This library is for the Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone mission, which will provide accessible opportunities for students to directly participate in Lunar exploration.

John Aldrete, Bryce Glacken, Corey Huffman, Walker Johnson, Yvonne Liu, Andres Montealegre, Matt Moran, Lawson Nerenberg, Erin Omyer, Luke Roberson, Akhil Tadiparthi, Catherine Xiao
Lawson Nerenberg
GPL 3.0
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GLEE will educate, inspire and enable the next generation of explorers with its easy to use LunaSat platform. GLEEs LunaSats, post-it note size wireless enabled sensing nodes, offer a range of functionalities relevant to both Lunar and Earth based scientific investigations. GLEE believes that providing students with LunasSats and associated education content will foster deep learning of many STEM fundamentals. Furthermore, challenging students to identify investigations which utilize standalone and networked LunaSats will foster novel crowdsourced approaches to Lunar exploration while also promoting innovations beneficial to life on Earth. The major goal of GLEE is to deliver and disperse 500 student team owned LunaSats as part of a distributed environmental sensing network on the surface of the moon. The prototyping of LunaSat and creation of educational modules is funded by NASAs Artemis Student Challenge initiative.


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