MPL 2.0

A list of the 21 libraries that are licensed with the MPL 2.0 license.

AlmaviosLitMqtt A Simple MQTT client for connection with cloud providers
Arduino_Cellular This library provides a toolkit for interacting with the official Arduino Pro 4G Modules.
Arduino_EdgeControl Arduino Library for Arduino Edge Control
Arduino_GigaDisplay_GFX GFX library for GIGA Display Shield
Arduino_LowPowerPortentaH7 A library to use low-power modes on the Portenta H7 board.
Arduino_MultiWiFi allows to configure multiple WiFi networks.
Arduino_Opta_Blueprint Library used to connect OPTA and OPTA Expansion Modules on I2C / UART
Arduino_PortentaMachineControl Arduino Library for Portenta Machine Control (PMC)
Arduino_SecureElement Arduino Library for the Atmel/Microchip ECC508 and ECC608 and NXP SE050 crypto chips
Arduino_TinyGL [EXPERIMENTAL] TinyGL library for GIGA Display Shield
BLESensorGateway allows to read data from a local BLE sensor and send it to Arduino Cloud and viceversa.
Eigen Eigen (a C++ template library for linear algebra) for Arduino
FlexiPlot Arduino Library Arduino library for FlexiPlot.
FPGAArcade Replay MKR Vidor 4000 Enables access to FPGAArcade Replay cores on the MKR Vidor 4000.
LDC1312-1314 I2C Library This library allows for easy communication between Arduino and the LDC1314 or LDC1314.
Modulino Arduino Library for Modulinos
QCFA Quadcopter Control Functions using Arduino
SimpleBox A Simple MQTT client for connection with cloud providers
TankController Software for the Arduino that controls pH and temperature in the Open-Acidification project.
UTF8ToGB2312 A library that converts UTF-8 string to GB2312 string.
webthing-arduino A library for creating Web Things using the Web of Things API