A list of the 17 libraries that are licensed with the Unlicense license.

AD9850SPI Arduino SPI library for AD9850
ArdTap A library to manage an Arduino board from a mobile in a couple of minutes. No coding, only configuration.
BigCrystal A library that displays double height characters on LCD displays.
Buffered Streams Implementation of Arduino's Stream class which use internal ring buffers to emulate a pair of connected Streams or a Loopback Stream.
DS3231 Arduino library for the DS3231 real-time clock (RTC)
esp32FOTA A simple library for firmware OTA updates
FDC2214 TI FDC2214 capacitative sensor library
LED Dithering Adjustable LED brightness on every IO pin with software-controlled blinking
MFRC522 Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522 (SPI)
MFRC522-spi-i2c-uart-async Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522 (SPI, I2C and UART) with asynchroneous callbacks
NetEEPROM A library that stores and retrieves network configuration from EEPROM.
Norman Mathematically simulate natural cycles of daylight, temperature, and humidity for remote locations using minimal data sets.
RfidDb A library that stores 32 bit identifiers and associated names to EEPROM which can be used to as a basis for RFID access control applications.
RTC Library for I2C based RTCs (DS1307, DS3231, PCF8563).
VNCL4020C-Arduino Library to use Vishay VNCL4020C PPG sensor
Yet Another Arduino Debounce Library An asynchronous Arduino Library for debouncing
Yet Another Arduino Wiegand Library An Arduino Library to receive data from Wiegand card readers.