A list of the 3 libraries in the architecture ststm32.

BlynkEthernet_STM32_WM Simple Blynk Credentials Manager for STM32 boards using built-in LAN8742A Ethernet, LAN8720, ENC28J60 or W5x00 Ethernet shields, with or without SSL, configuration data saved in EEPROM.
FlashStorage_STM32 The FlashStorage_STM32 library aims to provide a convenient way to store and retrieve user's data using the non-volatile flash memory of STM32F/L/H/G/WB/MP1. It's using the buffered read and write to minimize the access to Flash. It now supports writing and reading the whole object, not just byte-and-byte. New STM32 core v2.0.0 is also supported now.
Mcp3208 Arduino library for the MCP320x 12 bit ADC family.