6886 IMU Library to control I2C MPU6886
I2C SLG Library to control I2C GreenPAK SLG46826
LapX9C10X A library to drive the X9C102/103/104/503 Digitally Controlled Potentiometers
MBEDSpeech Arduino library for running speech recognition machine learning models
MemoryLib Library to manage the storage of INT and LONG variables in EEPROM
MovingAverager A basic moving average filter.
MultiFunctionShield LED Display driver for Multi Function Shield
PWMOutESP32 Library for controlling ESP32 PWM outputs similar to use on Arduino
SerialToWifi Drop-in replacement for the Serial Arduino library that manages i/o to a remote console over wifi on ESP32.
SevenSegInt A library to drive 7 segment displays using interrupts.
ShiftOutMega Library to control additional digital ports using CI 74HC595
TM1638 library for driving TM1638 led display-leds-buttons like
ZzzButton Arduino / C++ library to manage buttons
ZzzMovingAvg Simple Arduino / C++ library to compute moving average