GPL 2.0

A list of the 51 libraries that are licensed with the GPL 2.0 license.

AGirs A Girs infrared server for the Arduino platform.
Accessories This is a library for Arduino to handle accessories like lights, motors.
advancedSerial An Arduino library with additions to vanilla Serial.print(). Chainable methods and verbosity levels. Suitable for debug messages.
arduinoVNC VNC Client for Arduino
Arduino_OV767X Capture images from your OmniVision OV7670 camera in your Arduino sketches.
Beacon An AMX-style Ethernet beacon, allowing for remote discovery.
BohleBots_BNO055 Library for the BNO055 as easy to use compass.
Cojson Zero-effort JSON reading and writing on Arduino platforms,
Commanders This is a library for Arduino to handle input devices like buttons, Dcc (railroad modeling), CAN or I2C bus, or serial interface to give orders.
DCCpp This is a library to control DCC devices.
DcDccNanoController This library is made to build a basic Dcc controller on small Arduino Nano or Uno.
EEPROMextent This is a library for Arduino to read/write complex data to EEPROM.
ESP Logger This library aims to provide an easy way to collect data
EtherCard EtherCard is an IPv4 driver for the ENC28J60 chip.
FacebookApi A wrapper for the Facebook Graph API for Arduino (supports ESP8266 & WiFi101 boards)
FortniteAPI Arduino library to access unofficial Fortnite API.
GlobalCovfefe An emulation of a GlobalCache device with one IR sender and (optionally) an IR learner (demodulating or non-demodulating).
GoogleMapsApi A wrapper for the Google Maps API for Arduino (supports ESP8266 & WiFi101 boards)
Grove - OLED Display 0.96 Arduino library to control Grove - OLED Display 0.96.
HeatpumpIR Heatpump / Air Conditioner infrared control
I2C-Sensor-Lib iLib Library for i2c-sensors and some other specific functions (fast eFn, HDLC, SpektrumSerial).
IFTTTMaker A helper library for triggering IFTTT maker events (ESP8266 & Wifi-101)
Infrared An object oriented library for sending, receiving, generating, and decoding IR signals on the Arduino.
InstagramStats Get Instagram Stats on your Arduino (supports ESP8266, ESP32 & WiFi101 boards)
InstructableApi A wrapper for the Instructables API for Arduino (supports ESP8266, ESP32 & WiFi101 boards)
keyboardButton Convinient way to map a push-button to a keyboard key. This library utilize the ability of 32u4-based Arduino-compatible boards to emulate USB-keyboard.
LcdUi This library is made to build sophisticated User Interface on Arduino for text Lcds.
LightDimmer This library allows to drive LEDs to simulate railroad signals.
LittleFS_esp32 LittleFS for esp32
MatrixMath Minimal linear algebra library
MemoryUsage Use this library to check your SRAM / Stack memory usage.
MideaIRWrapper A library that makes, easier work with Midea Air Conditioners.
NDNOverUDP A simpler and lighter NDN protocol for local IoT contexts.
NeoNextion Arduino library for controlling Nextion displays
OctoPrintAPI Arduino library to access OctoPrint API.
OLED Display 96x96 Arduino library for controlling OLED Display 96x96, using I2C communication.
PCF8523 Arduino Library for PCF8523 Real-Time Clock
PressureNXPMXP Pressure differential MXP serie
RF24 Radio driver, OSI layer 2 library for nrf24L01(+) modules.
RF24Network OSI Layer 3 Networking for nrf24L01(+) devices.
RGB LED Lighting Shield XMC1202 This library provides an interface to communicate with the RGB LED Lighting Shield XMC1202 via I2C interface.
RingBuffer This library allows to use ring buffer with and without interrupts.
ScheduleTable This library allows to schedule multiple actions along time.
SevenSegmentTM1637 Library for using a 4 digit seven segment display with TM1636 or TM1637 driver IC
Sleepy Pi 2 Arduino Library for Sleepy Pi 2 Raspberry Pi HAT
SlowMotionServo This library allows to move multiple servos slowly.
sunset Allows calculation of sunrise, sunset, and moonphase
ThingsIoT Arduino library for the ThingsIoT Cloud Platform.
TwitterApi A wrapper for the Twitter API for Arduino (supports ESP8266 & WiFi101 boards)
Wio cell lib for Arduino Wio 3G and Wio LTE M1/NB1(BG96) boards driver.
YoutubeApi A wrapper for the YouTube API for Arduino (supports ESP8266 & WiFi101 boards)