A list of the 10 libraries in the architecture teensy.

Blynk_Teensy Enable Blynk support of Teensy boards, especially latest Teensy 4.0, using WiFi, Ethernet, BT/BLE and GMSM/GPRS shields
GUIslice GUIslice embedded touchscreen GUI library in C for Arduino & Raspberry Pi
Hello Drum Arduino Library for piezo sensing
Lepton FLiR Thermal Camera Module Library Library to control a Lepton FLiR (forward looking infrared) thermal camera module from an Arduino-like board (Teensy 3+/ESP32+ minimum).
Mcp3208 Arduino library for the MCP320x 12 bit ADC family.
MFRC522 Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522 (SPI)
MFRC522-spi-i2c-uart-async Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522 (SPI, I2C and UART) with asynchroneous callbacks
PJON PJON is an open-source, multi-master, multi-media bus network protocol
Teensy_TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an Teensy-based board such as Teensy 4.x, 3.x, LC, 2.0, etc.
Watchdog Use Watchdog to execute a function and/or reset the microcontroller.