LGPL 2.1

A list of the 211 libraries that are licensed with the LGPL 2.1 license.

8x8 Led Matrix Soldered 8x8 LED Matrix library.
Adafruit BLEFirmata Modified Firmata code to work with Adafruit's nRF8001 Breakout and BlueFruit modules
AlmostRandom AlmostRandom generates random number from a few entropy sources within the Arduino.
Amethyste_LSM6DS3 Expose les fonctionnalités des capteurs LSM6DS3.
ArduCAM Using the ArduCAM camera module on the Arduino platform
Arducam_mini Using the ArduCAM camera module on the Arduino platform
ArduinoBLE Enables Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity on the Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2, Arduino Nano 33 IoT, Arduino Nano 33 BLE, Nicla Sense ME and UNO R4 WiFi.
ArduinoIRC Easy library to make an Arduino IRC Bot (Also supports Twitch chat).
Arduino Low Power Power save primitives features for SAMD and nRF52 32bit boards
ArduinoMenu library Generic menu/interactivity system
ArduinoMqttClient [BETA] Allows you to send and receive MQTT messages using Arduino.
arduino-NVM Direct flash memory access, round robin virtual pages and EEPROM like memory. (Flash, VirtualPage, NVRAM)
ArduinoOTA Upload sketch over network to Arduino board with WiFi or Ethernet libraries
ArduinoRS485 Enables sending and receiving data using the RS-485 standard with RS-485 shields, like the MKR 485 Shield.
Arduino_AdvancedAnalog Advanced analog functionalities for STM32H7 boards
Arduino_APA102 Control rgb LEDs APA102
Arduino_APDS9960 A library for the APDS-9960 sensor
Arduino_BMI270_BMM150 Allows you to read the accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope values from the IMU on your Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev2
Arduino_BQ24195 Arduino library for the BQ24195 Power Management IC
Arduino_Braccio_plusplus Board support library for the Arduino Braccio++ 6-DOF robot arm.
Arduino_EMBRYO_2 Control stepper motor
Arduino_GroveI2C_Ultrasonic Get distance and travel time from M5stack Grove I2C ultrasonic sensor.
Arduino_HTS221 Allows you to read the temperature and humidity sensors of your Nano 33 BLE Sense.
Arduino_JSON [BETA] Process JSON in your Arduino sketches.
Arduino_KNN [BETA] Arduino library for the K-Nearest Neighbors algorithm.
Arduino_LPS22HB Allows you to read the pressure sensor of your Nano 33 BLE Sense.
Arduino_LSM6DS3 Allows you to read the accelerometer, gyroscope, and temperature values from the LSM6DS3 IMU on your Arduino Nano 33 IoT or Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 boards.
Arduino_LSM6DSOX Allows you to read the accelerometer and gyroscope values from the LSM6DSOX IMU on your Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect.
Arduino_LSM9DS1 Allows you to read the accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope values from the LSM9DS1 IMU on your Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense.
Arduino_MachineControl DEPRECATED. Arduino Library for Portenta Machine Control - PMC
Arduino_MKRIoTCarrier Controlling the IoT MKR Carrier
Arduino_MKRENV Allows you to read the temperature, humidity, pressure, light and UV sensors of your MKR ENV Shield.
Arduino_MKRGPS Allows you to read the location from the GPS on your MKR GPS shield.
Arduino_MKRRGB Allows you to draw on your MKR RGB shield.
Arduino_MKRTHERM Allows you to read the temperature sensors connected to your MKR THERM shield.
Arduino_OAuth [BETA] OAuth 1.0 client library for Arduino.
Arduino_PF1550 Arduino library for the PF1550 Power Management IC
Arduino_PortentaBreakout Arduino Library for Arduino Portenta Breakout Carrier
Arduino_POSIXStorage POSIX Storage Library for the Portenta C33, Portenta H7, Portenta Machine Control, and Opta
Arduino_ScienceKitCarrier Library and firmware for Arduino Science Kit R3
Arduino_Threads Easy multi-threading for your Mbed OS-based Arduino.
Arduino_UnifiedStorage Simplify cross-device storage management on Portenta platforms with a single library supporting SD, Flash, and USB storage access.
AS3935 Library to support Austrian Microsystems AS3935 lightning sensor.
AsyncDelay Simple abstraction library implementing delays and timeouts.
Audio Allows playing audio files from an SD card. For Arduino Due only.
avr_stl A port of ArduinoSTL Arduino library.
BeaconNano Create a Beacon from an Arduino Nano Ble
BGWiFiConfig BGWiFiConfig是一个为esp8266和esp32设计的简单易用Arduino配网库。
CalibratedSpeed Arduino Library for calibrating DC motors
CallMyFunction Arduino library to call function with time restrictions
CaptureTimer Arduino Input Capture Library
CH9328-Keyboard USB HID Keyboard using WCH CH9328 chip. It is almost compatible with Arduino Keyboard library.
ChatGPTuino Arduino library for making API calls to OpenAI's chatGPT.
CmdSerial Simple library that provides an easy way to input/output data from the sketch.
ConfigurableFirmata This library implements the Firmata protocol as a set of plugins that can be used to create applications to remotely interface with an Arduino board.
CoopTask Portable C++ library for cooperative multitasking like Arduino Scheduler on ESP8266/ESP32, AVR, Linux, Windows
CSE_ArduinoRS485 Allows sending and receiving data through the RS-485 interface, using any Arduino-compatible boards.
custom_PortentaBreakout Library for Arduino Portenta Breakout Carrier modified by alessandromrc (Alessandro Marcon)
DA16200 Wi-Fi Library for Arduino Wi-Fi enable your Arduino sketches using Dialog's DA16200 Module
DCF77 Read and decode the atomic time broadcasted by the DCF77 radiostation.
Deneyap GPS ve GLONASS Konum Belirleyici Arduino library for Deneyap GPS and GLONASS Locator
DeviceConfigJSON Library enables device configuration using JSON.
DFRobot_BME280 This is a Library for BME280, the function is to read temperature and humidity and pressure(SKU: SEN0236).
DFRobot_BMP280 DFRobot Standard library(SKU:SEN0372).
DFRobot_ESP_EC_BY_GREENPONIK Update from DFROBOT library for ESP32 compatibility
DFRobot_ESP_PH_WITH_ADC_BY_GREENPONIK Update from DFROBOT library for ESP32+ADC compatibility
DimSwitch A library to control dimmable ballasts for fluorescent light tubes.
Dimmable Light for Arduino This library allows to easily control dimmers (also known as thyristors).
due_can Allows for CAN bus communications with the Arduino Due
Eccel-C1 Arduino library for UART access to the Eccel Pepper C1 RFID reader
EDB Extended Database Library
ESPAsyncButton Event-driven asynchronous button toolkit for ESP32
ESPCanary Create an ESP32 or ESP8266 OpenCanary Honeypot
ESPEssentials Essentials to get you started with your ESP8266 and ESP32 projects
ESPLogger This library provides a simple interface to collect data on local storage (embedded flash or micro SD).
ESP OTA GitHub ESP library for auto updating code from GitHub releases.
EspSaveCrash Automatically saves exception details and stack trace to flash in case of ESP8266 crash.
EspSoftwareSerial Implementation of the Arduino software serial for ESP8266/ESP32.
ESP32 I2C Slave I2C Slave library for ESP32 (unofficial)
ESP32Logger Logger for ESP32 for debugging C++-code
ESP32Logger2 Logger for ESP32 for debugging C++-code
esp32_https_server_compat An Arduino library for an alternative ESP32 HTTP/HTTPS web server implementation
ESP32_RTC_EEPROM EEPROM emulation that stores in RTC RAM. Survives deep sleep, but not reset or power loss.
Esp8266-Mqtt-Canary Create an ESP8266 OpenCanary Honeypot
FastLEDHub Control multiple FastLED lightstrip animations on the ESP8266 and ESP32 without reuploading.
FastPID A PID controlled implemented using fixed-point arithmetic.
FileConfig A library for reading and writing settings from a configuration file on a SD card.
FireplaceMLX MobaLedLib Extension adds simulation of single fireplace
Firmata Enables the communication with computer apps using a standard serial protocol. For all Arduino/Genuino boards.
FixedString A stack based fixed string class
FlexWire This library implements the master side of the I2C protocol in a platform independent way.
ghostl Lock-free queue; C++ coroutines; and a nano-sized C++ STL adapter for MCUs like ESP8266/ESP32.
GoPRO GoPRO API library for Arduino
Grove - Infrared Receiver And Emitter Arduino library to control Grove - Infrared Emitter and Grove - Infrared Receiver.
HaCEspSockets An Event driven MCU socket similar to windows socket experience .
HaCTimers An event driven arduino Timer.
HaCWifiManager An event driven wifimanager library with Json input.
HIH61xx Library to access Honeywell HIH61xx humidity and temperature sensors.
IRremoteESP8266 Send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols (ESP8266/ESP32)
ILI9341_T4 Optimized ILI9341 SPI driver for Teensy 4/4.1/micromod.
ILI9342_T4 Optimized ILI9342(C) SPI driver for Teensy 4/4.1/micromod.
InfraredMLX Extension adds infrared features to control MobaLedLib using an infrared remote control
IniFile Library to read and parse .ini files.
IoTGuru Cloud based backend services to your devices.
IOTAppStory-ESP Update your ESP8266, ESP32 & Nextion displays over the air(OTA)
IridiumSBDi2c This library supports satellite data transmissions from anywhere on earth using the RockBLOCK family of Iridium 9602 and 9603 modems.
KnockPatternDetector Can record, save and detect knock patterns in an asynchronous way with many settings.
LCD03 A library for I2C control of the LCD03 20x4 and 16x2 serial LCD modules from Robot Electronics.
ld2410 An Arduino library for the Hi-Link LD2410 24Ghz FMCW radar sensor.
List The Ultimate Collection of Lists
MaterialBoard This library implements the Firmata protocol for use with the VirtualBoard project to remotely interface with an Arduino board.
MatrixKeypad Simple to use library to interface matrix keypads.
MAX1464 Arduino library A complete interface for the the Maxim MAX1464 Multichannel Sensor Signal Processor for Arduino.
MCCI SofwareSerial Software UART for Arduino
MCP342x Library to support Microchip ADC342x analogue to digital converters.
MD_AD9833 Library for using a AD9833 Programmable Waveform Generator.
MD_CirQueue Library for FIFO queue implemented as a Ring Buffer.
MD_Cubo Library for device independent LED Cubes.
MD_DS1307 Library for using a DS1307 Real Time Clock.
MD_DS3231 Library for using a DS3231 Real Time Clock.
MD_HX711 Library to read load cells using HX711 weight scale ADC
MD_MAXPanel Implements functions to manage a panel of MAX72xx based LED modules
MD_MAX72XX Implements functions that allow the MAX72xx (eg, MAX7219) to be used for LED matrices (64 individual LEDs)
MD_Menu Library for displaying and managing menus on displays with with up to 2 lines.
MD_MIDIFile Arduino Standard MIDI File (SMF) Player
MD_MSGEQ7 Implements functions for the MSGEQ7 7 band equaliser IC
MD_OnePin One pin serial comms link
MD_Parola LED matrix text display special effects
MD_PWM PWM on arbitrary pins
MD_REncoder Library for Rotary Encoder
MD_SmartCar Core functions for movement control of a 2 wheeled SmartCar Robot using DC motors.
MD_SmartCar2 Core functions for movement control of a 2 wheeled SmartCar Robot using Stepper motors.
MD_SN76489 Library for SN76489 sound generator.
MD_Stepper Stepper Motor control
MD_TCS230 Library for TCS230 TCS3200 Colour Sensor
MD_UISwitch Library for Universal User Interface Switches.
MD_YM2413 Library for Yamaha YM2413 sound synthesizer.
MegunoLink File Manager Library to provide access to files on embedded SD/LittleFS filesystem from MegunoLink.
Melody Player This library provides an intuitive interface to play melodies on buzzers
MeshGnome Mesh Synchronization and OTA for ESP-Now on the ESP8266.
MicroNMEA Compact Arduino library to parse NMEA sentences.
MIDIUSB Allows an Arduino board with USB capabilites to act as a MIDI instrument over USB.
mimuz-ch55x mi:muz (a part of MIDI) library for ch55xduino
minbasecli A minimal Command Line Interface C++ library implementation with HAL emphasis to be used in different kind of devices and frameworks.
MkrGsm1400IoT A set of useful functions for the Arduino MKR GSM 1400 to use it for IoT. As example: Store integer into Telephonebook and read them after a reset.
MKRGSM Enables GSM/GRPS network connection using the Arduino MKR GSM 1400 board.
MKRIMU Allows you to read the acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic field and euler angles from the IMU on your MKR IMU shield.
MLX90614 Library to support Melexis MLX90614 infrared thermometer
MM-S50MV MMS50MV(ToF sensor) Driver
MobaLedLib Arduino library for driving up to 768 (49152 ESP32) LEDs, signals, sound modules or other actuators via one signal line on a model railway
MobaTools Functions (steppers, servos, leds) for model railroaders( and for others too )
Modmata Control an Arduino over Modbus
multiplePinOps An Arduino library to drive multiple pins with the same API.
NceCabBus Enables NCE Cab Bus Communication
NetApiHelpers Arduino Networking API helper classes and tests
NmraDcc Enables NMRA DCC Communication
NVSRAM Arduino library for Microchip 23LCV512 and 23LCV1024 NVSRAM.
omnicrystal Modular Library for HITACHI HD44780
Omron D6F-PH Arduino Library Library for I2C Communication with Omron D6F-PH Differential Pressure Sensor
OpenLCB_Single_Thread Implements Single-threaded OpenLCB/LCC stack based on Arduino IDE.
pcf8574 Arduino library for PCF8574 io expander module
pdulib A library written in C++ to encode/decode PDU data for GSM modems. Both GSM 7-bit and UCS-2 16 bit alphabets are supported which mean, in practice, you can send/receive SMS in any language (including emojis).
PhysicsLabFirmware Firmware for the Physics Lab kit.
PicoWebsocket Websocket Server and Socket
pimoroniTrackball Connect the Pimoroni RGBW trackball breakout to a microcontroller.
PioSPI Allows RP2040 to control a SPI bus on any of its pins using PIOs
PS2KeyAdvanced PS2 keyboard FULL control and ALL keys processing, as well as LED control.
PS2KeyMap PS2 keyboard codes from PS2KeyAdvanced to UTF-8 for any Latin language keyboard.
PS2KeyRaw PS2 keyboard control and raw data receiving
Pulser A lightweight library to send sequences of pulses on output pins.
ReefwingPWM PWM on arbitrary pins
Regression Easy-to-use Statistical Regressions.
RemoteXY For all RemoteXY projects.
RFID_MFRC522v2 Arduino RFID driver library for MFRC522 (SPI, I2C)
RTCx Library to access DS1307, DS1337/8, MCP7941x and PCF85263 real-time clocks.
RTCMemory An intuitive library to simplify read and write operations on RTC memory of ESP8266 and its backup on flash memory.
RTCZero Allows to use the RTC functionalities. For Arduino Zero, MKRZero and MKR1000 only.
RTT-Ethernet RT-Thread Ethernet driver
RTT-GUI Embedded GUI Library
SDConfig A library for reading and writing settings from a configuration file on a SD card.
SerialRecord Send and receive multiple values to and from the serial port, with error checking.
Serie A library for mesures that makes easy to use time series
Servo Allows Arduino boards to control a variety of servo motors.
Si4703 Basic functionality of the Si4703 FM tuner chip.
Signature Processing AVR microcontrollers signature
SmoothADC Get ADC to return averaged values.
SoftWire Software I2C library.
SoftwareSerialTX A SoftwareSerial implementation only for transmitting data, maximum size reduced
SpaceTrek EasyStarterKit EasyStarterKit by SpaceTrek
Stepper Async 5 This is a library that modifies the Arduino 'Stepper' library to drive a step motor asynchronously. [Korean]�Ƶ��̳� 'Stepper'���̺귯���� �����Ͽ� �񵿱��� ���ܸ��͸� ������ �� �ְ� ���ִ� ���̺귯���Դϴ�.
STM32duinoBLE Fork of ArduinoBLE library to add the support of STM32WB, SPBTLE-RF, SPBTLE-1S, BLUENRG-M2SP and BLUENRG-M0 BLE modules.
TapCode An Arduino library to interpret 'tap code' sent with a single button.
TelegramBot Arduino library for TelegramBot
TFT Allows drawing text, images, and shapes on the Arduino TFT graphical display.
TimedBlink An object oriented library for asynchrnous programmable LED blinking
TinyUPnP Add port mappings to your router automatically
TrivialKalmanFilter Trivial Kalman Filter.
uECG Allows to get data from uECG device using nRF24 module.
uMyo_BLE Allows to get data from uMyo devices using BLE-enabled Arduinos (nRF52x and ESP32).
uMyo_RF24 Allows to get data from uMyo devices using nRF24 module AND nRF52840 boards.
Utils Utility functions and macros to print with arguments
UtilsBoards Auxiliary library to uniform the usage of the WiFi and I2C across different boards
Vishay_VCNL4200 Vishay VCNL4200 Long Range Proximity and Ambilent Light Sensor.
Vulintus_ATWINC3400 WiFi and BLE driver for ATMEL WINC3400 module
WebSockets WebSockets for Arduino (Server + Client)
WiFiEspAT Enables network connection with esp8266 or esp32 as network adapter.
wordwrap An Arduino word wrap library.
XLR8HardwareSerial Library to access UART XBs.
XLR8Wire Library to access I2C XBs.
XMC_Servo Allows Infineon XMC arm boards using Hardware PWM to control a variety of servo motors and controls.
zForce Air Library A library that makes it easy to communicate with the zForce AIR Sensor.