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ADT7470 Arduino library for a heartbeat function.
AmazonDRS AmazonDRS library for Arduino.
Arduino_MKRIoTCarrier Controlling the IoT MKR Carrier
AsyncDNSServer_STM32 Asynchronous DNS Server Library for STM32 using built-in LAN8742A Ethernet
AsyncHTTPRequest_Generic Simple Async HTTP Request library, supporting GET and POST, on top of AsyncTCP libraries, such as AsyncTCP, ESPAsyncTCP, AsyncTCP_STM32, etc.. for ESP32, ESP8266 and currently STM32 with built-in LAN8742A Ethernet.
AsyncUDP_STM32 Asynchronous UDP Library for STM32 using builtin LAN8742A Ethernet
AsyncWebServer_STM32 AsyncWebServer for STM32 using builtin LAN8742A Ethernet
Atmega328_IO Library for robot Cing with Atmega328.
Atmega32u4_IO Library for robot Cing with Atmega328.
Atmega8_IO Library for robot Cing with Atmega8.
Atmega8_IO_basic Library for robot Cing with Atmega8.
Attiny84_IO Library for robot Cing with Attiny84.
Attiny84_IO_basic Library for robot Cing with Attiny84.
Attiny85_IO Library for robot Cing with Attiny85.
Attiny85_IO_basic Library for robot Cing with Attiny85.
Balboa Spa communications Use Arduino to control your BalBoa Spa Pack.
ButtonFever Powerful button tools for managing various button events of standalone button or button array.
button_asukiaaa Supply classes for Button.
cerebro A library that makes cerebro works easly.
CodeCodeCodec Library Arduino library for CodeCodeCodec's projects.
controlKeyboard A library for checking keyboard events like whether a key is pressed or released.
Correlation Arduino Library to determine correlation between X and Y dataset
DarkSkySevenDay Current and Seven Day Weather Forecast Library for Arduino.
DBS-Lib DBS-Lib is a library board that we created for practice such as C++, algorithms, mathetical, embedded system and robotics.
Debugger A terminal debugger with break points and data watches.
Dictionary A dictionary data type with a fast b-tree based search
DigitalIO Fast digital IO.
DMD32 An Arduino library for ESP32 to drive DMD LED matrix display
DS1821 Arduino library for DS1821 temperature sensor
ESPHap Native support Apple home kit protocol with Arduino projects
ESP OTA GitHub ESP library for auto updating code from GitHub releases.
ESP32-imgur-uploader imgur.com Image/Video uploader
ESP8266SDUpdater SD Card Loader for ESP8266
ESP8266TimerInterrupt This library enables you to use Interrupt from Hardware Timers on an ESP8266-based board.
evo_bsp Evo BSP components
evo_build_template Evo Build Template
evo_pmux_csr Evo PMUX CSR
FaBo GPIO40 PCA9698 A library for FaBo GPIO.
FaBo Motor DRV8830 A library for FaBo Motor.
FaBo PWM PCA9685 A library for FaBo PWM.
Finite-State-Machine-Arduino With that we can create proper states for objects.
FLE Arduino library for FLE = FLoat with Error datatype
Gravity Soil Moisture Sensor Arduino Library for DfRobot Gravity Analog Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor.
Grove - Motor Driver TB6612FNG Arduino library of Grove - Motor Driver(TB6612FNG)
HeartBeat Arduino library for a heartbeat function.
Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller Arduino library to control Hercules Dual 15A 6-20V Motor Controller.
High-Side-Switch C++ library for the PROFET+2 12V
Interval Arduino library for Interval datatype
LC_baseTools A set of tools to make coding Arduinos easier.
LegoSensorAdapter Library for robot Cing with Atmega328.
LibEdificio Allows to control the Building Lights educative system.
LibEstacionamiento Allows to control the Estacionamiento educative system.
LibLanc Allow camera control via the Sony lanc protocol
LibLucesCiudad Allows to control the City Lights educative system.
LibMiniSys Allows to control the MiniSys educative system.
LibSemaforo Allows to control the Semaforo educative system.
LibSemaforosCiudad Allows to control the Traffic Lights educative system.
LILCMU GoGoBoard Library Library for GoGoBoard
M5Stack-SD-Updater SD Card Loader for M5 Stack
M5Stack_OnScreenKeyboard OnScreenKeyboard for M5Stack
M5Stack_SimpleBeep Simple Beep for M5Stack.
M5Stack_TreeView TreeView Menu UI for M5Stack
M62429 Arduino library for M62429 volume control IC
Magellan_BC95 AIS Magellan Library; easy way to integrate IoT Device to Magellan using Arduino Platform.
Magellan_BC95_lite AIS Magellan Library; easy way to integrate IoT Device to Magellan using Arduino Platform.
Magellan_SIM7020E AIS Magellan Library; easy way to integrate IoT Device to Magellan using Arduino Platform.
MemoryUsage Use this library to check your SRAM / Stack memory usage.
MicroTuple A library tuple like variadic datastructure for arduino.
ML8511 ML8511 - UV sensor - library for Arduino
ModbusRTU_Slave_RS485 A library package for ARDUINO acting as ModBus slave communicating through UART-to-RS485 converter. Originally written by Geabong github user. Improved by Łukasz Ślusarczyk.
Motor Shield V2.0 Arduino library to control Motor Shield V2.0.
MultiButtons Library for handling multiple buttons with single analog pin for ESP32.
Music Shield Arduino library to control Music Shield V2.0.
mwc_stepper two-pin stepper motor driver library.
NeuralNetwork Simple MLP Neural-Network Library.
Olympic Robotic Challenge A library to Olympic Robotic Challenge competition and supporting the official kit.
OpenWeatherOneCall Current and Seven Day Weather Forecast Library for Arduino.
Parse Arduino SDK A library that provides access to Parse
PCM51xx DAC Arduino library for TI PCM51xx DAC ICs software configuration via I2C.
printHelpers Arduino library to help formatting data for printing. 64 bit integers (base 10 and 16). Engineering and scientific notation.
PrinterDuino The simplest library to print in paper using 3 axis
RADAR Arduino library for a pan tilt radar.
Regexp Regular expression parser for microcontrollers
S.Port sensor library for FrSky an Arduino Library to create FrSky S.Port sensors
S7XG AcSIP S7XG LoRaWAN/GPS module library
SchedTask Task Scheduler Library for Arduino
SDConfig A library for reading and writing settings from a configuration file on a SD card.
SDConfigCommand SDConfigCommand streamlines reading settings from a config file on SD card.
Seeed-PCA9685 Arduino library of 16-Channel Servo Driver
SerialConfigCommand SerialConfigCommand for Arduino allows user to set commands via the Serial Monitor easily.
SerialMP3Player A library for Serial MP3 Player board (YX5300 chip).
SHT31 Arduino library for the SHT31 temperature and humidity sensor
Single LED Library Makes intergrating non interrupting lighting behaviours easy!
SinricPro_Generic Library for https://sinric.pro - Simple way to connect your device to Alexa
SmartEverything SE868-AS Library code for the Telit SE868-AS GPS System
snakelights SnakeLights library for snake wired NeoPixels
SoftSPIB Software SPI class for Arduino with support of not 8-bit aligned transfers.
SparkFun Qwiic GPIO TCA9534 Arduino Library A library to drive the TCA9534 I2C->GPIO
SparkFun Qwiic RTC RV8803 Arduino Library A library to drive the RV-1805 extremely precise, extremely low power, real-time clock
SpinWearables A small, colorful, programmable, wearable kit to facilitate student exploration of physics, engineering, and computer science.
StereoSID MOS6581 Stereo SID Emulator Arduino Library
string_asukiaaa Functions about string for Arduino.
sunset Allows calculation of sunrise, sunset, and moonphase
timing Arduino library with wrapper classes for seconds millis micros.
TinyCmdTable Very small command line manager
TinyPICO Helper Library A TinyPICO Helper Library
TinyTemplateEngine Hello ${0}! A line-by-line template engine for large input data with a very small memory footprint
TLC5615 Driver for Texas Instruments TLC5615 10-bit DAC
Tuyav Communicate with the Tuya IoT module
uCOS-II MicroC/OS-II 2.92.10 for ARM Cortex M3.
UCR ESP8266 Enables an ESP8266 to be used as a WiFi output device for UCR.
utils_asukiaaa Utility functions for Arduino.
VitconCommon A library package commonly used by the other libraries being published by vitcon
Watch A library that makes working with watch-like formats easy.
weatherLocation Weather and Location Library for Arduino.
Wio LTE Arduino Library Arduino library to control Wio LTE Arduino Library.
XLR8BuildTemplate Template for building custom designs for XLR8
XLR8Core OpenXLR8 Core components
XLR8DMem Access library for XLR8 DMem XB
XLR8HardwareSerial Library to access UART XBs.
XLR8Info Arduino library for identifying features of XLR8 product
XLR8LFSR Simple LFSR example on the XLR8 FPGA.
XLR8Pong Pong game using the FPGA logic. For Alorium Technology's XLR8 board.
XLR8PWM OpenXLR8 implementation of PWM
XLR8RC Captures outputs from an RC receiver (the signals that go to servos) and outputs a 16 bit integer representing the pulse width (in microseconds)
XLR8USB USB FullSpeed (Mouse) host interface