A list of the 1498 libraries that are licensed with the MIT license.

107-Arduino-BMP388 Arduino library for interfacing with the BMP388 barometric pressure sensor which can be used for inferring altitude information.
107-Arduino-Debug Arduino library for providing convenient macros for printf-style debugging.
107-Arduino-MCP2515 Arduino library for controlling the MCP2515 in order to receive/transmit CAN frames.
107-Arduino-NMEA-Parser Arduino library for interfacing with any GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or GNSS module and interpreting its NMEA messages.
107-Arduino-TMF8801 Arduino library for interfacing with the TMF8801 time-of-flight distance sensor.
107-Arduino-UAVCAN Arduino library for providing a convenient C++ interface for accessing UAVCAN.
aE2 E+E E2-sensor library for Arduino.
AStar32U4 A-Star 32U4 Arduino library
ATmega32U4 Grove Air quality sensor ATmega32U4 Arduino library to read values from Grove Air Quality Sensor.
AUnit A unit testing framework for Arduino platforms inspired by ArduinoUnit and Google Test.
aWOT Arduino web server library.
A4990MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu A4990 Dual Motor Driver Shield
ACAN A Teensy 3.1 / 3.2, 3.5, 3.6 CAN driver.
ACAN2515 Driver for MCP2515 CAN Controller
ACAN2515Tiny Driver for MCP2515 CAN Controller
ACAN2517 Driver for the MCP2517FD and the MCP2518FD CAN Controllers (CAN 2.0B mode)
ACAN2517FD Driver for MCP2517FD and MCP2518FD CAN Controller (CAN FD mode)
ACAN_ESP32 An ESP32 CAN Driver.
ACAN_T4 A Teensy 4.0 / 4.1 CAN / CANFD driver.
AccelMotor Library for smooth control motor with encoder
AccelStepperWithDistances This library allows you work with the popular AccelStepper not with steps, but milimeter distances!
Accelerometer ADXL335 Arduino library to control Grove - 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer ADXL335.
Accelerometer ADXL345 Arduino library to control Grove 3Axis Digital Accelerometer ADXL345.
Accelerometer_H3LIS331DL Arduino library to control Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±400g).
Accelerometer_MMA7660 Arduino library to control Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g).
AceButton An adjustable, compact, event-driven button library that handles debouncing and dispatches events to a user-defined event handler.
AceCommon Small low-level classes and functions with no external dependencies so that they can be easily reused in other libraries.
AceCRC Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) algorithms (crc8, crc16ccitt, crc32) programmatically converted from C99 code generated by pycrc ( to Arduino C++ using namespaces and PROGMEM flash memory.
AceMenu A library that makes coding a user Menu a breeze.
AceRoutine A low-memory, fast-switching, cooperative multitasking library using stackless coroutines on Arduino platforms.
AceTime Date, time, timezone classes for Arduino supporting the full IANA TZ Database.
AceUtils Useful Arduino utilities which are too small as separate libraries, but complex enough to be shared among multiple projects, and often have external dependencies to other libraries.
ACE128 Access the Bourns ACE-128 Absolute Contacting Encoder over I2C or digital pins
ACROBOTIC SSD1306 Library for SSD1306-powered OLED 128x64 displays!
ACS-M1128 ACS-M1128 SAM Element IoT WiFi Connectivity
ACS712 ACS712 library for Arduino.
AD5144A Arduino Library for AD5144A
AD520X Arduino library for SPI AD5204 and AD5206 digital potentiometers
AD5231 Arduino Library Arduino Library for controlling the Analog Devices AD5231 SPI Digital Potentiometer (DigiPot)
AD524X Arduino Library for AD524X
AD985X Arduino library for AD9850 and AD9851 function generators. Supports both hardware SPI as software SPI.
AD_Sensors The Library implements a set of methods for working with a digital and analog sensors.
Adafruit BNO055 Library for the Adafruit BNO055 Absolute Orientation Sensor.
Adafruit BusIO This is a library for abstracting away UART, I2C and SPI interfacing
Adafruit CCS811 Library This is a library for the Adafruit CCS811 I2C gas sensor breakout.
Adafruit DMA neopixel library Arduino library for NeoPixel DMA on SAMD21 and SAMD51 microcontrollers
Adafruit DRV2605 Library Arduino library for Adafruit DRV2605L Haptic Controller Breakout
Adafruit Feather OLED Helper class to work with 128x32 and 128x64 OLED displays on Adafruit Feathers
Adafruit FXAS21002C Unified sensor driver for the FXAS210002C Gyroscope
Adafruit FXOS8700 Unified sensor driver for the FXOS8700 Accelerometer/Magnetometer
Adafruit IS31FL3731 Library Arduino library for the Adafruit IS31FL3731 Charlieplex LED driver and CharliePlex FeatherWing.
Adafruit LED Backpack Library Adafruit LED Backpack Library for our 8x8 matrix and 7-segment LED backpacks
Adafruit MCP3008 MCP3008 8-Channel 10-Bit ADC
Adafruit MFRC630 RFID Arduino library for I2C and SPI access to the MFRC630 RFID/Near Field Communication chip
Adafruit MLX90393 Driver for the MLX90393 magenetic field sensor
Adafruit MLX90395 Driver for the MLX90395 magenetic field sensor
Adafruit MQTT Library MQTT library that supports the FONA, ESP8266, ESP32, Yun, and generic Arduino Client hardware.
Adafruit MS8607 Arduino library for MS8607 sensors.
Adafruit nRFCrypto Arduino Cryptography library using hardware-accelerated ARM CryptoCell CC310 on nRF52-based Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules
Adafruit SleepyDog Library Arduino library to use the watchdog timer for system reset and low power sleep.
Adafruit STMPE610 Arduino library for STMPE610/811 resistive touch screen controllers
Adafruit TinyUSB Library TinyUSB library for Arduino
Adafruit TPA2016 Library Arduino library for the Adafruit TPA2016(D2) I2C controlled AGC audio amplifier
Adafruit Zero DMA Library DMA helper/wrapped for ATSAMD21 such as Arduino Zero & Feather M0
Adafruit Zero I2S Library I2S audio playback library for the Arduino Zero / Adafruit M0 (SAMD21 processor) and M4 (SAMD51) boards
Adafruit Zero PDM Library PDM Microphone Input library for Arduino Zero / Adafruit Feather M0 (SAMD21 processor).
Adafruit ZeroTimer Library Arduino library for SAMD21/SAMD51 timer control
AdagioPro Controls Adagio RGB Poollights over RS-485
ADCTouchSensor Create Touch Sensors with a single analog pin without external hardware
ADS1X15 Arduino library for ADS1015 - I2C 12 bit ADC and ADS1115 I2C 16 bit ADC
ADS1115_WE A library for the ADS1115 ADC
ADS1118 library Arduino library for TI ADS1118 (16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Internal Reference and Temperature Sensor).
ADS1x1x Arduino library for ADS101x / ADS111x Ultra-Small, Low-Power, I2C-Compatible, ADCs
ADT7470 ADT7470 Library
Advance Seven Segment Summary
ADXL345 A acceleration sensor library for Arduino
ADXL345_WE A library for the ADXL345 accelerometer
AFArray Simple Array ADT for Arduino Framework with template.
AirGradient Air Quality Sensor ESP8266 library for an air quality sensor featuring PM2.5, CO2, Temperature and Humidity with OLED display.
AJSP Another JSON Streaming Parser
Algoduino A simple API client implementation in C++ for the Algorand Blockchain.
AlignedJoy Allows Arduino/Genuino boards to read a variety of analog joystick by aligning axis values (XY).
AliyunIoTSDK A toplevel client library for aliyun MQTT messaging.
Altino The library for the Altino car.
AM232X Arduino library for AM2320 AM2321 and AM2323 I2C temperature and humidity sensor.
AM50288H A 14 segment LCD display library for Arduino
AmbientCO2 Arduino library for CozIR Ambient CO2 sensors.
Ambimate A library for the Ambimate sensor board from TE
AmigaMouseJoyEmu Library to emulate Amiga Mouse or joystick
AMIS30543 AMIS-30543 SPI stepper motor driver library
AnalogKey Library for matrix analog keyboard
AnalogKeypad Arduino Library for (Robotdyn) 4x4 and 4x3 AnalogKeypad
AnalogMultiButton An Arduino library to capture button presses on multiple buttons through a single analog pin.
AnalogPin Arduino Library for AnalogPin
AnalogTouch AnalogTouch library for Arduino
Angle Library to convert between floating point angle to minutes hours representation.
Animately Precise animation of props or robots without the need for thread-blocking (delay()) or complex state machines.
ANSI Arduino library to send ANSI escape sequences
AntaresLoraID Arduino Library for Dragino/RFM and standalone LoRaWAN modules.
anto-esp8266-arduino Enables ESP8266 to connect to IoT platform.
AnyRtttl A feature rich arduino library for playing rtttl melodies.
Anyleaf Driver for the AnyLeaf pH, EC, and RTD sensors.
AP3216_WE An Arduino library for the AP3216 (CJMCU 3216) ambient light and proximity sensor.
APA102 APA102/SK9822 LED strip library
App Fernando K Library that helps working with the Fernando K app
Approximate The Approximate Library is a WiFi Arduino library for building proximate interactions between your Internet of Things and the ESP8266 or ESP32.
APRS-Decoder-Lib Library to decode APRS messages.
APRS-IS-Lib APRS-IS library for ESP32
AqualaboSensor Aqualabo Sensors.
ArduZ80 The first Z80 emulation library for Arduino.
Arduboy-BistercianNumbers Tiny 4x4 Bistercian Numerical Display for the Arduboy game system.
ArduboyTones A library for playing a sequence of tones, intended for use with the Arduboy game system.
ardubson Arduino Library for BSON (Binary JSON)
ArduinoArcherPanelClient Client library for websocket based communication with Archer Cloud panels.
ArduinoBearSSL Port of BearSSL to Arduino.
ArduinoCloudStorage CloudStorage lets you store and retrive values from a remote server.
ArduinoComponents A library for writing modern OO Arduino.
ArduinoFritzApi An arduino Library for Automation of Fritz!Box, Fritz!DECT and FRITZ!Powerline devices
arduino-fsm A library for implementing a finite state machine
Arduino-I2C-KM1 KeiganMotor KM-1 control library using I2C communication
ArduinoJson A simple and efficient JSON library for embedded C++.
ArduinoLang Translate Wiring and CPP language to your native language.
ArduinoLearningKitStarter Library for the ArduinoLearningKitStarter (ALKS) board by RoboticsBrno with definition of pins and initialization of peripheries.
arduino-menusystem A library for implementing a menu system
ArduinoMqtt MQTT Client library for Arduino based on the Eclipse Paho project.
Arduino OPL2 Use this library to control the OPL2 Audio Board or OPL3 Duo!
ArduinoOSC OSC subscriber / publisher for Arduino
ArduinoQueue Queue Library
ArduinoSensors A Library of Libraries of Sensors
ArduinoTEA5767 A simple to use library for the TEA5767 I2C FM receiver IC.
ArduinoThread A simple way to run Threads on Arduino
ArduinoTrace A dead-simple tracing library to debug your programs
ArduinoUniqueID Arduino Library to gets the Manufacture Serial Number from the Atmel AVR, SAM, SAMD, STM32, and ESP Microcontroller.
ArduinoUnit Flexible test framework for arduino projects.
ArduinoUserInterface A simple LCD user interface for Arduino.
Ark-Cpp-Client A simple API client implementation in C++ for the ARK Blockchain.
Ark-Cpp-Crypto A simple Cryptography Implementation in C++ for the ARK Blockchain.
ArtNet Art-Net Sender/Receiver for Arduino (Ethernet, WiFi)
ArxContainer C++ container-like classes (vector, map, etc.) for Arduino which cannot use STL
ArxSmartPtr C++ smart pointer-like classes for Arduino which cannot use standard smart pointers
ArxStringUtils Arduino String utilities
ArxTypeTraits C++ type_traits for Arduino which cannot use it as default
AS1115 AS1115 display library.
AS5X47 A library that reads angles from AS5047 and AS5147 sensors.
AsciiMassage AsciiMassage is a microcontroller message packer and parser for the ASCII format in different protocols.
AsyncAnalog Arduino Library for async reading of an analog pin
AsyncDNSServer_STM32 Asynchronous DNS Server Library for STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1 using LAN8720 or built-in LAN8742A Ethernet
AsyncElegantOTA Perform OTAs for ESP8266 & ESP32 Asynchronously.
AsyncHTTPRequest_Generic Simple Async HTTP Request library, supporting GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE and HEAD, on top of AsyncTCP libraries, such as AsyncTCP, ESPAsyncTCP, AsyncTCP_STM32, etc.. for ESP32 (including ESP32-S2), WT32_ETH01 (ESP32 + LAN8720), ESP8266 and currently STM32 with LAN8720 or built-in LAN8742A Ethernet.
AsyncStream Async read from Stream objects (Serial, etc)
AsyncTelegram Simple Arduino Telegram BOT library for ESP8266 and ESP32
AsyncTelegram2 Powerful, flexible and secure Arduino Telegram BOT library. Hardware independent, it can be used with any MCU capable of handling an SSL connection.
AsyncTimer JavaScript-like async timing functions (setTimeout, setInterval).
AsyncUDP_STM32 Fully Asynchronous UDP Library for STM32 using LAN8720 or built-in LAN8742A Ethernet.
AsyncWebServer_STM32 AsyncWebServer for STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1 using LAN8720 or builtin LAN8742A Ethernet
ATM90E26 Arduino ATM90E26 Energy Monitor Support for Arduino
ATOM_DTU_LoRaWAN Library for ATOM DTU LoRaWAN development kit
ATOM_DTU_NB Library for ATOM DTU NB development kit
AutoConnect ESP8266/ESP32 WLAN configuration at runtime with web interface.
AutoPID Automatic PID controller
Automaton A multi tasking table driven finite state machine framework
Automaton-Esp8266 Esp8266 State Machines for the Automaton Framework
Autopilot Library of various controllers for autonomous fixed-wing flight
avdweb_AnalogReadFast Fast analogRead 10/12 bit ADC for the Arduino Zero and Uno
avdweb_SAMDtimer Timer library for the SAMD21 and Arduino Zero
avdweb_VirtualDelay Allows using (multiple) delays without blocking code execution. Arduino Uno and Zero.
AverageAngle Library to average angles correctly around 0.
AVR-context This library provides a low-level facility for context switching between multiple threads of execution and contains an implementation of asymmetric stackful coroutines on an AVR micro-controller.
AvrHeap Library to runtime analyze the structure of the heap (AVR328).
AxisJoystick The Library implements a set of methods for working with an axis joystick controller.
B100AA B100AA Module Spesific Library
B902AA B902AA Module Spesific Library
Babelduino A library that allows writing and highlighting code in local language.
BackSeatDriver Simple move and turn semantics for self-driving vehicles.
Balboa Spa communications Use Arduino to control your BalBoa Spa Pack.
Balboa32U4 Balboa 32U4 Arduino library
base64 Base64 encoder/decoder for arduino repo
Base64_Codec Base64 codec
BasicLinearAlgebra A library for representing matrices and doing matrix math on arduino
BasicTinkering A collection of wrapper classes for commonly used electronic components.
BasicsLibrary Library for beginners with examples.
Battery Read battery parameters
BatteryMeter A library for reading a voltage from a battery and displaying the results.
Battery_18650_Stats Library to calculate 18650 charge level
bcl A fork of Nayukis Bitcoin Cryptography Library.
Beelan LoRaWAN LoRaWAN Arduino Library for standalone LoRaWAN modules class A and C with a simple API.
BH1730 An easy to use library for reading light values from the BH1730 light sensor
BH1750 Arduino library for the digital light sensor breakout boards containing the BH1750FVI IC
BH1750FVI Enables reading the digital light sensor
BH1750FVI_RT Arduino library for BH1750FVI (GY-30) lux sensor
Bifrost library for HC-SR04 A library for the HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor.
BigNums2x2 Creates a set of 2x2 character Big Numbers for a 2x16 character LCD.
BIP66 A simple Bitcoin BIP66 Implementation in C++ for the ARK Ecosystem.
BirdhouseSDK An Arduino library to easy control lots of relays effects, buttons with debouncer, analog indicators and more
BitArray Arduino library for compact array of objects with a size expressed in bits.
bitHelpers Arduino library with functions on bit level
BitPack Library for packing bit flags into byte array
BitReader The BitReader library is an arduino library that allows one to read or write data which is not aligned on 8, 16 or 32 bits variables.
Bitcraze PMW3901 PMW3901 Optical flow sensor driver.
BlaeckSerial A simple library to send binary (sensor) data via Serial port to your PC.
BLE-MIDI BLE-MIDI I/Os for Arduino
BLEPeripheral An Arduino library for creating custom BLE peripherals.
BLE SDK for Arduino Nordic BLE SDK for Arduino for nRF8001 products such as the BLE Shield, Blend and Blend Micro.
Bleeper A library to store generic configurations.
BlinkCode Library Asynchronous BlinkCode library for indicating flash fault codes.
BlinkControl This is an Arduino/ESP32 module for easily manage multiple LED on/off, blinking or Buzzer beats with different pattern.
BlinkSuite A library for blinking pins on and off or in a sequence.
Blinker Build a easy way for your IoT project.
Blinker_PMSX003ST Arduino library for Plantower PMSX003ST family sensors.
BlockNot BlockNot is a library that creates non-blocking timers with simplicity.
BlueRobotics Arduino_I2C_ESC Library A library for I2C based control of BlueRobotics ESCs
BlueRobotics Keller LD Library A simple and easy library for the Keller LD series pressure/depth sensors
BlueRobotics MS5837 Library A simple and easy library for the MS5837 pressure/depth sensor
BlueRobotics TSYS01 Library A simple and easy library for the TSYS01 temperature sensor
Blues Wireless Notecard An easy to use Notecard Library for Arduino.
Blues Wireless Notecard Pseudo Sensor Sensor class used for Notecard testing and examples.
Blynk Build a smartphone app for your project in minutes!
BlynkESP32_BT_WF Enable inclusion of both ESP32 Blynk BT/BLE and WiFi libraries. Then select one at reboot or run both. Eliminate hardcoding your Wifi and Blynk credentials and configuration data saved in either LittleFS, SPIFFS or EEPROM.
BlynkEthernet_Manager Simple Ethernet Manager for MultiBlynk for Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52, ESP32, ESP8266, RP2040-based (Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO) boards, etc. with or without SSL, configuration data saved in ESP8266/ESP32 LittleFS, SPIFFS, nRF52/RP2040 LittleFS/InternalFS, EEPROM, DueFlashStorage or SAMD FlashStorage.
BlynkEthernet_STM32_WM Simple Blynk Credentials Manager for STM32 boards using built-in LAN8742A Ethernet, LAN8720, ENC28J60 or W5x00 Ethernet shields, with or without SSL, configuration data saved in EEPROM.
BlynkGSM_Manager Simple GSM shield Credentials Manager for Blynk and ESP32 / ESP8266 boards, with or without SSL, configuration data saved in LittleFS / SPIFFS / EEPROM.
Blynk_Async_ESP32_BT_WF Simple WiFiManager for Blynk and ESP32 with or without SSL, configuration data saved in either SPIFFS or EEPROM. Enable inclusion of both ESP32 Blynk BT/BLE and WiFi libraries. Then select one at reboot or run both. Eliminate hardcoding your Wifi and Blynk credentials and configuration data saved in either LittleFS, SPIFFS or EEPROM. Using AsyncWebServer instead of WebServer, with WiFi networks scanning for selection in Configuration Portal.
Blynk_Async_GSM_Manager Simple GSM shield Credentials Manager for Blynk and ESP32 / ESP8266 boards, with or without SSL, configuration data saved in LittleFS / SPIFFS / EEPROM.
Blynk_Async_WM Simple Async WiFiManager for Blynk and ESP32 (including ESP32-S2, ESP32-C3), ESP8266 with or without SSL, configuration data saved in either LittleFS, SPIFFS or EEPROM. Now working with new ESP8266 core v3.0.1 and ESP32 core v1.0.6
Blynk_Esp8266AT_WM Simple WiFiManager for Blynk with MultiWiFi Credentials, for Mega, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, Teensy, RP2040-based RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc. boards running ESP8266/ESP32-AT shields. Configuration data saved in EEPROM, EEPROM-emulated FlashStorage_STM32 or FlashStorage_SAMD, SAM-DUE DueFlashStorage or nRF52/TP2040 LittleFS.
Blynk_Teensy Enable Blynk support of Teensy boards, especially latest Teensy 4.0, using WiFi, Ethernet, BT/BLE and GMSM/GPRS shields
Blynk_WiFiManager Simple WiFiManager for Blynk and ESP32 (including ESP32-S2, ESP32-C3), ESP8266 with or without SSL, configuration data saved in either LittleFS, SPIFFS or EEPROM. Now working with new ESP8266 core v3.0.0 and ESP32 core v1.0.6
Blynk_WiFiNINA_WM Simple WiFiManager for Blynk and Mega, UNO WiFi Rev2, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32, nRF52, RP2040-based boards, etc. using WiFiNINA shields, configuration data saved in EEPROM, FlashStorage_SAMD, FlashStorage_STM32, DueFlashStorage, nRF52/RP2040 LittleFS
BM64 Library BM64/BM62 Library for Arduino
BMP280_DEV An Arduino compatible, non-blocking, I2C/SPI library for the Bosch BMP280 barometer.
BMP388_DEV An Arduino compatible, non-blocking, I2C/SPI library for the Bosch BMP388 barometer.
BobaBlox A library that makes it easy to code simple hardware interactions with the Arduino.
BOF-Bling_On_ofF Arduino library for playing with relay, LED, and other On/OFF.
Bolder Flight Systems AMS5812 Library for communicating with Analog Microelectronics AMS 5812 pressure transducers.
Bolder Flight Systems AMS5915 Library for communicating with Analog Microelectronics AMS 5915 pressure transducers.
Bolder Flight Systems BME280 Library for communicating with the BME280 pressure, humidity, and temperature sensor.
Bolder Flight Systems BMI088 Library for communicating with the Bosch BMI088 6 axis IMU.
Bolder Flight Systems MPU9250 Library for communicating with the MPU-9250 and MPU-9255 nine-axis Inertial Measurement Units (IMU).
Bolder Flight Systems SBUS Library for communicating with SBUS receivers and servos.
Bolder Flight Systems UBLOX Library for communicating with uBlox GPS receivers.
BoodskapTransceiver Boodskap IoT Platform Arduino Library
BoolArray Arduino library for compact array of booleans of max size 2000 (UNO).
Bootstrapper A client library for MQTT messaging.
Bounce2 Debouncing library for Arduino and Wiring.
BQ25896 Arduino library for BQ25896 single-Cell Battery Charger
Brief A scriptable firmware and protocol for interfacing hardware.
BufferUtils An Arduino library for working with Buffers.
Bugtton Fast button debounce library for ATmega328P. Uses registers instead of digitalRead.
buildTime Library will help you to get compile time
Button Button is a tiny library to make reading buttons very simple.
ButtonFever Powerful button tools for managing various button events of standalone button or button array.
ButtonSuite A library for using a simple mechanical push (momentary) button as a momentary button, a latching button, a counter, an enumerator, and more.
Button2 Arduino/ESP library to simplify working with buttons.
button_asukiaaa Supply classes for Button.
BY8X01-16P Audio Module Library Library to control a BY8001-16P or BY83001-16P audio module from an Arduino board.
ByteConvert Library for converting variables to bytes and reverse
Byteduino A light implementation of Obyte cryptocurrency platform (formerly Byteball) for ESP8266 and ESP32
cI2C Arduino Hardware I2C for AVR (in plain c)
Callback A simple implementation of Signals and Slots for writing more flexible callbacks
CAN An Arduino library for sending and receiving data using CAN bus.
CAN Adafruit Fork An Arduino library for sending and receiving data using CAN bus.
CanBusData_asukiaaa It defines data frame of CAN bus.
CanBusMCP2515_asukiaaa It communicate with MCP2515 or MCP25625 on SPI to use CAN Bus.
CAN-BUS Shield Seeed Arduino library to control CAN-BUS and CAN BUS FD.
Canon BLE remote [BETA] Canon bluetooth remote control library for Arduino.
CayenneLPPdec CayenneLPP data decoder
CayenneLPP CayenneLPP Arduino Library.
CD74HC4067 A library for interfacing with the CD74HC4067 Mux.
CFPushButton A library for Arduino that helps interface for Push Buttons.
CF Rotary Encoder A library for Arduino that helps interface for Rotary Encoders.
Ch376msc A library for CH376 file manager control chip.
Ciao Enables communication between microcontroller and MIPS cpu. Natively support network communications, terminal (linux) and file access.
Clap Library for clap recognition and counting
CliTerminal Simple Serial Terminal
ClockForSeg_Lib A library for Clock made of TM1637
ClosedCube BME680 Arduino library for Bosch Sensortec BME680 integrated environmental (temperature, humidity, pressure, gas and in-door air quality) sensor
ClosedCube HDC1010 Arduino library for Texas Instruments HDC1010 Low Power, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Temperature Sensor
ClosedCube HDC1080 Arduino library for Texas Instruments HDC1080 Low Power, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Temperature Sensor
ClosedCube LPS25HB Arduino library for STMicroelectronics LPS25HB MEMS pressure sensor: 260-1260 hPa absolute digital output barometer
ClosedCube MAX30205 Arduino library for Maxim Integrated MAX30205 Human Body Temperature Sensor
ClosedCube OPT3001 Arduino library for Texas Instruments OPT3001 Digital Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
ClosedCube OPT3002 Arduino library for Texas Instruments OPT3002 Light to Digital Sensor
ClosedCube SHT31D Arduino library for Sensirion SHT30-D, SHT31-D and SHT35-D Digital I2C Temperature & Humidity Sensors
ClosedCube TMP116 Arduino library for ClosedCube TMP116 �0.2�C (max) High-Accuracy Low-Power I2C Temperature Sensor breakout board
cloud4rpi-esp-arduino Connect a board to the Cloud4RPi control panel using MQTT -
Cloudchip IoT communication library for Arduino, ESP8266 & EPS32
CMMC MQTT Connector MQTT Connector library
CMMC_LED An easy led controller
Commander Command line library for Arduino.
Complex Arduino library for Complex math.
ConfigManager WiFi connection manager for ESP8266 and ESP32
ConfigTool Save config variable and edit them online.
ControleForno Uma biblioteca para controle e automacao de forno tipo esteira.
Controlino A library for using direct or multiplexed input controls easily.
ControlledServo A library to have more control over the movement of a servo.
Controller Utilities Contains a number of useful tools for building custom game controllers.
Correlation Arduino Library to determine correlation between X and Y dataset
CountDown Arduino library to implement a CountDown clock in SW.
Cozir Arduino library for COZIR range of CO2 sensors. Polling mode only.
CPPTasks A simple hardware agnostic library written in C++11 implementing coroutines/state machines
CRCx CRC calculation for Arduino and other C++ programs
CRC Library for CRC for Arduino
CRC32 An Arduino library for calculating a CRC32 checksum.
CRT Bunch of CRT functions for LEDs
Crypto Rhys Weatherley's arduinolibs Crypto library.
CS5464 Arduino CS5464 Energy Monitor Support for Arduino
CS5490 A library control an integrated circuit Cirrus Logic - CS5490
CSV Parser CSV Parser for Arduino.
CTBot Simple Arduino Telegram BOT library for ESP8266/ESP32
currency Arduino library to help formatting integers as currency e.g. $ 1.000.000,00.
CurveFitting Fits polynomial curves to given datapoints
Custom PID Library PID Control System.
CWW Morse Transmit Send Morse Code on a digital I/O pin with optional audio sidetone.
Cytron Maker Sumo Library Library for Cytron Maker Mini Sumo controller.
Cytron Motor Drivers Library Library for Cytron Motor Drivers.
DLxx416_Arduino Display library for four-character OSRAM/Siemens intelligent displays: DLR2416, DLO2416, DLG2416, DLR3416, DLO3416, DLG3416.
DAC8551 Arduino library for DAC8501, DAC8531, DAC8550 and DAC8551 SPI 16-bit Digital Analog Convertor
DAC8552 Arduino library for DAC8552 SPI Digital Analog Convertor
DAC8554 Arduino library for DAC8554 SPI Digital Analog Convertor
DataSeriesPod A simple Arduino data logging library
DataServeriOS Serves data to Arduino Control (iOS) for control over network.
DataVisualizer This library is intended to simplify the use from Microchip Data Visualizer via the Atmel Data Protocol.
dbg-trace Debug Trace component for Embedded Applications - Debug and Trace Log message system based on trace ports with adjustable levels.
DCD SDK for Arduino A library that allows to connect to dcd hub and update value of thing property provided by property_id.
DDNS_Generic DDNS Update Client Library for SAM DUE, nRF52, SAMD21/SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, AVR Mega, megaAVR, Teensy, RP2040-based RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, WT32_ETH01, etc. besides ESP8266/ESP32, using ESP8266-AT/ESP32-AT WiFi, WiFiNINA, Ethernet W5x00, ENC28J60, LAN8742A or Teensy NativeEthernet
Debouncer Debounce library for Arduino
debug-cli Debug CLI for Embedded Applications - Command Line Interface for debugging and testing based on an object oriented tree structure.
DebugLog Serial based assertion and log library for Arduino
Derivs_Limiter This library can be used to limit the first and second derivative of a variable as it approaches a target value.
desklab Implement methods for the use of desklab ( devices.
DEVNULL Arduino library for a /dev/null stream
DEVRANDOM Arduino library to wrap a random generator in a stream
DFPlayerMini A reliable, responsive and compact driver for DFPlayer Mini sound module for Arduino.
DHTlib AVR Optimized Library for DHT Temperature & Humidity Sensor on AVR only.
DHT sensor library Arduino library for DHT11, DHT22, etc Temp & Humidity Sensors
DHTStable Stable version of library for DHT Temperature & Humidity Sensor
DHT12 Arduino library for I2C DHT12 temperature and humidity sensor.
DHT12 sensor library Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 library for DHT12 Temp & Humidity Sensors
DHT2pin Experimental library of the DHT library that uses 2 pins.
DHTNEW Arduino library for DHT temperature and humidity sensor, with automatic sensortype recognition.
DIGI-DOT-BOOSTER Library An easy to use library to control the DD-Booster.
DigitLed72xx A library for the MAX7219 and the MAX7221 Led display drivers.
Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor MLX90615 Arduino library to control Grove - Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor.
Digital Rain Animation for TFT_eSPI A library that represents Digital Rain Animation on color displays that support TFT_eSPI
directADC Library for advanced ADC control (AVR)
directTimers Library for advanced hardware timers control
DistanceTable Library for a memory efficient DistanceTable for Arduino.
DmtrPots Potentiometer library for Arduino / Teensy.
DoubleResetDetect Arduino library to check for double reset on ESP8266
DoubleResetDetector Library to detect a double reset, using ESP8266 RTC Memory.
DoubleResetDetector_Generic Library to detect a double reset, using EEPROM, DueFlashStorage, FlashStorage_SAMD, FlashStorage_STM32 or LittleFS/InternalFS for AVR, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, nRF52, RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc. boards. Now using efficient FlashStorage_STM32 library and supporting new RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO and STM32 core v2.0.0 as well as v1.9.0
Drive Arduino library to use L298N motor bridge. (Works for all esp8266 boards also)
DRV2667 Arduino library for DRV2667 Piezo Haptic Driver with Boost, Digital Front End, and Internal Waveform Memory
DRV8835MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield
DS1624 A library to interface with Maxim DS1624 temperature sensor and memory.
DS18B20 Arduino library for the Maxim Integrated DS18B20 1-Wire temperature sensor.
DS18B20Events Arduino temperature changed events for DS18B20 and other DallasTemperature compatible sensors
DS18B20_int Library for DS18B20 restricted to a single sensor per pin.
DS18B20_RT Arduino library for the DS18B20 temperature sensor.
DS1821 Arduino library for DS1821 temperature sensor
DS2431 Arduino library for Maxim DS2431 1-Wire EEPROM
DS28CM00 Arduino library for I2C DS28CM00 unique identification chip.
DS323x Arduino library for DS3231/DS3232 Extremely Accurate I2C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal
DS323x_Generic Library for DS3231/DS3232 Extremely Accurate I2C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal
DST RTC Arduino library for automatically adjusting RTC time for Daylight Saving Time (DST)
DTF_ESP32Update Update ESP32 devices using Deploy the Fleet service.
DTF_ESP8266Update Update ESP8266 devices using Deploy the Fleet service.
DualG2HighPowerMotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual G2 High Power Motor Driver Shields
DualMAX14870MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual MAX14870 Motor Driver Shield
DualMC33926MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield
DualTB9051FTGMotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual TB9051FTG Motor Driver Shield
DualVNH5019MotorShield Arduino library for the Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield
DueFlashStorage DueFlashStorage saves non-volatile data for Arduino Due.
DueTimer Timer Library fully implemented for Arduino DUE
Dynamixel Arduino library for Dynamixel
EButton A compact, simple-to-use, reliable and powerful event-driven button library, with proper debouncing and fine grained event structure.
EEvar Allows to save your variables in EEPROM memory. Works with any POD (bool, int, float, custom structs) and String. Simple. Lightweight.
eFLL eFLL (Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library).
eHaJo Absolute Pressure Addon Support for I²C absolute pressure board with WSEN-PADS chip.
eHaJo LM75-Addon-Board Support for I²C digital temperature sensor addon-board LM75.
EMailSender Send EMail via SMTP, library for Arduino Ethernet and SAMD (WiFiNINA), esp8266 and esp32.
E24 E24xxx EEPROM library.
Easing Easing function library for Arduino
EasyAndee Annikken EasyAndee Library for Annikken Andee U, Android and iOS boards.
EasyAndee101 Annikken EasyAndee Library for Arduino 101
EasyButton Arduino library for debouncing momentary contact switches, detect press, release, long press and sequences with event definitions and callbacks.
EasyBuzzer EasyBuzzer Library
EasyDDNS ESP8266 & ESP32 DDNS Update Client Library.
EasyHTTP An ESP32 library to facilitate the execution of HTTP requests.
EasyLed Arduino library for controlling standard LEDs in an easy way. EasyLed provides simple logical methods like led.on(), led.toggle(), led.flash(), led.isOff() and more.
EasyMorse A simplified Morse code library to be used as a method of Communication.
Easy Nextion Library Arduino library for Nextion displays
EasyNTPClient Library to read time from Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.
Easyiot-Esp8266 An Arduino library for sending and receiving data to an online platform using Esp8266 ESP-12E Boards.
Easyuino It offers a set of APIs to easily make beginners use several different sensors and devices using only the Easyuino
EC_Salinity Monitor hydroponic nutrient levels, salinity levels in aquariums or the ocean, saltwater pools, soil salinity, water quality etc.
EduShield Display library for EDUshield
EEWrap A convenient library allowing one to use the EEPROM just like RAM.
EE895 Arduino Library Library for the EE895 CO2 Sensor
EEPROMTyped The EEPROM Typed Library is a lightweight static library for reading and writing standard Arduino data types to the EEPROM.
Effortless-SPIFFS A class designed to make reading and storing data on the ESP8266 and ESP32 effortless.
ELMo Low-level synchronous Arduino library to interface with ELM327 OBDII devices.
EL_dev_arduino Library and Sample of ECHONET Lite for Arduino
elapsedMillis Makes coding responsive sketches easier.
Electronic Cats PN7150 Arduino library for SPI and I2C access to the PN7150 RFID/Near Field Communication chip.
ElegantOTA Perform OTAs for ESP8266 & ESP32 Elegantly!
ELMDuino Arduino library to easily interface with the common OBDII scanner: ELM327
EmbUI Embedded Web UI framework for esp8266/esp32 IoT prototyping
EmbedUI EmbedUI is an open source Project, for enthusiasts to speed-up & visualize UI development using Embedded Hardware.
Embedded Template Library ETL ETL. A C++ template library tailored for embedded systems.
EmbeddedUtils collections of utility headers for embedded c++
EmotiBit FeatherWing A library written for EmotiBit FeatherWing that supports all sensors included on the wing.
EmotiBit NCP5623 Library for the NCP5623 LED driver
EmotiBit SI7013 A library written for EmotiBit that supports the Si7013 temperature and humidity module
EmotiBit XPlat Utils A Utilities Library required for the successfull operation of EmotiBit FeatherWing and EmotiBit Oscilloscope Library
EncButton Light and fast library for button and encoder control
EnergyBoard Enables reading polyphase energy-monitor parameters of LVX EnergyBoard
EnergyMeter Arduino library to get data from energy meters in order to monitor them.
Engineer Regulator Arduino library for temperature controller. Stores settings in EEPROM. Hysteresis. (AVR and ESP)
Environment Read enviroment sensors
EPD It controls waveshare 1.54 inch e-paper(e-ink) display.
ESPert ESPert library for Arduino IDE
ES920 Arduino library for ES920/ES920LR FSK/LoRa wireless module
ESPAsync_WiFiManager ESP32 (including ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3), ESP8266 WiFi Connection Manager using AsyncWebServer, with enhanced GUI and fallback Web ConfigPortal.
ESPAsync_WiFiManager_Lite Light-Weight MultiWiFi/Credentials Async WiFiManager for ESP32 (including ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3) and ESP8266 boards. Powerful-yet-simple-to-use feature to enable adding dynamic custom parameters.
ESP Battery Arduino Library to calculate the ESP8266 (Feather Huzzah) battery level.
ESP-FlexyStepper This library is used to control one or more stepper motors from an ESP32 device
esp-fs-webserver From FSBrowser.ino example to library
ESPHap Native support Apple HomeKit protocol with Arduino projects
ESP Mail Client Mail Client Arduino Library for Arduino. Espressif ESP32, ESP8266 and SAMD21 devices with u-blox NINA-W102 module are supported.
ESP Rotary ESP8266/Arduino Library for reading rotary encoder values.
ESP-StepperMotor-Server A stepper motor control server for ESP32 with Web UI, REST API and CLI
ESP Telnet ESP8266/ESP32 library that allows you to setup a telnet server.
ESP32 AnalogWrite ESP32 Polyfill for analogWrite functions
ESP32-BLE-MIDI A library to use MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy on ESP32 boards.
ESP32-Chimera-Core Alternate library M5Stack/M5Core2/Odroid-Go/D-Duino and possiblly other ESP32/TFT/SD bundles
ESP32 Digital RGB LED Drivers A library for driving self-timed digital RGB/RGBW LEDs (WS2812, SK6812, NeoPixel, WS2813, etc.) using the Espressif ESP32 microcontroller's RMT output peripheral.
ESP32DMASPI SPI library for ESP32 which use DMA buffer to send/receive transactions
ESP32 ESP32S2 AnalogWrite ESP32 ESP32-S2 analogWrite functions
ESP32 HUB75 LED MATRIX PANEL DMA Display Experimental DMA based LED Matrix HUB75 Library
ESP32-imgur-uploader Image/Video uploader
ESP32 Mail Client Mail Client Arduino Library for ESP32
ESP32-PSRamFS "ESP32 RamDisk for PSRAM and fs::FS"
ESP32 RMT Peripheral VAN bus reader library ESP32 RMT Peripheral VAN bus reader library
ESP32SPISlave SPI Slave library for ESP32
ESP32Time Set and retrieve internal RTC time on ESP32 boards.
ESP32TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on ESP32-based (including ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3) boards
ESP32TinyUSB USB functions for ESP32-S2
ESP32_C3_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an ESP32-C3-based board
ESP32_easy_wifi_data Simple library for sending and recieving booleans, bytes, integers, and float variables over UDP. The esp32 can be connected to a wifi network or create its own hotspot.
esp32_ftpclient An FTP-Client for the ESP32.
ESP32_HTTPS_Server Alternative ESP32 Webserver implementation for the ESP32, supporting HTTPS and HTTP.
ESP32_ISR_Servo This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an ESP32 board to control multiple servo motors.
ESP32_S2_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an ESP32-S2-based board
ESP32_VS1053_Stream A library for streaming mp3, aac and ogg over http(s).
ESP8266 and ESP32 OLED driver for SSD1306 displays I2C display driver for SSD1306 OLED displays connected to ESP8266, ESP32, Mbed-OS
ESP8266 Firebase Library for ESP8266 to read and write data to Firebase Realtime Database.
esp8266-google-home-notifier Send notifications to Google Home from esp8266/32.
esp8266-google-tts generate the link to speech mp3 on esp8266/32.
ESP8266 Influxdb InfluxDB Client for Arduino.
ESP8266IoTHelper Helper for ESP8266 that orchestrates WiFi connection and OTA updates
ESP8266-OLED Display Library esp8266-Arduino library for I2C-OLED displays
ESP8266-ping A library to enable esp8266 platform to send and receive ping messages.
ESP8266RestClient ESP8266 RESTful HTTP Request Library.
ESP8266Scheduler ESP8266 Co-operative Multitasking
ESP8266SDUpdater SD Card Loader for ESP8266
ESP8266TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an ESP8266-based board.
ESP8266 Weather Station ESP8266 based internet connected Weather Station
ESP8266 Webhooks Library for ESP8266 to trigger events using Webhooks and IFTTT.
ESP8266_AT_WebServer Simple WebServer library for AVR, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, nRF52, SIPEED_MAIX_DUINO and RP2040-based (Nano RP2040 Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO) boards using ESP8266/ESP32 AT-command shields with functions similar to those of ESP8266/ESP32 WebServer libraries
ESP8266_ISR_Servo This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an ESP8266 to control servo motors.
esp8266_mdns mDNS queries and responses on esp8266.
ESP8266_multipart A small multipart file sending library for the ESP8266.
ESP_8_BIT Color Composite Video Library Generate color composite TV video out signals with an ESP32.
ESP_AT_Lib An ESP8266/ESP32-AT library for Arduino providing an easy-to-use way to control ESP8266-AT/ESP32-AT WiFi shields using AT-commands. For AVR, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32, nRF52, SIPEED_MAIX_DUINO and RP2040-based (Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc.) boards using ESP8266/ESP32 AT-command shields.
ESP_AT_WiFiManager WiFi/Credentials Manager for nRF52, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc. boards using ESP8266/ESP32-AT-command shields with fallback web configuration portal. Credentials are saved in EEPROM, SAMD FlashStorage, DueFlashStorage or nRF52/RP2040 LittleFS.
ESP_AT_WM_Lite Light-Weight WiFi/Credentials Manager for AVR Mega, SAM DUE, SAMD, nRF52, STM32, RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO boards, etc. using ESP8266/ESP32-AT-command shields. Powerful-yet-simple-to-use feature to enable adding dynamic custom parameters.
ESP_DoubleResetDetector Library to detect a double reset within a predetermined time, using RTC Memory, EEPROM, LittleFS or SPIFFS for ESP8266 and ESP32
ESP_MultiResetDetector Library to detect a multi reset within a predetermined time, using RTC Memory, EEPROM, LittleFS or SPIFFS for ESP8266 and ESP32
esp_sds011 ESP8266/ESP32 library for the SDS011 particulate matter sensor.
ESP_WiFiManager Library to configure MultiWiFi/Credentials at runtime for ESP32 (including ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3) and ESP8266 boards. With enhanced GUI and fallback web ConfigPortal.
ESP_WiFiManager_Lite Light-Weight MultiWiFi/Credentials Manager for ESP32 (including ESP32-S2 and ESP32-C3) and ESP8266 boards. Powerful-yet-simple-to-use feature to enable adding dynamic custom parameters.
Espalexa Library to control an ESP module with the Alexa voice assistant
EthernetWebServer Simple Ethernet WebServer, HTTP Client and WebSocket Client library for AVR, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, nRF52 and RASPBERRY_PI_PICO boards using Ethernet shields W5100, W5200, W5500, ENC28J60 or Teensy 4.1 NativeEthernet
EthernetWebServer_SSL Simple TLS/SSL Ethernet WebServer, HTTP Client and WebSocket Client library for Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52, ESP32, ESP8266 and RASPBERRY_PI_PICO boards using Ethernet shields W5100, W5200, W5500, ENC28J60 or Teensy 4.1 NativeEthernet. It now supports Ethernet TLS/SSL Client.
EthernetWebServer_SSL_STM32 Simple TLS/SSL Ethernet WebServer, HTTP Client and WebSocket Client library for STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1 boards running WebServer using built-in Ethernet LAN8742A, Ethernet LAN8720, W5x00 or ENC28J60 shields. It now supports Ethernet TLS/SSL Client.
EthernetWebServer_STM32 EthernetWebServer_STM32 is a simple Ethernet WebServer, HTTP Client and WebSocket Client library for STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1 boards using built-in Ethernet LAN8742A, LAN8720, Ethernet W5x00 or ENC28J60 shields
Ethernet_Manager Simple Ethernet Manager for Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, nRF52, ESP32 (including ESP32-S2, ESP32-C3, WT32-ETH01), ESP8266, RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc. boards, with or without SSL, configuration data saved in ESP8266/ESP32 LittleFS, SPIFFS or EEPROM, nRF52/RP2040 LittleFS/InternalFS, EEPROM, DueFlashStorage or FlashStorage_SAMD.
Ethernet_Manager_STM32 Simple Ethernet Manager for STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1 boards with Ethernet LAN8720, W5x00, ENC28J60 or built-in LAN8742A shields, with or without SSL, configuration data saved in EEPROM. With DoubleResetDetect feature.
Eventually Event-based programming library for Arduino
EveryTimer A library providing the possibility to call a function at specific time intervals.
evo_bsp Evo BSP components
evo_build_template Evo Build Template
evo_pmux_csr Evo PMUX CSR
evo_servo Evo Servo
EWMA Exponentially Weighted Moving Average filter used for smoothing data series readings.
ExampleLibrary An example of how to create a public Arduino Library, that is automatically uploaded into the Arduino Library Manager for public consumption.
Executive Execute routines to specified schedule
ExponentMap Generates an exponentially growing array based on provided number of steps and maximum value.
ezTime ezTime - pronounced "Easy Time" - is a very easy to use Arduino time and date library that provides NTP network time lookups, extensive timezone support, formatted time and date strings, user events, millisecond precision and more.
EZPROM A library to help organize EEPROM access.
FSerial A Delay Less Communication Protocol.
Fabrik2D A library for solving inverse kinematics in 2 dimensions using the FABRIK algorithm.
FanController Arduino Library for controlling PC fans
FastAccelStepper A high speed stepper library for Atmega 328p (nano), 2560 and ESP32
FastBLE BLE that leaves cycles for other tasks on Arduino MKR WiFi 1010
FastBot Simple library for Telegram bot (messages and menus)
FastCapacitiveSensor A library to use capacitive sensors quickly
FastGPIO Faster general-purpose I/O
FastLED Multi-platform library for controlling dozens of different types of LEDs along with optimized math, effect, and noise functions.
FastMap Library with fast map function for Arduino.
FastShiftIn Arduino library for (AVR) optimized shiftIn - e.g. for 74HC165
FastShiftOut Arduino library for (AVR) optimized shiftOut - e.g. 74HC595
FastTrig Arduino library with interpolated lookup for sin() and cos()
FauxmoESP Amazon Alexa support for ESP8266 and ESP32
Feature-Variables Persistent event driven variables aimed at making complex designs much simpler
FFT_C FFT library in C
FHEM This library allows communication with a FHEM Server.
Filters Filter utilities for Arduino
FIR filter FIR filter library for the Arduino.
Firebase Arduino based on WiFiNINA Google Firebase Realtime Database Arduino Client Library for Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Arduino MKR VIDOR 4000 and Arduino UNO WiFi Rev.2.
Firebase Arduino based on WiFi101 Google Firebase Realtime Database Arduino Client Library for Arduino WiFi Shield 101 and Arduino MKR1000 WIFI.
Firebase Arduino Client Library for ESP8266 and ESP32 Google Firebase Arduino Client Library for Espressif ESP8266 and ESP32
Firebase ESP32 Client Google Firebase Realtime Database Arduino Client Library for Espressif ESP32
Firebase ESP8266 Client Google Firebase Realtime Database Arduino Client Library for Espressif ESP8266
FirebaseJson The easiest Arduino library JSON parser, builder and editor for ESP8266, ESP32, Teensy 3.x, Teensy 4.x and others MCUs.
FirstBuild - Relay Control a relay by specifying a period and duty cycle.
fishyDIYdevices A library to simplify creating, operating, and using your DIY Internet of Things devices using NodeMCU (ESP8266) devices.
fixed Implementation of fixed poind calculations
FlashLightLED An Arduino library that can programmatically manipulate the LED color changing light strips controlled by a 44 Key IR Remote.
FlashStorage_SAMD The FlashStorage library aims to provide a convenient way to store and retrieve user's data using the non-volatile flash memory of SAMD21/SAMD51. It's using the buffered read and write to minimize the access to Flash. It now supports writing and reading the whole object, not just byte-and-byte.
FlashStorage_STM32 The FlashStorage_STM32 library aims to provide a convenient way to store and retrieve user's data using the non-volatile flash memory of STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1. It's using the buffered read and write to minimize the access to Flash. It now supports writing and reading the whole object, not just byte-and-byte. New STM32 core v2.0.0 is also supported now.
FlashStringTable Easy definition and use of Arduino flash-based (PROGMEM) global string.
FLE Arduino library for FLE = FLoat with Error datatype
FlexLibrary This Library is designed to make the integration of 'Flex Sensors' easier and simpler.
FlexyStepper Stepper motor control library for Arduino supporting in-motion changes.
FlightSimOutputs Library for easy handling of digital outputs on Multi Output card.
Forecaster Weather forecasting with Zambretti algorithm
FourRegs Prints the low-level configuration registers for Arduino-compatible boards which use an ARM SAMD51 processor.
Fraction Arduino library to implement a Fraction datatype
FRAM_I2C Arduino library for I2C FRAM.
FreeRTOS FreeRTOS Real Time Operating System implemented for AVR (Uno, Nano, Leonardo, Mega).
FreqPeriodCounter Smart library with comprehensive functions for counting (multiple) frequencies. For Arduino Uno and Zero.
frt Lightweight, easy-to-use wrapper around the Arduino_FreeRTOS_Library.
FTDebouncer An efficient, low footprint, fast pin debouncing library for Arduino
FTTech Aqualabo Sensors Aqualabo Sensor Library for Arduino, using ArduinoModbus through RS485
FTTech SAMD51 Clicks Arduino IDE Library to make our SAMD51 easier to use.
FT81x Arduino Driver Graphics library for the open source FT81x display driver board.
FuGPS Library Arduino library for parsing NMEA 0183 (GPS) messages.
FunctionFsm A library that simplifies the creation of finite state machines and streamlines the process of turning state diagrams into code..
FunctionGenerator Arduino library to generate wave forms (nummeric) for a DAC
Functional-Vlpp Provides function templates to better support C++ functional programming across platforms.
Fuzzy Spooder An add-on filament autochanger for existing 3D printers, in duel-spool configuration.
GCodeParser The GCodeParser library is a lightweight G-Code parser for the Arduino using only a single character buffer to first collect a line of code (also called a 'block') from a serial or file input and then parse that line into a code block and comments.
GParser Fast library for parsing cstring into substrings
GAMMA Arduino Library for the GAMMA function
Gaussian Gaussian math, Kalman Filters and Moving Averages made easy
GEENYmodem Arduino library for the GEENYmodem GPRS modem
Gemelon Pushbutton Arduino library to debounce a pushbutton.
Geometry A library for working with points, rotations and coordinate transformations in 3D space
Gesture PAJ7620 Arduino library to control Grove Gesture(PAJ7620U2).
GetInTouch Arduino library for GetInTouch Twitch Extension.
GhostLab42Reboot Arduino library for GhostLab42's Reboot Triple-Display Board Set
GifDecoder Play Animated GIFs
Gigabits Gigabits interface for Arduino
GM1602lib Arduino library for GM1602-CO sensors.
Grandeur Let your arduinos and ESPs communicate with Grandeur in realtime.
Gravity Soil Moisture Sensor Arduino Library for DfRobot Gravity Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor.
Green Beacon BLE beacon library compatible with LINE Simple Beacon
GRGB Library for smooth RGB LED control
Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader Arduino library to control Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader.
Grove - 2-Channel Inductive Sensor LDC1612 Arduino library to control Seeed Inductive Sensor LDC1612.
Grove 3Axis Compass V2.0 BMM150 Arduino library to control Grove 3-Axis Digitial Compass v2.0.
Grove-3-Axis-Digital-Accelerometer-2g-to-16g-LIS3DHTR Library for Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer ±2g to 16g Power(LIS3DHTR).
Grove - 6Axis Accelerometer And Compass v2 Arduino library to control LSM303DLH.
Grove 6Axis_Digital_Accelerometer_Gyroscope4_ADIS16470 Arduino library to control Grove 6-Axis Digital Accelerometer&Gyroscope(ADIS16470).
Grove - Air quality sensor Arduino library to control Grove Air Quality Sensor.
Grove barometer HP20x Arduino library to control Grove barometer HP20x.
Grove Barometer Sensor Arduino library to control Grove Barometer Sensor BMP085/BMP180.
Grove - Barometer Sensor BME280 Arduino library to control Grove - Temp&Humi&Barometer Sensor(BME280).
Grove - Barometer Sensor BMP280 Arduino library to control Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP280).
Grove - Capacitive Touch Slide Sensor CY8C40XX Arduino library to control Grove_touch_sensor_CY8C40XX.
Grove - Coulomb Counter for 3.3V to 5V LTC2941 Library for Grove - Coulomb Counter for 3.3V to 5V(LTC2941)
Grove - Digital Light Sensor Arduino library to control Grove - Digital Light Sensor(TSL2561/ISL29035).
Grove - Haptic Motor Arduino library to control Grove - Haptic Motor.
Grove - High Precision RTC Arduino library to control Grove - High Precision RTC_PCF85063TP.
Grove - High Temperature Sensor Arduino library to control Grove - High Temperature Sensor.
Grove - I2C High Accuracy Temp_Humi Sensor SHT35 Arduino library to control Grove Temperature sensor SHT35.
Grove I2C Motor Driver v1.3 Arduino library to control Grove I2C Motor Driver.
Grove - I2C Thermocouple Amplifier MCP9600 Arduino library to control Grove Temperature sensor MCP9600.
Grove - I2C UV Sensor VEML6070 Arduino library to control Grove UV sensor VEML6070.
Grove - Laser PM2.5 Sensor HM3301 Arduino library to control PM2.5 sensor(HM3300).
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight Arduino library to control Grove - LCD RGB Backlight.
Grove LED Bar Arduino library to control Grove LED Bar.
Grove - LED Matrix Driver Arduino library to control Grove - LED Matrix Driver.
Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz 868MHz Arduino library to control Grove - LoRa Radio 868MHz and Grove - LoRa Radio 433MHz.
Grove Mini Track Ball Arduino library to control Grove Mini Track Ball.
Grove - Motor Driver TB6612FNG Arduino library of Grove - Motor Driver(TB6612FNG)
Grove - Q Touch Sensor Arduino library to control Grove - Q Touch Sensor.
Grove Ranging sensor - VL53L0X Sensor driver for VL53L0X Ranging sensor
Grove - RTC DS1307 Arduino library to control Grove - RTC DS1307.
Grove SHT31 Temp Humi Sensor Arduino library to control Grove SHT31 Temp Humi Sensor.
Grove - Sunlight Sensor Arduino library to control Grove - Sunlight Sensor.
Grove Temper Humidity TH02 Arduino library to control Grove Temper Humidity TH02
Grove Temperature And Humidity Sensor Arduino library to control Grove Temperature And Humidity Sensor, it contains chip DHT11 AM2302.
Grove - Temperature And Humidity Sensor HDC1000 Arduino library to control Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor HDC1000
Grove Ultrasonic Ranger Arduino library for controlling Grove Ultrasonic Ranger, using gennal I/O communication.
GSMSim GSM Library For SimCom Modules
GTT Enables use of matrix orbitals GTT line of products
GUIslice GUIslice embedded touchscreen GUI library in C for Arduino & Raspberry Pi
GY521 Arduino library for GY521 angle measurement
GyverBME280 Light library for BME280 sensor
GyverBus Communicating by GBUS interface
GyverButton Advanced button control library
GyverDimmer Phase and Bresenham algorithm for AC triac dimmer
GyverEncoder Advanced encoder control library
GyverFIFO Simple ring (circular, FIFO) buffer for Arduino
GyverFilters Library with few filters for data processing
GyverGFX Fast GFX library for displays and matrixes
GyverHX711 Library for HX711 ADC/weight module
GyverMAX7219 Fast and light MAX7219 matrix library
GyverMotor Library for motor driver control
GyverNTC Simple library for NTC thermistors
GyverOLED Fast and light library for SSD1306/SSH1106 OLED display
GyverOS Simple task manager for Arduino
GyverPID Fast library for PID regulating algorithm
GyverPower Library for power management of AVR
GyverPWM Library for advanced PWM settings of AVR
GyverRelay Library for relay regulation algorithm
GyverStepper Fast library for stepmotor control
GyverTimer Simple timer with period/timeout modes on millis
GyverTimers Library for control hardware timers on ATmega328p and ATmega2560
GyverTM1637 Library for advanced control of TM1637 7-segment display
GyverUART Light and fast Serial library
GyverWDT Advanced WDT control library for ATmega328p/32U4/2560 & ATtiny85/84/167
Gyver433 Simple library for 433 MHz radio
Hall-Switch This library provides an interface to interact with the Hall effect sensor switch family
Hamming Library for pack and unpack data by Hamming algorithm
HardwareSerial_RS485 Concurrent multi-drop (i.e. multi-master, multi-slave) RS485 communication library
HC-SR04 Library for HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor.
HCSR04 Library for HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor.
HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor Allows an Arduino board to use HCSR04 module.
HDC1000 A temperature and humidity sensor library for HDC1000
HeartBeat Arduino library for HeartBeat with frequency and dutyCycle.
Hello Drum Arduino Library for piezo sensing
hellothing_BG96_NBIoT NB-IoT library for hellothing BG96 Arduino shield
Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller Arduino library to control Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller.
HerkulexServo A library for communicating with Herkulex smart servos.
HexFabQuadroMotorShield Control up to four DC Motors and read their currents with this shield.
HID Buttons Easily handle state changes for HID button inputs.
HID-Project Extended HID Functions for Arduino
HighPowerStepperDriver High-Power Stepper Motor Driver library for Arduino
High-Side-Switch C++ library for the PROFET+2 12V
Histogram Arduino library for creating histograms math.
HM330X by Tomoto Arduino library for HM3301/HM3302 dust sensor.
HMC6352 Experimental Arduino library for HMC6352 digital compass sensor
HomeKit-ESP8266 Native Apple HomeKit accessory implementation for the ESP8266 Arduino core.
HomeSpan A robust and extremely easy-to-use HomeKit implementation for the Espressif ESP32 running on the Arduino IDE.
homecontrol-mqtt A client library for MQTT messaging.
Honeywell TruStability SPI Arduino library for communicating with Honeywell TruStability HSC or SSC pressure sensors over SPI.
Honeywell Zephyr I2C Arduino library for Honeywell Zephyr HAF flow rate sensors using I2C.
HoverboardAPI Hoverboard API controller
hp_BH1750 Digital light sensor breakout boards containing the BH1750FVI IC
HPDL1414-74HC595 An Arduino library for driving HPDL-1414 displays using shift registers
HT16K33 Arduino Library for HT16K33 I2C 4x7segment display
HX711 Arduino library for HX711 loadcell amplifier
HX711 Arduino Library Library to interface the Avia Semiconductor HX711 ADC.
HX711_ADC Library for the HX711 24-bit ADC for weight scales.
HX711_asukiaaa It read values from HX711
HyperDeck BlackMagic Design HyperDeck controller for Arduino via TCP
Hysteresis Hysteresis library
IRsmallDecoder Allows the reception and decoding of infrared signals from remote controls.
I2CExtension I2C extension/wrapper for Arduino
I2CKeyPad Arduino libray for 4x4 KeyPad connected to a PCF8574
I2CSoilMoistureSensor Provide access to all functions of the I2C Soil Moisture Sensor from Catnip Electronics.
I2C_24LC1025 Library for 24FC1025 I2C EEPROM
I2C_ASDX Arduino library for I2C ASDX pressure sensor
I2C_DMAC Arduino Zero (SAMD21/SAMD51) based non-blocking I2C library using the Direct Memory Access Controller (DMAC).
i2cdetect Arduino library for scanning I2C bus for devices
IbusTrx Arduino library for sending and receiving messages over the BMW infotainment bus (IBUS).
ICM20948_WE A library for the 9-axis accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer ICM20948
ICM7218 Intersil-Renesas ICM7218A/B and ICM7228A/B LED driver library.
IEEE754tools Fast helper functions for IEEE754 floats.
IFTTTWebhook Library for triggering IFTTT web hooks
IFX007T-Motor-Control This library provides an Interface for Infineons IFX007T Motor Control Arduino Shield
INA219B INA219B TI i2c output current/voltage/power monitor Library
INA219_WE A library for the INA219 current sensor module
INA226 Arduino library for INA226 power sensor
INA226_WE A library for the INA226 current and power sensor module
infiniteAverage Experimental Arduino Library to calculate a high precision average of many samples
InkyBoard Bibliotheek om gebruik te maken van het InkyBoard van InkyCode
Int64String Convert 64bit integers to strings
Interval Arduino library for Interval datatype
IoT Pipe A library to use with the IoT Pipe web service.
IotWebConf ESP8266/ESP32 non-blocking WiFi/AP web configuration.
iotec_MAX7319 A library for using the MAX7319 from MAXIM Integrated.
ipMIDI ipMIDI for Arduino
IRRemoteControl A lightweight library for send/receive infra-red signal.
Irms_calc Irms calculation library for ESP8266/ESP32/Arduino.
ISE Probe Interface An Ion Specific Electrode Probe Interface
ISL1208-RTC-Library Arduino library for Intersil ISl1208 RTC chip.
Isolated EC Probe Interface Measure Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, and Salinity
Isolated ISE Probe Interface An isolated Ion Specific Electrode Probe Interface
JLed An Arduino library to control LEDs
JMotor This library uses polymorphism and defines common interfaces for reading encoders and controlling motors allowing for easy open or closed loop motor control.
JMAFoundation A library that provide event response for Arduino.
JMA_SPComm A library that makes simple communication protocol for Arduino.
JrkG2 Jrk G2 library for Arduino
JsmnStream Reformatting of the Serge Zaitsev jsmn library to parse a JSON string one char at a time.
JsonLogger An easy-to-use, small, fast and portable JSON builder and logger for IoT logging, data acquisition and analytics.
Json Streaming Parser A very memory efficient library to parse (large) JSON objects on small devices
Json Streaming Parser 2 A memory efficient library to parse (large) JSON objects from HTTP or HTTPS streams on embedded devices.
K1200 Library for the Velleman K1200 watch.
Kalman Include Kalman filter to your Arduino projects
Kelvin2RGB Arduino library for converting temperature to RGB values
KeyMatrix KeyMatrix is poll event library for matrix keypads.
keybrd A library for creating custom-keyboard firmware.
KIM Handles the interface between KIM1 shield V2 and Arduino.
Kinematics Toolkit for robotic applications that require forward or inverse kinematics.
KMP_MCP23S08 Unified driver for the the MCP23S08 SPI expander
KMP_RS485 Library allows you send and receieve data using RS485 protocol
Knock Detector A non-blocking knock detection library to use with piezo elements
KXTJ3-1057 Motion detection without bells and whistles, simply works, low power.
L3G Arduino library for Pololu L3G4200D, L3GD20, and L3G4200D boards
LCBUrl A library to manipulate URL strings
LCDGraph An Arduino library for drawing line graphs on alphanumeric displays using custom characters.
LcdMenu Display navigable menu items on your LCD display with Arduino.
LCDMenuLib A library with you can generate a menu`s based on the nested set model with multi layers
LCDMenuLib2 Easy creation of a multi layer tree menu with screensaver and other stuff.
LCD_HD44780 A library for HD44780 based LCDs.
LCD_ST7032 Arduino library for ST7032 LCD controller with i2c interface
lcdgfx VGA, SSD1306, SSD1331, SSD1325/SSD1327, SSD1351, IL9163/ST7735, ILI9341, PCD8544, SH1106/SH1107 spi/i2c OLED/LED Display driver.
LectroboxKeypadShield Driver for the Lectrobox Keypad Shield.
LectroboxPCJoyShield Driver for the Lectrobox DB-15 PC Joystick Shield.
LEDMatrixDriver A replacement for Arduino's LedControl library for MAX7219
LedRGBlib RGB LED library for Arduino (ENG+ESP)
LedSync Arduino library to perform synchronous blinking operations with LEDs and NeoPixels.
LED744511 74'4511 LED Driver Library
Leeman Geophysical Learning Shield Tools for the Leeman Geophysical LLC Learning Shield.
Legoino Library for controlling PoweredUp, Boost, Corntrol+ controllers/hubs
Lepton FLiR Thermal Camera Module Library Library to control a Lepton FLiR (forward looking infrared) thermal camera module from an Arduino-like board (Teensy 3+/ESP32+ minimum).
Letters and Numbers Seven Segment Display Library Arduino library for displaying letters and numbers on 7-segment display.
Lewis A morse code stream/print interpreter
LibEdificio Allows to control the Building Lights educative system.
LibEstacionamiento Allows to control the Estacionamiento educative system.
LibLanc Allow camera control via the Sony lanc protocol
LibLucesCiudad Allows to control the City Lights educative system.
LibMiniSys Allows to control the MiniSys educative system.
LibPrintf Library adding support for the printf family of functions to the Arduino SDK.
LibSemaforo Allows to control the Semaforo educative system.
LibSemaforosCiudad Allows to control the Traffic Lights educative system.
LibYxml Yoran Heling's yxml library.
Libdevlpr A library that makes using the FANTM DEVLPR shield easier.
LIN master emulation with background operation LIN master node emulation with preemptive background operation
LineFormatter Wrapper class for Serial to enhance layout of tabular data.
LinearRegression Linear, Regression, Machine, Learn, AI, Statistics, Stats, Math
LinkedList A fully implemented LinkedList made to work with Arduino projects
LinkedPointerList Light-weight implementation of LinkedList library, that is now stripped down to bare minimum, making it appropriate for use in memory-critical environments.
LiquidCrystal_74HC595 This library allows an Arduino board to control most LCDs (Hitachi HD44780 based or compatible) through a 74HC595 shift register.
LiquidMenu Menu creation Arduino library for LCDs, wraps LiquidCrystal.
LIS3DH motion detection Motion detection without bells and whistles, simply works, low power.
LIS3MDL LIS3MDL magnetometer library
LispIO new lightweight IO function
LispMotor L298x driver
LiveObjectsSDK A library that makes connection with Orange LiveObjects platform a breeze.
LM75A Arduino library M2M Solutions LM75A Arduino library.
LoRa An Arduino library for sending and receiving data using LoRa radios.
LoRaNow LoRaNow Library is a simple LoRa Node <> Gateway communication protocol.
LoRa-payload-BKU Library for easy Data transmission using MKR WAN 1300/ 1310 to LoRaWAN server
LoRa Serialization Library for serialization of data on the Arduino side and deserialization in the TTN
LoRandom A library using Semtech's sx1276/7/8/9's `RegRssiWideband` register properly to generate random numbers.
Log Simple but useful macroses for logging. Allow use printf() with Serial for logging.
log4Esp Extendable logging library for ESP8266
log4arduino Lightweight, no-frills logging for Arduino and friends
losant-mqtt-arduino MQTT library to easily communicate with the Losant IoT platform.
LPS Arduino library for Pololu LPS25H and LPS331AP boards
LPS35HW LPS35HW pressure sensor library
LSM303 Arduino library for Pololu LSM303 boards
LSM6 LSM6 accelerometer and gyro library
LTC2942 Library for Analog Devices LTC2941 and LTC2942 battery gas gauges.
LTC2991 Arduino library for LTC2991
lv_arduino Full-featured Graphics Library for embedded systems
lvgl Full-featured Graphics Library for Embedded Systems
lx16a-servo Simple Arduino library to operate LX-16A serial servos.
mString Static lightweight analog of String class
mWebSockets Simple to use implementation of WebSockets for microcontrollers
M2M Solutions Logger Library Arduino library for logging.
M2M Solutions MiraOne Library Arduino library for the MiraOne radio module by Lumenradio AB.
M2M Solutions Purplepoint Boards Library Arduino library for Purplepoint IoT boards.
M2M Solutions Quectel Library Arduino library for Quectel cellular modules.
M2M Solutions TLV Library Arduino library for the TLV format.
M5Atom Library for M5Atom Core development kit
M5-CoreInk Library for M5CoreInk development kit
M5Core2 Library for M5Stack Core2 development kit
M5FacesEncoder Arduino Library for reading encoder values from the M5Stack Faces Encoder Module
M5GFX Library for M5Stack All Display
M5Stack Library for M5Stack Core development kit
M5 Stack 4Relay Library M5Stack 4RELAY library for multiple different architectures.
M5Stack-SD-Updater SD Card Loader for M5 Stack
M5Stack_Avatar Yet another avatar module for M5Stack
M5Stack_OnScreenKeyboard OnScreenKeyboard for M5Stack
M5Stack_SimpleBeep Simple Beep for M5Stack.
M5Stack_TreeView TreeView Menu UI for M5Stack
M5StickC Library for M5StickC Core development kit
M5StickCPlus Library for M5StickC Plus development kit
M5_RTC_Module A library for using the RTC-Module from iotec for the M5-Stack.
M62429 Arduino library for M62429 volume control IC
M62429 Volume Control Library M62429/FM62429 Serial data control dual electronics volume library for Arduino.
MacroLogger Arduino logger with support for preprocessor directives and standard C/C++ string formatting.
MagAlpha Angle Sensor Library Arduino library for the MPS MagAlpha magnetic angle sensor.
MagStripe Decode data from TTL (raw) magnetic card readers.
Maidenhead Library for converting between latitude/longitude and Maidenhead locators.
MaquinitasParams Library of parameters for art devices.
MaquinitasRitmos Library of rhythmic data for art devices.
MatrixCharlieplex A library for Arduino to control Charlieplexed LED matrices.
Matrix Color Sensor An RGBW color sensor.
Matrix Controller A combined DC Motor controller and servo controller.
Matrix Mini Library An Arduino based robot controller.
Matrix Motion Sensor An inertial measurement unit 9-degree of freedom sensor.
Matrix Motor Extension A 4 channel DC motor controller.
Matrix Servo Extension A 8 channel RC Servo controller.
Matrix Ultrasonic Sensor An automatic ultrasonic sensor.
MAX14661 Arduino library for MAX14661 16 channel I2C multiplexer
MAX17048 Arduino library for MAX17048/MAX17049 1-Cell/2-Cell Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge
MAX31855_RT Arduino library for MAX31855 chip for K type thermocouple.
Max44009 Library for MAX44009 I2C LUX sensor Arduino.
MAX6675 with hardware SPI A library for MAX6675 thermocouple interface.
MAX6675_Thermocouple The Library implements a set of methods for working with a thermocouple based on the MAX6675 driver.
MAX7XX-7-Segment MAX72XX 7-segment display library.
Mbed BLE HID A Library to implement Human Interface Device with Bluetooth on a Mbed stack (Arduino Nano 33 BLE).
MBED_RPI_PICO_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on RP2040-based boards such as Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO
MCCI Arduino Development Kit ADK The MCCI XDK ported to Arduino ("Arduino Development Kit").
MCCI Arduino LoRaWAN Library High-level library for LoRaWAN-based Arduino end-devices.
MCCI Catena Arduino Platform Arduino library for MCCI Catena 44xx, 45xx, 46xx and 48xx systems.
MCCI Catena SCD30 Arduino library for Sensirion SCD30 carbon dioxide sensors.
MCCI Catena SDP Arduino library for Sensirion SDP (SDP31, SDP32, SDP800-series) Differential Pressure sensors.
MCCI LoRaWAN LMIC library Arduino port of the LMIC (LoraWAN-MAC-in-C) framework provided by IBM.
MCP23017 MCP23017 I2C Port expander library.
MCP23017_RT Arduino library for I2C MCP23017 16 channel port expander 16 IO-lines
MCP3X21 MCP3021 & MCP3221 Arduino library
MCP3XXX An Arduino Library supporting the MCP3XXX series of ADC SPI chips, including MCP3002, MCP3004, MCP3008 and others.
MCP3202 Used to interface the 12 bit ADC MCP3202 by Microchip.
Mcp3208 Arduino library for the MCP320x 12 bit ADC family.
MCP4131 library A library to control an MCP4131 digital potentiometer
MCP4725 Arduino library for 12 bit I2C DAC - MCP4725
MCP4728 Arduino library for MCP4728 quad channel, 12-bit voltage output Digital-to-Analog Convertor with non-volatile memory and I2C compatible Serial Interface
MCP48xx DAC Library A library to control the MCP48xx family of SPI digital to analog converters (DACs).
MCP9808_RT Arduino Library for I2C MCP9808 temperature sensor
MCP_ADC Arduino library for MCP3002, MCP3004, MCP3008, MCP3202, MCP3204, MCP3208
MCP_DAC Arduino library for Microchip SPI DAC, 8, 10, 12 bit; 1 or 2 channel.
MDNS_Generic mDNS Library for nRF52, SAMD21, SAMD51, SAM DUE, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, AVR Mega, RP2040-based boards, etc. using Ethernet W5x00
Meeo This library is used for connecting your Arduino device to Meeo.
megaAVR_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an Arduino megaAVR board, such as UNO WiFi Rev2, AVR_NANO_EVERY, etc.
Melody Melody offers a simple an powerful music text notation called MELO.
Melopero AMG8833 A driver library for the AMG8833 sensor.
Melopero APDS9960 A driver library for the APDS9960 sensor.
Melopero BME280 A driver library for the BME280 sensor.
Melopero LSM9DS1 A driver library for the LSM9DS1 9-DOF IMU.
Melopero RV3028 A driver library for the RV3028 rtc.
Melopero SAM-M8Q A driver library for the SAM-M8Q GNSS Antenna Module.
Melopero UBX Protocol A library to easily create Ubx messages.
Melopero VL53L1X A driver library for the VL53L1X sensor.
MeteoFunctions Collection of meteo functions
MHGroveBLE Interface with Grove BLE v1 modules.
MH-Z CO2 Sensors Ready to use imeplementation for CO2 sensors of the MHZ series (Intelligent Infrared CO2 Module)
microDS18B20 Light library for DS18b20 sensor
microDS3231 Light library for DS3231 RTC module
microLED Light library for addressable LEDs
MicroShell Shell implementation, compatible with VT100 terminal
microWire Light library for I2C communication
Microbot_Motor_Shield Dual DC Motor Shield V2 library for Arduino
Microfire_Mod-EC Add the ability to measure EC to your hardware application with a fully digital interface.
Microfire_Mod-ORP Add the ability to measure ORP to your hardware application with a fully digital interface.
Microfire_Mod-pH Add the ability to measure pH to your hardware application with a fully digital interface.
MIDI Library MIDI I/Os for Arduino
Midier A library for playing, recording, looping and programming MIDI notes, arpeggios and sequences.
MillisTimer A timer library for working with millis().
Mini Grafx Graphics Library for embedded devices with a framebuffer
Minimal Timeout Minimal, production-ready timeout library for Arduino.
mjson JSON parser, emitter, and JSON-RPC engine
ML8511 ML8511 - UV sensor - library for Arduino
MMA8653 Allows reading the MMA8653 accelerometer.
ModbusConfig ModbusConfig library for ESP8266/ESP32/Arduino. The library process a modbus configuration file in JSON format.
modularCV A simple library for generating CV signals to control modular synthesizers.
MODULE_GRBL13.2 Library for M5Stack GRBL13.2 MODULE
MoonPhase Get lunar phase information on a esp32.
MorseCodeMachine Get started with Arduino by learning Morse code.
MotoMama Library Simple library for H-Bridge MotoMama.
MotorController Easy to use Arduino library to control virtually any DC motor controller
MovingAverage Arduino Library for averaging fixed-point numbers
MovingAverageAngle Arduino & Mbed Library for averaging angles 0-360°
MovingAverageFloat Arduino Library for averaging float numbers
Moving Average Library Moving Average library for Arduino
MpesaSTK Mpesa Daraja for microcontrollers.
MPU6050 MPU6050 Arduino Library.
MPU6050_light Arduino library for light and fast communication with the MPU6050.
MPU9250 Arduino library for MPU9250 Nine-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass) MEMS MotionTracking™ Device
MPU9250_asukiaaa It manages MPU9250
MPU9250_WE A library for the 9-axis accelerometer, gyrometer and magnetometer
MQUnifiedsensor This library allows you to read the MQ sensors very easily.
MQ131 gas sensor Library for measuring ozone (O3) concentration with sensor MQ131
MQTT MQTT library for Arduino
MqttLogger Remote logging on a mqtt broker with the same interface as Serial.print()
MQTTPubSubClient MQTT and MQTT over WebSoket Client for Arduino
MrMx - Arduino SI4012 Arduino SI4012 library.
MrMx - AW9523B AW9523B LED Driver & GPIO I2C 16bit expander library
msTask Use hardware Timer1 to run tasks in time preset
MS5611 Arduino library for MS5611 temperature and pressure sensor
MsgPack MessagePack implementation for Arduino (compatible with other C++ apps)
MSMPLOTTER A library that can plot on Serial Monitor.
MT8870 Arduino library for MT8870 DTMF decoder
MTCParser Midi Time Code (MTC) parser
muCom The reliable, fast and easy way to exchange binary data via UART
muTimer Arduino library to easily use on/off delays and cycle timers with non-blocking functions.
mufonts Fonts for GFX library and muwerk mupplets
MultiButton Reliable detection of single, double and long clicks.
MultiButtons Library for handling multiple buttons with single analog pin for ESP32.
Multi Channel Relay Arduino Library Arduino library to control Multi Channel Rely.
MultiMap Library for fast non-linear interpolation by means of two arrays.
MultiResetDetector_Generic Library to detect a multi reset, using EEPROM, DueFlashStorage, FlashStorage_SAMD, FlashStorage_STM32 or LittleFS/InternalFS for AVR, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, nRF52, RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc. boards. Now using efficient FlashStorage_STM32 library and supporting new RP2040-based Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO and STM32 core v2.0.0 as well as v1.9.0
Multiplex Arduino Library implementing a stream multiplexer
MultitapKeypad A library (driver) for matrix 4x3 or 4x4 keypad supports multi-tap and long-tap.
munet Modules for Wifi connectivity, NTP, OTA, MQTT on ESP32/ESP8266 compatible with muwerk scheduler, serial link for other platforms
mupplet-core muwerk mupplet Core Library
Music Shield Arduino library to control Music Shield V2.0.
MusicWithoutDelay A library to play multiple musical notes at the same time without Delay.
Musician This library implements a virtual musician. You can easily ask him to play a melody, based on the MELO music notation from the Melody Library.
Muwerk scheduler library cooperative scheduler and mqtt-like communication queues
Muwerk ustd library A minimal and highly portable micro-standard-library for arrays, queues and maps
MX1508 A library that makes using mx1508 dual DC motor driver easier.
MyBlinker A LED blinker library for Arduino platform.
MyDelay Arduino library that provides a non-blocking repeating timer with callback functionality.
MySQL_MariaDB_Generic Connects to MySQL or MariaDB using ESP8266/ESP32, WT32_ETH01 (ESP32 + LAN8720A), nRF52, SAMD21/SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, Teensy, SAM DUE, Mega, RP2040-based boards, etc. with W5x00 or ENC28J60 Ethernet or WiFiNINA modules/shields. W5x00 can use Ethernet, EthernetLarge, Ethernet2 or Ethernet3 library. ENC28J60 can use either EthernetENC or UIPEthernet Library
nanoFORTH A simple and useful FORTH for Arduino Nano
NbMicro Control devices that implement the NB command set over TWI (I2C).
nb-twi-cmd NB TWI command set.
NecDecoder Light library for IR receiver with NEC protocol
NEO-6M_GPS Arduino library to interface with the NEO-6 GPS
NeoHWSerial NeoHWSerial for AVR
Neosegment Simple control of Neosegment Displays
Neotimer "A powerful non-blocking timer"
NesRob Manipulates the Nintendo R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy).
Nextion Serial String ESP32/Arduino library for Nextion displays
NFC Tag M24LR6E Arduino library to control Grove - NFC Tag
NHB_AD7794 Library for using the Analog Devices AD7794 6ch 24 bit precision analog converter IC
NibbleArray Library to implement a compact array of nibbles (4 bit).
Nintendo Connect all your favourite Nintendo Controllers to your Arduino.
NintendoControllersSTM32 Support Nunchuck, GameCube controller and Game Port joysticks on STM32F1
NoDelay Arduino library to make use of the Millis funtion for non Blocking Delays.
NodeRedTime Fetch Unix Epoch timestamp from Node-Red flow.
Nokia 5110 Nokia 5110 LCD driver
Nokia 5110 LCD library Arduino library for driving the Nokia 5110 LCD
NonBlockingRTTTL Non-blocking Arduino library for playing RTTTL melodies.
Notched Shaft Encoder Monitor the postion and clickable button status from a Notched Shaft Encoder
Nouryas Advanced Line Follower Allows the car to run over a specific path (Line).
Nova Fitness Sds dust sensors library A high-level abstaction over Sds sensors family
Nova_SDS011 Sensor Library Nova SDS011 dust sensor library
NoveltyDetection Detects Novelties/Outliers using Support Vector Machine
NRFLite nRF24L01+ library requiring very little code along with YouTube videos showing all available features.
NRF51_Radio_library Microbit Radio library for NRF51, based on runtine inplementation from Landcaster University
NRF52_MBED_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an NRF52-based board using mbed-RTOS such as Nano-33-BLE.
NRF52_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an nRF52-based board
nrf_rng True non-deterministic random numbers for nRF5 series chips. MIT License.
NST1001 NST1001 temperature sensor driver.
NTC_Thermistor The Library implements a set of methods for working with a NTC thermistor.
NTPClient_Generic Library for NTPClient to connect to an NTP time-server
nuMROBO An Arduino library for programming nuMROBO robot made by nuMectro Technology.
NukiClientESP Library for accessing the nuki smartlock with an ESP8266
OakOLED An Adafruit GFX driver for the Oak OLED (an SSD1306 with no reset line)
OBD2 An Arduino library for reading OBD-II data from your car over CAN bus.
OctoSonar A library to support the OctoSonar v2 HC-SR04 concentrators
OctopusLab-Library Library for octopuslab modules that make easier work with pins.
OLED_SSD1306_Chart Arduino library to easily draw cartesian charts in oled displays based on the SSD1306 drivers.
OmEspHelpers Web front end for simple IoT projects.
OpcServer Open Pixel Control (OPC) Server Library for Arduino
OpenBCI_32bit_Library The library for controlling OpenBCI Cyton (32bit) boards. The Cyton is the main one.
OpenBCI_32bit_SD The library for controlling OpenBCI Cyton (32bit) SD cards.
OpenBCI_Ganglion_Library The library for OpenBCI Ganglion board. Please use the DefaultGanglion.ino file in the examples to use the code that ships with every Ganglion board. Look through the skimmed down versions of the main firmware in the other examples.
OpenBCI_Radios The library for OpenBCI RFDuino system for GZLL
OpenBCI_Wifi The core of the OpenBCI Wifi Shield.
OpenBCI_Wifi_Master The library for controlling Push The World - OpenBCI Wifi Shield
OpenMV Arduino RPC OpenMV Arduino RPC Interface Library
OpenTherm Library OpenTherm Library for HVAC system control communication using Arduino and ESP8266 hardware.
oprintstream Work with Arduino Serial libraries in a stream-like manner.
OPT3101 OPT3101 distance sensor library
OPTIGA Trust M This library allows you to communicate with Optiga Trust M Security Controller
OPTIGATrustX This library allows you to communicate with OPTIGA™ Trust X Products.
optoma Arduino library to control Optoma W305ST beamer over RS232.
Orvibo WiWo S20 Library ESP8266 library for controlling Orvibo WiWo S20 smart plugs.
OTAdrive_ESP Official library to use OTAdrive services in ESP8266/ESP32 arduino platform
OTAWrapper ESP Library to simplify OTA setup.
P1AM P1AM-100 CPU library
PacketSerial An Arduino Library that facilitates packet-based serial communication using COBS or SLIP encoding.
Packetizer binary data packetization encoder / decoder based on COBS / SLIP encoding
PageBuilder HTML string assembly aid library for ESP8266/ESP32 WebServer.
PAR27979 Arduino library for Parallax 27979 serial LCD display.
Parallax LCD A library for writing to Parallax three wire LCDs.
ParallelPrinter Experimental (not complete) library to connect a parallel printer to Arduino.
pas-co2-sensor C++ library for Infineon PAS XENSIV™ CO2 sensor
PathVariableHandlers Library for handling paths containing variables.
PCA9536Arduino Arduino library for PCA9536 4-Bit I2C and SMBus I/O Expander With Configuration Registers
PCA9547 Arduino library for PCA9547 (8-channel I2C-bus multiplexer with reset)
PCA9635 Arduino library for PCA9635 I2C LED driver
PCA9685_RT Arduino library for I2C PCA9685 16 channel PWM
PCD8544 Philips PCD8544 or compatible LCD library.
PCF2129 Arduino library for RTC PCF2129 with integrated quartz crystal
PCF8574 Arduino library for PCF8574 - 8 channel I2C IO expander
PCF8575 Arduino library for PCF8575 - 16 channel I2C IO expander
PCF8575 library PCF8575, library for Arduino, ESP8266, smt32 and esp32
PCF8591 PCF8591 library for Arduino. Supports multiple I2C WireN bus.
PCF8591 library Arduino, ESP8266 and esp32 library for PCF8591.
PCM51xx DAC Arduino library for TI PCM51xx DAC ICs software configuration via I2C.
PE43xx Simplifies usage of PE43xx family of attenuators.
Percent_Codec Percent codec
PersWiFiManager Persistent WiFi Manager
Piano Board PianoBoard library for the Piano Board from Cheerful Electronic
PIDController A library that implements PID control to your code.
PID_RT Arduino PID library
PID_v2 PID controller
PinChangeInterrupt A simple & compact PinChangeInterrupt library for Arduino.
PinInGroup A class that groups input pins so they can be read in one logical step.
PinOutGroup A class that groups output pins so they can be updated easier and slightly faster on average.
PixhawkArduinoMAVLink Arduino Library to receive Pixhawk sensor's data
PLCustomDevices [BETA] Perfect Lights Custom Devices official library
Plex64 A library for the Plex64 analog input multiplexer shield.
Plotter An Arduino library for easy plotting on host computer via serial communication.
PMS Library Arduino library for Plantower PMS sensors.
PodEnoSim A library to interface with Pod ENO SIM Application
PollingTimer Arduino library to manage timing and event in a flexible way with polling
PololuBuzzer PololuBuzzer library for Arduino
PololuLedStrip Arduino library for addressable RGB LED strips from Pololu
PololuMaestro Pololu Maestro Servo Controller library for Arduino
PololuMenu Pololu library for simple LCD Menus.
PololuOLED Arduino library for displaying text and graphics on a SH1106 OLED display.
PololuQik Arduino library for the Pololu qik dual serial motor controllers
PololuRPiSlave Pololu Raspberry Pi I2C Slave Arduino library
Pololu3piPlus32U4 Arduino library for the Pololu 3pi+ 32u4 Robot
PowerFlex4m Abstraction layer for simple ModBus communications with PowerFlex 4m VFDs
Pozyx Library for the pozyx indoor positioning shield
PPMEncoder A library to encode/generate a PPM signal for controlling RC Cars, etc...
Prandom Arduino library for random number generation with Python random interface.
PrintCharArray Library to capture prints into a char array.
printHelpers Arduino library to help formatting data for printing. 64 bit integers (base 10 and 16). Engineering and scientific notation.
PrintSize Library to determine size of a printed variable.
PrintString Library to capture prints into a String.
Progetto One Pin Keypad A library to use the One Pin Keypad.
programmable_air Basic functions to control the Programmable-Air board.
ProtoCentral ADS1293 ECG Library Library to read from the ProtoCentral ADS1293 ECG breakout
ProtoCentral AFE4490 PPG and SpO2 boards library Library for the ProtoCentral AFE4490 Shield and Breakout board
ps2dev Library to emulate PS2 keyboard/mouse using arduino
Psychrometer Library for psychrometer - read humidity from two thermometers
ptScheduler Arduino library for writing non-blocking periodic tasks without using delay or millis routines.
PTW-Arduino-Assert The library Push The World uses for unit testing.
PU2CLR AKC695X Control your AKC6955 Family (AKC6951, AKC6955 and AKC6959) BROADCAST FM, AM (LW, MW and SW) RECEIVER.
PU2CLR BK108X Control your BK1086/88 BROADCAST FM, AM (LW, MW and SW) RECEIVER.
PU2CLR KT0915 Control your KT0915 BROADCAST FM, AM (LW, MW and SW) RECEIVER.
PU2CLR MCP23008 Control the MCP23008/MCP23S08 8-Bit I/O Expander with Serial Interface with your Arduino
PU2CLR PCF8574 Control the PCF8574 8-Bit I/O Expander with Serial Interface with your Arduino
PU2CLR RDA5807 Control your RDA5807 BROADCAST FM from RDA Microelectronics Inc.
PU2CLR SI470X Control your SI470X (Si4703, Si4702, Si4701) BROADCAST FM from Silicon Labs.
PU2CLR SI4735 Control your Silicon Labs SI47XX Family (Si4730, Si4732, Si4731, Si4734, Si4735, Si4740, Si4745 etc) BROADCAST AM/FM/SW RADIO RECEIVER.
PubSubClient A client library for MQTT messaging.
PulsePattern Library to generate repeating pulse patterns. (AVR only)
PulseSensor Playground Support at
Pushbutton Pushbutton library for Arduino
Pushdata_ESP8266_SSL Free, ultra-simple time series data storage for your IoT sensors
PWFusion_Max31865 MAX31865 RTD Sensor Measurement Library
PWFusion_Mcp960x MCP9601 I2C Thermocouple Measurement Library
PWFusion_TCA9548A TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer Library
PWMrelay Low-frequency software PWM for relay
PZEM004Tv30 Library for the PZEM-004T v3.0 Power and Energy monitor
QDispatch Synchronous task library.
QList Library implements linked lists
QDEC High-efficiency, state-machine based quadrature decoder.
QuadratureEncoder A library for quadrature encoder utilizing enableInterrupt.h.
QubitroMqttClient (BETA) Easily connect to Qubitro IoT Platform with customized MQTT methods.
Queuetue Digital Balance Library A library of functions to build a digital balance
Queuetue HX711 Library Simple driver for the HX711 ADC.
QuickPID A fast PID controller with AutoTune dynamic object, 10 tuning rules, Integral anti-windup, TIMER Mode and mixing of Proportional and Derivative on Error to Measurement.
RAKwireless CAP1293 Touch Pad library RAKWireless library for the RAK14002 module with the CAP1293 sense IC
RAKwireless NCP5623 RGB LED library RAKWireless library for the RAK14001 module with the NCP5623 RGB LED
RADAR Arduino library for a pan tilt radar.
radar-bgt60 C++ library for the BGT60LTR11AIP - XENSIV™ 60 Ghz Radar from Infineon
RadarIQ Adds support for the RadarIQ sensors.
RadiationWatch Arduino driver for Radiation Watch Pocket Geiger sensor
RadioLib Universal wireless communication library for Arduino
randomHelpers Arduino library with helper function for faster random bits
Random16 Fast 16 bit random number generator
RapifireMqttClient Enables the communication between Arduino and RAPIFIRE platform.
RBD_Button Read and debounce buttons and switches.
RBD_Capacitance Measure change in capacitance.
RBD_HumanSensor Detect human presence, touch, and pickup events.
RBD_Light Control many lights.
RBD_LightSensor Read and calibrate photoresistors.
RBD_Motor Control many motors without delay.
RBD_SerialManager A simple interface for serial communication.
RBD_Servo Control many servos without delay.
RBD_Threshold Set and check numeric quantile scales.
RBD_Timer Manage many timed events.
RBD_WaterSensor Measure and calibrate water level sensors.
RBE1001Lib Support robotics education with simplified support classes.
ReactESP Asynchronous programming library for the ESP8266 and other microcontrollers compatible with the Arduino framework.
Redis for Arduino An Arduino library for Redis.
relativity library with relativity functions.
Relay Simple relay usage
RelayModule The Library implements a set of methods for working with a digital relay module.
RemoteDebug A library for Arduino to debug projects over WiFi, with web app or telnet client, with Print commands like Serial Monitor.
RemoteDebugger RemoteDebug addon: RemoteDebugger, an simple software debugger - based on SerialDebug Library
ResponsiveAnalogRead Arduino library for eliminating noise in analogRead inputs without decreasing responsiveness
Restfully Handles Rest requests including parsing of URIs with arguments.
RevEng PAJ7620 Arduino library to provide a driver and API for the PixArt PAJ7620 (PAJ7620U2 or PAJ7620F2) integrated gesture recognition sensor.
RGB-LED-Lighting-Shield C++ library for Infineons RGB-LED-Lighting-Shields
RGBProgress Calculate an RGB color according to a progression.
RichHttpServer An addon for ESP8266WebServer which makes common tasks for developing a rich REST API straightforward.
RingBuf A library for buffering items into a ring (circular/FIFO) buffer
RingBufCPP A library for buffering items into a ring (circular/FIFO) buffer
RingEEPROM The library increases the arduino EEPROM Write endurance
Ringo by CircuitMess Library Ringo is an educational DIY mobile phone designed to bring electronics and programming to the crowd in a fun and interesting way.
RLEBitmap Run Length Encoded bitmaps
RMCS-220X A library to facilitate the control of a Rhino RMCS-220X Servo Motor over i2c.
Robot Arduino library to imitate a real car.
RobotLib A robotics library to simplify implementing generic robotics hardware.
Rocket Scream LowPowerAVRZero Low power management for MegaAVR 0-series MCU.
Rocket Scream RTCAVRZero Minimalistic RTC (Real Time Counter) implementation for MegaAVR 0-series MCU.
RogueMP3 A library to communicate with the Rogue Robotics MP3 Playback Modules.
RogueSD A library to communicate with the Rogue Robotics Data Storage Modules.
Romi32U4 Romi 32U4 Arduino library
rotaryDecoder Arduino library to rotary decoder with a PCF8574
rotaryDecoderSwitch Arduino library to rotary decoder with a PCF8574
RotaryDial Library to read pulse dialing data from telephone rotary dials
RP2040_PIO_Charlieplexing A RP2040 PIO program for 6-leds and 5-leds Charlieplexing.
RP2040_RTC This library enables you to use RTC from RP2040-based boards such as Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO
RP2040_SD This library enables you to use SPI SD cards with RP2040-based boards such as Nano_RP2040_Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO using either RP2040 Arduino-mbed or arduino-pico core.
RPI_PICO_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on RP2040-based boards such as RASPBERRY_PI_PICO
rs485_asukiaaa Functions and classes about rs485 modbus.
RTClib A fork of Jeelab's fantastic RTC library
RTCVars This library eases the storage of variables in reset-safe RTC memory.
RTT QRCode RT-Thread QR Code App
runner A kind of shell for Arduino.
runningAngle Library to average angles by means of low pass filtering with wrapping.
RunningAverage The library stores the last N individual values in a circular buffer to calculate the running average.
RunningMedian The library stores the last N individual values in a buffer to select the median.
RV-1805-C3 Library for Micro Crystal RV-1805-C3 extreme low power RTC module.
RV-3028-C7 Library for Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7 extreme low power RTC module.
RV8803Tiny A library to drive the RV8803 extremely precise, extremely low power, real-time clock from new ATTINY series that run on MegaTinyCore.
SMoS Utility library for encoding and decoding of SMoS messages.
S11059 A color sensor library for Arduino
S4ALib Simple library for S4A EDU Robotic Controller.
S5851A A temperature sensor library for Arduino
S9706 A color sensor library for Arduino
SakuraIO Library for Sakura Communication Module (
SAMD_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on SAMD-based boards such as SAMD21 Nano-33-IoT, Adafruit SAMD51 Itsy-Bitsy M4, SeeedStudio XIAO, Sparkfun SAMD51_MICROMOD, etc.
SAMDUE_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an SAM-DUE-based board
sarmfsw sarmfsw
scd30_modbus Arduino library for the SCD30 sensors
SceneManager cooperative multi-scene manager for Arduino
SchedTask Task Scheduler Library for Arduino
SchmittTrigger A lightweight schmitt trigger for debouncing and filtering.
SCL3300 A library for SPI communication with the Murata SCL3300 Inclinometer sensor.
ScrollingText8x8Display Display a scrolling text on a 8x8 LED display.
SdFat FAT16/FAT32/exFAT file system.
SdFat - Adafruit Fork FAT16/FAT32 file system for SD cards and QSPI Flash.
SDU_CAR Enables the use of all the functions used by the SDU Car.
Seeed Arduino FS A friendly library for file operation.
Seeed Arduino rpcBLE A lightweight BLE Arduino Library
Seeed Arduino rpcUnified An rpc system can be connected to the rtl8720 module
Seeed Arduino rpcWiFi A lightweight WiFi Arduino Library
Seeed Arduino RTC RTC library for SAMD21 and SAMD51.
Seeed Arduino SFUD Library for Seeed Arduino SFUD
Seeed-PCA9685 Arduino library of 16-Channel Servo Driver
Seeed_Arduino_mbedtls Seeed Arduino library for TLS/SSL connection
Seeeduino GPRS Arduino library to control Seeeduino GPRS.
Sensor A simple Arduino Sensor/map wrapper
SensorPlot WebInterface WebInterface to display Sensor-Data.
SensorToButton An algorithm to convert analog Data into a Button.
Serde Exchange structured data between Arduino boards
SerialCommand Arduino library for Serial Commands over a serial port
Serial Data Exporter This library provides a simple way to collect and export data via Serial in various output formats.
SerialDebug Improved serial debug to Arduino with debug levels an simple software debugger
serialEEPROM Arduino Library for I2C EEPROM
SerialMenuCmd this library constitutes a basic command line interface.
SerialRFID Arduino library to read RFID tags from ID-innovations RFID readers (e.g. ID-12LA) using serial.
SerialTransfer Arduino library to transfer packetized data fast/reliably via UART/Serial
SerialUtil A library for sending/recieving data between two arduino's over serial communication
SerialVariable Save values to the Arduino over Serial
SerialWombat A library to drive the Serial Wombat Family by UART or I2C.
ServoESP32 Generate RC servo signal on a selected pins with ESP32 device and Arduino framework.
Servo Hardware PWM Allows Arduino/Genuino Mega boards to control up to 9 servos with the integrated 16-bit hardware PWM timer/counter.
ServoSmooth Library for smooth control of servo motor
SET Arduino library to implement simple SET datastructure.
SetPoint A library that makes detecting changes on an analog input simple.
SevSeg Turns your Arduino into a seven segment display controller!
SevSegShift Fork of SevSeg that adds the functionality of Shift Registers
Seven Segment Library Arduino Library for using common anode seven segment display
SevenSegmentsDisp Library for Seven Segments Displays
Seven Segments K Library for working with Seven Segments displays
SGP30 Arduino library for SGP30 environment sensor.
Sharer Arduino library that simplifies Serial communication
SharpDistSensor Sharp analog distance sensor library
Sharp GP2Y Dust Sensor Read dust density using Sharp GP2Y Dust Sensors like GP2Y1010AU0F and GP2Y1014AU0F
SHEX Arduino library to generate hex dump over Serial
ShiftInSlow Arduino library for shiftIn with build-in delay - e.g. for 74HC165
ShiftOutSlow Arduino library for shiftOut with build-in delay - e.g. for 74HC165
ShiftRegister-PWM-Library Makes shift register pins PWM capable.
ShiftRegister74HC595 Simplifies usage of shift registers, designed for the 74HC595.
Shifty Extremely flexible and easy-to-use shift register driver for 74HC595 shift registers
SHT31 Arduino library for the SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor
SHT85 Arduino library for the SHT85 temperature and humidity sensor
Shutters Allows non-smart roller-shutters to be percentage-controlled using time
SI1145_WE An Arduino library for the SI1145 VIS, IR, PS and UV-Index sensor.
SID6581 SID 6581/8580 Chiptune Player / MIDI slave for ESP32
SiderealPlanets A library for providing basic astronomy related functions.
SiguesAhi [ALPHA] Library for building instruments that check if institutions still exist.
SIM800L HTTP connector Library for GSM/GPRS module SIMCom SIM800L to make HTTP/S connections with GET and POST methods.
SIM808 Straightforward Arduino library for the SIM808
SimpleCLI A Command Line Interface Library for Arduino
SimpleDHT Arduino Temp & Humidity Sensors for DHT11 and DHT22.
SimpleEspNowConnection EspNow Library for communication and device pairing
Simple FOC A library demistifying FOC for BLDC motors
SimpleHOTP A lightweight HOTP (HMAC - Based one Time Password) Generator for Arduino.
SimpleKalmanFilter A simple implementation of Kalman Filter.
Simple LED Matrix A library for the MAX7219 LED display drivers.
Simple Repository IO A simple IO controller
simpleRPC Simple RPC implementation for Arduino.
SimpleSerialShell Simple serial text shell for sending commands to Arduino board.
SimpleTimer Simple arduino timer.
SimpleUDPController Decodes messages sent from InoPad app.
SimpleWiFiClient Enables low latency control with the UDP protocol
SinricPro_Generic Library for - Simple way to connect your device to Alexa
Sixfab_CellularIoT This is library of Sixfab Cellular IoT Shield and Cellular IoT Application Shield.
Sixfab_NBIoT This is library of Sixfab NBIoT Shield.
SlackAPI A library to wrap the Slack API (supports ESP8266/ESP32 & others)
slight_ButtonInput Event based button input.
slight_DebugMenu Helper Library to create Simple Menu.
slight_Fade timed value fading.
slight_FDC1004 A library to interface to an TI FDC1004 Capacitiv sensor.
slight_LiquidCrystalDummy Helper Library for LCD usage.
slight_RotaryEncoder Event based rotary ecnoder input.
slight_TLC5957 Easy Access to lots of RGB-LEDs.
Small e-paper Shield V2 Arduino library to control Small e-paper Shield V2.
SmallProjects Small Projects to demonstrate the usage of Khoi Hoang's libraries, such as ISR-based timers for ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino Mega, Nano, etc.
SmartButton Library Asynchronous SmartButton library for handling various button events.
SmartDial A library to communicate with the Rogue Robotics SmartDial.
Smart Motor Driver - SAMI Arduino library for SAMI the Smart Motor Driver by dannimakes.
Smartcar shield Arduino library for controlling the Smartcar platform
SmoothLed Arduino library for FadeCandy style control of single-wire-based LED neopixels and WS2812B strips with megaTinyCore.
SmoothThermistor Flexible thermistor reading library.
snakelights SnakeLights library for snake wired NeoPixels
SNMP Manager An SNMP Manager library to make SNMP requests to other SNMP enabled devices.
SoapESP32 Enables ESP32 devices to scan the local network for DLNA media servers, browse their content and download files.
SoftFilters Arduino framework and library of software data filters.
SoftPWM A software library to produce a 50 percent duty cycle PWM signal on arbitrary pins.
SoftServo Library for software servo motor control (by system timer)
SoftTimers The SoftTimers arduino library is a collection of software timers. The library aims at greatly simplifying multitask complexity.
SolarCharger Solar Charger Shield.
Somfy_RTS A library that makes it easy to control Somfy RTS devices via MQTT using an ESP8266
SonarI2C A library to support cheap ultrasonic sensors on I2C bus
Sony9PinRemote RS422 Sony 9-Pin Protocol Remote Controller of VTRs for Arduino
Spacecat An Arduino library for ESP8266/ESP32 to makes things easier that requires authentication with an RFID card
SparkFun ADS122C04 ADC Arduino Library Arduino library for the TI ADS122C04
SparkFun GridEYE AMG88 Library Library for the Panasonic GridEYE Thermopile Array - AMG88
SparkFun LSM303C 6 DOF IMU Breakout Driver for ST's LSM303C 6-DOF IMU (3-axis accelerometer & 3-axis magnetometer)
SparkFun MAX1704x Fuel Gauge Arduino Library Arduino library for the MAX17043/44/48/49 fuel gauges
SparkFun MS5637 Barometric Pressure Library Library for the SparkFun Qwiic Pressure Sensor - MS5637
SparkFun PHT MS8607 Arduino Library Arduino library for the TE Connectivity MS8607 PHT sensor
SparkFun Qwiic IR Thermometer MLX90614 Arduino Library Library for the SparkFun IR Thermometer Evaluation Board, Qwiic IR Thermometer Board, and the MLX90614 IR thermometer.
SparkFun Qwiic Power Switch Arduino Library Arduino library for the Qwiic Power Switch
SparkFun SerLCD Arduino Library Library for I2C, SPI, and Serial Communication with SparkFun SerLCD Displays
SPC A library for easy processing of Analog Signals
SpeedMeasurer Pito tube library for 2 BMP180 sensors
SpeedyStepper Stepper motor control library for Arduino.
SPIExtension SPI extension/wrapper for Arduino
spin-timer Universal Timer with 1 millisecond resolution, supporting OOP principles.
SpresenseNeoPixel NeoPixel library for SPRESENSE (Arduino)
SRF05 Arduino library for SRF05 distance sensor
ssd1306 Display driver for VGA, SSD1306, SSD1325/SSD1327, SSD1331, SSD1351, ILI9163/ST7735, ILI9341, PCD8544.
ssd1306xled SSD1306, SSD1315 or SSH1106 OLED screen driver
ST_HW_HC_SR04 Advanced arduino library for HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors.
statHelpers Arduino library with a number of statistic helper functions.
StateMachine "A simple state machine implementation."
StateSpaceControl A library for state space feedback control on on Arduino
Statistic Library with basic statistical functions for Arduino.
Statistical Statistic, Max, Min, Average, Stream
StatsD StatsD client with tag support.
STEAMbot Library that provides access to all the STEAMbot facilities.
StepperDriver A4988, DRV8825 and generic two-pin stepper motor driver library.
STM32F1_RTC Allows to use the RTC functionalities of STM32F1xx based boards using external low speed oscillator.
STM32_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an STM32-based board
StopWatch_RT Arduino Library implementing a stopwatch.
StreamDebugger Debugger for Arduino Stream-based communication
StreamUtils 💪 Power-ups for Arduino streams
StringAction Introduces string operations and Serial reading
string_asukiaaa Functions about string for Arduino.
Subpixie Subpixel font renderer for small displays
sunezy-mon Arduino Library to communicate with SunEzy / Orion inverters.
SX126x-Arduino Arduino library to use Semtech SX126x LoRa chips and modules to communicate
Syncano Arduino Library A library that provides access to Syncano
TFminiArduino Arduino library for Benewake TFmini micro LiDAR module
TLx4966-Direction-Speed-Sensor This library provides an interface to interact with the TLx4966 Double Hall sensor family.
TA6932 TA6932 library - 7 segments display IC
Tachometer Library for frequency and period measurement
TaskJockey A simple, light-weight cooperative task manager for Arduino, ESP32, STM32, and similar systems
TaskManager cooperative multi-task manager for Arduino
TB9051FTGMotorCarrier An Arduino library for the Pololu TB9051FTG motor driver carrier.
TCA9534 Arduino library for TCA9534 Low Voltage 8-Bit I2C and SMBUS Low-Power I/O Expander with Interrupt Output and Configuration Registers
TCA9548 Arduino Library for TCA9548 I2C multiplexer.
TCA9555 Arduino library for I2C TCA9555 16 channel port expander - 16 IO-lines
tcs3200 tcs3200 color sensor library
TCS34725 Arduino library for TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor
TCS34725AutoGain Library for TCS34725 RGB Color Sensor
Technoshield-ui-lib Technoshield User Interface API.
TeensyAudioFlashLoader utility to load audio samples from uSD card to external flash ram on teensy 4.1
TeensyAudioSampler play pitched multi-polyphonic audio samples with teensy audio library
TeensyStep High speed stepper driver for PJRC Teensy boards (T3.0 - T3.6)
TeensyTimerTool Generic Interface to Teensy Timers
TeensyUserInterface A simple touchscreen user interface for Teensy.
TeensyVariablePlayback Play samples at variable pitch using Teensy Audio Library
Teensy_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on a Teensy-based board such as Teensy 4.x, 3.x, LC, 2.0, etc.
Telaire T6700 CO2 Sensor Module Library I2C communication Library for Telaire T6700 CO2 Sensor Module
TelegramBotClient A non blocking client library for accessing Telegram's Bot API
Teleinfo Teleinfo library for arduino
TelemetryJet A lightweight telemetry protocol for hardware sensor data.
Telit GE910 GSM Library Telit GE910 GSM/GPRS network connection library for Arduino controllers.
Temperature Library with weather related functions.
TemperatureZero Arduino library for internal temperature of the family SAMD21 and SAM51
TFT Touch Shield V1.0 Arduino library to control 2.8 inch TFT Touch Shield v1.0.
TFT Touch Shield v2.0 Arduino library to control 2.8 inch TFT Touch Shield v2.0.
TGP Bouton Permet le controle et la lecture d'un bouton.
TGP Decodeur Permet de décoder les messages selon un format standard.
TGP Del Permet le contrôle d'une diode électroluminescente (DEL).
TGP Ecran Permet l'intitialisation simplifié de l'écran Adafruit SSD1306.
TGP LCD Keypad Permet le contrôle simplifié pour un blindage "LCD Keypad Shield"
TGP Menu OLED Permet la création d'un menu deroulant sur affichage OLED SSD1306.
TGP ProtoTGP Permet le contrôle simplifié de la plateforme de développement ProtoTGP.
TGP Suiveur Permet de lire le suiveur de ligne composé de 6 photodétecteurs.
TheThingsNetwork The Things Network Arduino Library.
TheThingsNode The Things Node Arduino Library.
TheVaporTrail SubPixel Library for smooth LED animation and color blending.
ThermistorLibrary This library allows you to read the thermistors very easily.
ThinSat Program TSLPB Library A driver library for the Twiggs Space Lab Payload Board
ThingerCore32 Core32 OS Library for ESP32 based devices Arduino library for the Internet of Things Platform.
ThingfaceClient The thingface client library for Arduino
ThingsBoard ThingsBoard library for Arduino.
ThingsML Thingsml Encoder/Decoder
ThingsOfValue SDK for Arduino LOTTE IoT Platform (a.k.a Things Of Value) SDK for Arduino
Throttle Just like Debounce but faster
Tic Tic Stepper Motor Controller library for Arduino
Ticker A library for creating Tickers which can call repeating functions. Replaces delay() with non-blocking functions.
TimeInterrupt Allows for timer interrupts on various platforms.
TimeProfiler Time profiler for Arduino
TimeRandom Library for generating random numbers with time syncronization
TimedPID PID controller
Timer-CAM Library for M5Stack Timer-CAM development kit
TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an Arduino, Adafruit or Sparkfun AVR board, such as Nano, UNO, Mega, Leonardo, YUN, Teensy, Feather_32u4, Feather_328P, Pro Micro, etc.
TimerInterrupt_Generic This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on supported Arduino boards such as AVR, Mega-AVR, ESP8266, ESP32, ESP32-S2, SAMD, SAM DUE, nRF52, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, Teensy, Nano-33-BLE, RP2040-based boards, etc.
TimerMs Advanced software timer (based on millis())
timing Arduino library with wrapper classes for seconds millis micros.
TimonelTwiM Upload firmware to a microcontroller running the Timonel bootloader.
TinkerController TinkerController allows you to use Gaming Controllers with your Arduino/ESP IOT devices.
TinyCBOR Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) Library
TinyCmdTable Very small command line manager
TinyDebug ATtiny85 Serial-like debug interface for the simulator.
TinyMegaI2C An efficient optimised i2c library for new ATTINY series uCs
TinyMPU6050 Tiny implementation for MPU6050 focusing on performance and accuracy
TinyNunchuk This is a library for an ATTiny85 to use a Wii Nunchuk.
TinyPICO Helper Library A TinyPICO Helper Library
TinyStepper Arduino library to drive stepper motors. Small and easy to use.
TinyStepper_28BYJ_48 Tiny stepper motor 28BYJ-48 control library for Arduino.
TinySuite A collection of tools for ATTiny85
TinyTemplateEngine Hello ${0}! A line-by-line template engine for large input data with a very small memory footprint
TinyTrainable Library to build media arts instruments with tiny machine learning.
Tiny4kOLED This is a library for an ATTiny85 to use an I2C SSD1306 OLED. It supports double buffering on 128x32 pixel OLED.
TLC5916_Lite Works in Normal Mode to turn on/off LEDs, and special mode for current gain and open circuit detection.
TLC591x Library for TI TLC5916 and TLC5917 constant current sink LED driver chips.
TLE493D This library provides an Interface for Infineon's TLE493D
TLI493D This library provides an Interface for Infineon's TLI493D-W2BW
TLI4971-Current-Sensor This library provides an Interface for Infineons TLI4971 Current Sensor
TM1637_RT TM1637 Library for Arduino.
TMCStepper Arduino library for Trinamic stepper drivers
Toggl API v8 - Arduino Implementation Toggl API v8 implementation for ESP
Tone A software digital square wave tone generation library.
TonePitch Real accurate list of music notes with tone variants for Arduino.
Touch Screen Driver Arduino library for Touch Screen Driver.
TridentTD_Linenotify A library for LINE Nofity
TridentTD_SimplePair ESP8266 Simple-Pair library that exchange basic data without connecting WiFi
TrimWright UML State Machines for Arduino
Trinamic_TMC4210 Library to control Trinamic TMC4210 IC.
Troolean Arduino Library for a three state logic datatype
TSController An Arduino library for controlling Train Simulator.
TS4231 Library Triad Semiconductor library for configuring the TS4231 Light to Digital Converter.
TS8000 Library Triad Semiconductor library for the TS8000 Ultrasonic to Digital Converter.
TSC2004 Library for the TSC2004 resistive touch screen controller
TSD305lib TSD305 IR thermopile library for Arduino
TsicSensor Arduino library for reading TSIC temperature sensors.
TSL235R Library for the TSL235R light to frequency convertor.
TsyDMASPI SPI library using DMA buffer for Teensy
TTP229 Arduino library for TTP229 module.
TunePlayer A library to decode and play simple tunes.
Tuyav Communicate with the Tuya IoT module
Tween Tween library for Arduino
TwiBus Scans the TWI (I2C) bus in search of connected devices addresses and data.
Two Way ESP A simple wrapper for the ESP_NOW protocol
TwoWheelRobot A library to make issuing simple directional commands to a two wheeled robot easier.
uBitcoin Brings Bitcoin to embedded devices
u-blox GNSS GNSS GPS library without bells and whistles, simply works, low power.
uFire PAR Sensor Measure photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).
uFire SHT20 Measure atmospheric temperature and humdity.
Ubidots Arduino YUN Ubidots library for the Arduino YUN
Ubidots FONA Library Ubidots library for the Adafruit FONA
Ubidots GPRS Library Ubidots library for the GPRS module SIM900
Ubidots MQTT for ESP8266 Library for sending data to the Ubidots cloud using ESP8266 based systems
UbxGps A library for the fastest and simplest communication with u-blox GPS modules.
UC121902-TNARX-A Arduino library for controlling UC121902-TNARX-A LCD displays.
UCR ESP8266 Enables an ESP8266 to be used as a WiFi output device for UCR.
UHS2-MIDI USB Host Shield Library 2.0 MIDI I/O for Arduino
UltraSonic_Lib A library for UltraSonic distance sensor.
Ultrasonic Minimalist library for ultrasound module to Arduino
um3750-library Emulate the UM3750 encoder and decoder.
UNIT_4RELAY Library for M5Stack 4RELAY UNIT
UNIT_ENV Library for M5Stack UNIT ENV
UniversalTelegramBot Arduino Telegram Bot library for multiple different architectures.
UnixTime Unix time stamp to date time conversion and vice versa
USB-MIDI USB-MIDI I/Os for Arduino
USBPause Pause and restore USB interrupts
VanBus Vehicle Area Network (VAN) bus packet reader/writer.
VariableTimedAction A library for creating timed events/actions.
Vcc Measure supply voltage (using optinally stored calibration value)
VCNL3040 Proximity Sensor Library Code for Vishay VCNL3040 Proximity sensor
VectorDisplay Support a vector display via USB serial, WiFI or Bluetooth
VectorXf Vector class 2f, 3f, 4f (port of ofVecXf (openFrameworks))
VEML6040 A library for Vishay's VEML6040 RGBW Color Sensor
VernierLib Library to make reading Vernier sensors used on a Vernier Interface Shield easy.
ViewMarq Library to communicate with ViewMarq LED Message Displays.
VizIoTMqttClient A client library for connect to MQTT server
VL6180X VL6180X distance and ambient light sensor library
vn_lunar Arduino library for convert Gregorian calendar to Vietnamese lunar.
VolAnalyzer Library for sound amplitude analysis
Vrekrer SCPI parser Simple SCPI parser for Arduino
VRPC Asynchronous RPC via MQTT
VT100 Library to control a VT100 terminal via an Arduino
WakeOnLan Generate and send Wake On Lan (WOL) packet over UDP protocol.
Wasm3 The fastest WebAssembly interpreter (and the most universal runtime)
Watchy Watchy - An Open Source E-Paper Watch by SQFMI
Waveshare 4 Inch Tft Touchscreen Graphics and touchscreen driver for Waveshare 4 inch touch screen (SKU 13587)
Waveshare ILI9486 Waveshare ILI9486 SPI driver for Arduino
WeatherMeters Weather Meters library
WeatherStationDataRx Library for reading data from radio weather stations
weight Library of weight conversion functions
WhareHauoraWiFiManager ESP8266 WiFi Connection manager with fallback web configuration portal
WiFiManager WiFi Configuration manager with web configuration portal for ESP boards
WiFiManager_Generic_Lite Light-Weight MultiWiFi/Credentials Manager for Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, nRF52, etc. boards running Generic WiFi (WiFiNINA, WiFi101, ESP8266-AT, ESP32-AT, etc.) modules/shields. Powerful-yet-simple-to-use feature to enable adding dynamic custom parameters.
WiFiManager_NINA_Lite Light-Weight MultiWiFi/Credentials Manager for AVR Mega, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1, nRF52, RP2040-based (Nano RP2040 Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO) boards, etc. using u-blox WiFiNINA / WiFi101 modules/shields. Powerful-yet-simple-to-use feature to enable adding dynamic custom parameters.
WiFi Picker Allows an user to dynamically add and remove saved WiFi APs.
WiFiWebServer Simple WiFi WebServer, HTTP Client and WebSocket Client library for AVR Mega, Teensy, SAM DUE, SAMD21, SAMD51, STM32, nRF52, RP2040-based (Nano-RP2040-Connect, RASPBERRY_PI_PICO, etc.) boards using WiFi modules/shields (WiFiNINA, WiFi101, U-Blox W101, W102, ESP8266/ESP32-AT, etc.), with functions similar to those of ESP8266/ESP32 WebServer libraries.
WiFiWebServer_RTL8720 Simple WiFiWebServer, HTTP Client, MQTT and WebSocket Client library for Realtek RTL8720DN, RTL8722DM, RTM8722CSM boards using WiFi. Supporting WiFi at 2.4GHz and 5GHz
WifiLocation Library to get geographic position (lat, lon, accuracy), without GPS, by listening surrounding WiFi networks (Works with ESP8266 and ESP32 boards)
Winbond W25N Library for use with the Winbond W25N and W25M series SPI Flash ICs
Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino allows an Arduino to communicate and control Windows devices running open-source Windows Universal Application.
Wio LTE Arduino Library Arduino library to control Wio LTE Arduino Library.
WIOTerminal_WiFiManager SAMD51 WIO-Terminal MultiWiFi Connection Manager with enhanced GUI and fallback web ConfigPortal
WireData A library to simplify sending data via I2C (aka TWI).
WireWrapper Arduino Wrapper for Wire librarry (for SAM, ESP8266...)
wire_asukiaaa Functions about wire for Arduino.
wiring-timer Universal Timer with 1 millisecond resolution, based on system uptime (i.e. Arduino: millis() function or STM32: HAL_GetTick() function), supporting OOP principles.
WroobImp Use to connect your Arduino board to Wroob system.
WS2812FX WS2812 FX Library for Arduino and ESP microprocessors.
XBeeATCmds XBee AT Command Wrapper for Arduino
XInput Library for emulating an Xbox controller over USB.
Xbox 360 Controller LEDs Mimic the Xbox 360 controller's LED patterns.
XLR8ADC Arduino library to take advantage of XLR8 ADC performance.
XLR8AddrPack Arduino header file defining addresses common to the XLR8 family.
XLR8BuildTemplate Template for building custom designs for XLR8
XLR8Core OpenXLR8 Core components
XLR8Info Arduino library for identifying features of XLR8 product
XLR8LFSR Simple LFSR example on the XLR8 FPGA.
XLR8PID Arduino library for hardware accelerated PID control.
XLR8PWM OpenXLR8 implementation of PWM
XLR8RC Captures outputs from an RC receiver (the signals that go to servos) and outputs a 16 bit integer representing the pulse width (in microseconds)
XLR8Servo Allows Arduino boards to control a variety of servo motors. For Alorium Technology's XLR8 board.
XLR8USB USB FullSpeed (Mouse) host interface
XMLWriter Arduino library for creating XML
XYZrobotServo Pololu's Arduino library for the XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16
YAAWS Yet Another Arduino Web Server
YACL Yet Another CBOR Library.
YetAnotherButtonLibrary Have your sketches respond to simple and advanced button events with only a few lines of code.
YK04_Module Library for working with a remote control sensors based on the YK04 driver.
YouTubeLiveStreamArduino An arduino library for interacting with YouTube live streams. (supports ESP8266/ESP32 & probably others)
Youless Arduino Library A library for use with Youless Energy Monitor.
YoutubeApi A wrapper for the YouTube API for Arduino (supports ESP8266 & WiFi101 boards)
ZACwire for TSic Reading the ZACwire protocol of TSic sensors with ISRs.
Zentser ESP SDK Zentser library for ESP8266 or ESP32
ZeroRegs Prints the low-level configuration registers for the Arduino Zero (and similar boards).
ZMPT101B Library to interact with the ZMPT101B Voltage sensor.
ZumoShield Arduino library for the Pololu Zumo Shield and Zumo robot kit for Arduino
Zumo32U4 Zumo 32U4 Arduino library